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So you’re new into day trading you are. beginning to discover ways to read. candlestick charts but you don’t actually. understand different. time frames and the way you should use these. totally different candles at completely different. time frames that can help you find the. direction. of the value motion so on this video i’m. gonna break down. candlestick time frames. welcome back to the channel all people my. name is artie and this. is the moving common a show where we. talk about every little thing day buying and selling to keep. you. profitable on a constant foundation so. candlestick time frames i can’t really. explain it with my arms. so let’s bounce into trading view and take. a take a look at this. really carefully so proper now we’re. taking a glance at a one hour time. frame on euro usd a one hour time-frame. means that every single one of these. candles from open to shut. is exactly one hour so let’s take a glance at a.

Full day taking our beautiful little. rectangle software here. we’re gonna get 24 of these candles. that implies that all of these candles put. collectively. is one 24hour day now on buying and selling view. on the top. toolbar i’ve a bunch of different time. frames saved as my favorites proper here. on yours beginning out you will see a. little drop down arrow proper here. click on that arrow and you will notice an inventory. of different. time frames you may have a month per week a. day four hour to one hour. forty five minute to at least one minute and even when you. have the premium package deal you presumably can. get intervals of one second to 30. seconds. so what i suggest is taking all of these. stars that i’ve subsequent to mine. and doing the same on yours meaning. that whenever you put a star right here. it goes to be in your favorites. toolbar so they are going to be here. so you possibly can click through them quickly so.

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I’ve taken it to. the daily candlestick chart you’ll find a way to see. that space that i made proper here. is just here it’s merely one. day this one candlestick represents. open to close for in the future value opened. up. proper right here and went down the whole time. to. proper right here and that’s when it closed in. that 24hour timeframe. when longterm buying and selling these candles. represent a a lot more substantial focus. in that course so you can see right here. the price was trending down but you then. received a. bullish engulfing which means that this. candle engulfed. this entire candle it’s bigger than. that previous candle. that engulfing candle is a significantly. stronger indication that the worth is. actually going to go. up from there a one day candle just. holds extra. weight to it so now looking at this. exact same. square that we’ve drawn up this is now.

The 4. hour time-frame meaning that each one. of these candles. is four hours what’s 24 hours divided by. four hours it will be 6 meaning that. on this 24 hour time-frame there are six. candles now let’s take it again to the. one hour and you’ll see here we now. have 24. candles signifying what the worth did in. this at some point. now we’ve taken it down even additional to. the 30 minute time-frame which means that. each certainly one of these candles. is 30 minutes now we have forty eight candles. on this one like that one candle that i. showed you that is. in the future it can be broken down into forty eight. 30 minute candles so these forty eight candles. stay within that big in the future candle. now why am i telling you this as a result of if. you start off your evaluation. on a daily chart and also you see an enormous. purple candle you can actually use that as. hey that’s my momentum i do know that on a.

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Daily time-frame. these candles have rather more weight to. them. so seeing a downtrend on a every day. candlestick chart. will let you realize cool i’ll look. at the 4 hour than the one hour. if i proceed to see motion down like. that’s my path. i know that i only need to look for. brief positions. on that day so now we have taken it down. to the 15minute chart there are actually. 96 minute candles on this. one day now i actually enjoy buying and selling on a. 15 minute time frame. so this is what i’m going to concentrate on to. find. my positions so getting this all zoomed. in. how am i ready to actually use what i know about. all of those different time frames. and the confluence that each one. subsequently continues to be. exhibiting that downwards movement i know. that i am solely in search of brief. positions. but when do i get in on my short. place that is when i like to make use of.

