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So you’re a day dealer proper and also you. wish to chase the amount. of transactions with no matter currency. pair your trade most individuals are under. the impression. that when you get into the excessive quantity. areas. that is when you’re going to make the. most money however on this video i’m going. to show you tips on how to use the quantity. indicator to truly show you a. reversal. welcome back to the channel everybody my. name is artie and that is the moving. average a present the place we talk about. everything day buying and selling to keep you. worthwhile on a constant foundation. so when trading foreign exchange or. cryptocurrencies or whatever like foreign exchange. for example. is the very best quantity highest. transaction. market on the earth like it’s the. greatest there’s. trillions of dollars every single month. being swapped in foreign exchange. so let’s just bounce proper into the charts.

And i will show you precisely what. i’m talking about whenever you first log. into your buying and selling view account and jump. right into a chart. the primary indicator the only indicator. that they put up on the screen for you. is a volume indicator you probably can see it. proper here on the underside we have huge pink. candles we now have big green candles and it. reveals. high volume in correlation with this you. can see. giant spikes in a direction when there’s. plenty of pink candles. there’s in all probability fifty seven 000 different quantity. indicators however that is the builtin one. and that is pretty much all you need. you don’t actually need to know the quantity. of volume that’s getting into you simply need. to see. a transparent development in volume for instance you. don’t need to get. into a consolidating market whatsoever. when the worth is doing this you could. sit in this commerce for 5.

Hours whereas it does not transfer and it’s. extraordinarily irritating and also you might even. get. that trade into the subsequent day and should. pay swap fees. it is not enjoyable so to avoid consolidating. markets to keep away from. being trapped in here for hours on end. just take a look on the quantity. indicator. if you see extremely low volume don’t. get into that pair in any respect. then when it’s done consolidating you. can see right right here we started to get. some spikes in quantity. and the value subsequently did likewise. however you want to use the volume indicator. to really find. entries for your trades right you need. to search out instructions of your trades. and also you want to use this to say hey. that is the course it is going. the cool thing concerning the volume. indicator if you actually know the markets. and you have been trading for quite a. while you can actually.

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See what’s going on here simply strictly. from the quantity. let me present you an example okay i’ve. made this as huge as i can so that you guys. can see precisely what i’m speaking about. so we’ve this proper this consolidation. area. it is also clearly represented in the. quantity. by extraordinarily low volume on this foreign money. pair presently. the average dealer is taking a glance at. consolidation. and waiting for a breakout because they. know that when it breaks out of that. consolidation it is just gonna run. in that course have a glance at this space. proper right here. you probably can see it is mainly simply not. doing. anything then we get a taller. red candle proper here and a taller. pink candle right right here individuals are seeing. these two. quantity indicators and saying oh you know. the worth may move to the draw back. and that is exactly the entice that you. should be maintaining an eye fixed out for.

I discuss it in lots of my videos. there are at all times traps laid out for the. retail trader because the retail dealer. funds the entire billionaires should you. were affected person. and waited for the trap waited for the. entice to be. set after which a high high high volume. long engulfing wick in the reverse. path. and that’s exactly what happened here we. started to have some larger quantity. than we did in this consolidation range. people got. overly excited they jumped the gun they. went in on a short position. and then growth we obtained this huge fats. bullish engulfing candle. and the amount showed likewise and we. maintained that trend up even should you. simply waited for this. one candle to shut on this one transfer you. may have gotten 31 pips. now that’s the method to use the amount. indicator to really sort of get an. idea. of where the traps are the second way.

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That i like to make use of the quantity indicator. is to assist me discover where individuals. are being cease hunted the stoploss. hunt is insane sometimes on a few of. these forex pairs. you will see one candle go one hundred pips in. five minutes now i’ll show you. this occurs on a regular basis. you possibly can see these huge large spikes. on the amount. and people are actually just stop hunts. for example this one. the worth started going down it began. curving up like loopy. after which we obtained this huge quantity. spike down making an attempt to hit everybody’s. stop loss and then the value continued. up this right right here. fast stop hunt this is an even bigger. example we have been consolidating the value. started to go down. we get this massive volume up like this. is absurd amounts of volume. in comparability with the remainder of everything like. you’ll find a way to see how huge this candle spike.

Is on the volume. cease loss hunt consolidate after which. reverse back down so if you think that. you are being stop hunted. search for these huge spiked candles on. the amount indicator. and you will know for sure at that point. if you’re in a position. you’ll be able to simply get out of it take the. loss. however then reverse your place and go. with that cease hunt since you do not. know when it’s going to stop i’ve seen. stop hunts go. one hundred fifty a hundred and seventy pips in one day and once more like i. stated firstly of my video. you possibly can truly use this as an. indication of worth reversal. so after this large big spike in the. quantity meter. you realize that the value is going to. right down somewhat bit it isn’t going. to reverse. absolutely however you’ll get a pleasant fat. correction of about 50. of that spike so you can scalp that 50. call it quits using the amount indicator.

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Is. it’s a good tool however i would not rely on. it solely it just provides you. a visible representation of how much. liquidity is in the market at any given. time what you want to do is stick to. your strategy. and use the volume indicator as just like the. reassuring click so when you’ve got all. your analysis. done and then you pop up the volume. indicator you probably can see. okay yeah i’m proper yeah there’s excessive. quantity here or oh i am not going to get. in on this commerce. as a outcome of it is just consolidating the. volume isn’t there so i solely suggest. this for. skilled traders like you have to. have methods that you’ve got just. mastered and use the volume indicator as. a supplement. in your day buying and selling don’t rely solely. on the quantity indicator so if you guys. are still watching this video. guess what that signifies that you like the. video so if you wouldn’t mind smash the.