Indicators let’s pull up a seven period. shifting common on this. and that i like to use seven as a outcome of seven is. the variety of days. within the week 21 you know like it simply. works well. particularly when we’re in a transparent pattern a. seven shifting common is going to be. tight sufficient. to level out rejections after which. continuations. in that path so as you can see on. the 15 minute. we broke via the seven interval shifting. common and continued down. so that is the place i would begin to look. you realize the day started at midnight. proper. so as it is going down it starts to lose. somewhat bit of momentum. after which gets nearer to the seven interval. transferring common. so what i’m looking for is big momentum. strikes you always wish to go along with the. momentum you do not need to. chase a little teensy candle considering. that that’s truly going to. assist the price go in that path so.

You need to search for these. massive large momentum transferring candles like. right right here. we had a giant momentum transfer right right here we. had one other huge momentum transfer. proper here we had another huge momentum. transfer so these are those that you just. ought to be. focusing on for entry points for your. commerce. the cool thing about utilizing these huge. momentum move candles. is that your stop loss can mainly be. just above or below them. so just utilizing that technique you can get. in on these positions. stop loss simply above that massive. candle and select a one to 2 threat to. reward ratio. in order you can see here you had three. completely different entry choices. and every single certainly one of these played out. perfectly this one took revenue right here. this one took profit right here and this. one took revenue here. three stunning good trades since you. did your evaluation the right means.

You started at a better time frame to. find your course. and you worked right down to the time-frame. that you favored trade. like the 15 minute you discovered your. bearish. engulfing candles as a outcome of you know that. the price goes down so that you’re only. looking for bearish engulfing. off of the seven period transferring average. and you bought three lovely trades here. now you guys know me and i really like to use. indicators to present me. entry and exit factors for my trades. as a outcome of i’m not willing to sit down on the. charts 24 hours a day to chase. the price action i wish to hop on i want. to see my trend clearly. and i want to use an indicator to help. me discover my entry and exit factors. so overlaying pip hunter you’ll be able to see. this large pink cloud. this signifies massive bearish momentum now. one of the best half about this indicator is it. prints these stars to let you understand when.

The momentum is carrying on in that. course so you probably can see this white star. printed proper here so proper after that. white star prints and this candle closes. you put in your brief position. immediately and once more. concentrating on simply above that candle if. you are safe. and you wish to do one to 2 threat to. reward ratio you’ll find a way to keep it proper here. and you’d have gotten thirteen pips. risking six pips. but the cool half about pip hunter is. that it truly prints a candle. showing a reversal of the trend in order that. reversal right right here was at this blue. candle. so you would have focused that candle. proper there you’ll have gotten 36. pips simply working off of those two. indicators on this one trade. only risking six pips so that is a danger. to reward ratio of 1 to 5 point six. you then see a continuation of the. downtrend with this white star so you.

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Get in on another position. this indicator clearly exhibits you when to. get in so another quick position. and then you definitely target the following sign the. blue candle that shows a reversal. so concentrating on that you would have gotten. one other 23 pips. however i really would have gotten out of. this commerce sooner. as a outcome of i began to see consolidation. proper right here. this area the place the worth begins to. flatline is a nono when i see. consolidation. i shut all of my positions as quickly. as potential and that i look for a different. pair or a different entry point as a end result of. consolidation. at all times means that something huge is going. to happen quickly. a lack of momentum is what you do not. wish to be caught in you do not know if. that’s going to reverse. immediately or if that consolidation is. going to final for 4 days and you do. not want to be able.

For that long and that’s the way to use. totally different time frames. that will assist you make your trades to search out the. course that you just want to go. in that trade i know lots of people me. including. when i used to be beginning out my greatest. drawback. was which direction is this price gonna. go i do know that. you understand i can use these transferring averages. or whatever but which path ought to i. be in search of. shopping for or promoting using multiple time. frames and going back from a better time. frame to a lower time. body is going that will help you find that. direction once more all the indicators are. linked down under. within the description if you guys enjoyed. this video and you got some value out of. it. make sure you’re smashing the large thumbs. up button right beneath me. proper here and when you have not already. subscribed to the channel. and just keep in mind to’re commenting on.