XE Trader Review : Win Rate Over 80 % Forex Signals

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There are many ways to test a binary options trading site to find out if it is a scammer. XE Trader have passed all the tests and emerged with their credibility intact – most of the XE trader review sites agree that it is an honest site which does not cheat its customers. As the inheritor of the trust that was placed in the Binary Options Trend Indicator, Option Bot 2, it is safe to say that XE Trader is definitely not a scam. The two men who are responsible for the development of XE Trader software are well-known in the binary options business as traders and mentors.

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XE Trader Software review 

It is important to know that XE Trader is a signal alert system and not an auto ‘bot trader. Signal Alerts give advice to a trader about what is happening to a particular trade in terms of the change in price of this trade and how long a time this change has taken. These small details help a trader to make a more successful decision about how and when to trade, whereas Auto Trade Forex signals do not offer any information and they force a trader to make an independent decision without any detail to back it up. Take the advice of the XE Traders reviews and be warned: most Auto Traders are scammers.

XE Trader review

There are certain checks that can be made to help you to decide whether a particular binary options trading system is an honest one or a scammer. Always look for

  1. A company that is regulated by the CTFC, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission; the NFA, the National Futures Association; or the SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission. FINRA is also an important regulating body in binary options trading.
  2. The ability to easily withdraw profits or winnings from the system.
  3. Good customer support services.
  4. Good trader education services.
  5. Reviews which say that the software is trustworthy and not a scam.

All of the XE Trader reviews are in agreement on the above points which is a significant indication that XE Trader is not a scam.

In addition to garnering positive opinions about the validity of the XE Trading software, Keith Wareing and Ben Newman and their team are traders and innovators who are well-respected in the industry of binary options. They have been astute enough to purchase the technology for the trading system Option Bot 2 from Gary Davies and to spend some time developing it to an advanced level. Option Bot 2 was a highly successful semi-automated trend indicator, not an auto ‘bot. Wareing and Newman also provide an educational facility for binary options traders called Options XE. By combining these two systems these men have been able to create the new system called XE Trading which continues to be a successful, trusted and safe binary options trading software.

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What Signals Does XE Trader Deliver?

XE Trader delivers all the signals which go towards making a good binary options trading site, manually and in algorithms. These signals include fifteen currency pair signals, Premium Signal Alerts and Copy Trade Signals – these are copies of the trades which are being executed in the XE Trader Live webinars. On-screen financial bulletins are also sent as well as SMS alerts. All of these signals are sent to the XE Trader platform and they can also be received on mobile devices. Some other information is available for the XE Trader , such as Forex Charts and an economic calendar. With all of this information at their fingertips on the XE Trader software, customers remain knowledgeable about currency trends which can mean that it is easier for them to win on XE Trader binary trading software. These signals are guaranteed to be legitimate because XE Trader is a genuine trading system which has been proved not be a scam.

What is the Win Rate on the XE Trading System?

It is impossible to accurately predict the rate of wins in any binary options trading system because there are many factors which influence the amount of winnings a trader can make. On XE Trader the emphasis is on the quality of the signals rather than the quantity of the signals, so that customers are able to identify the best trading opportunities more frequently than on other trading platforms. XE Trader also provides educative webinars for its customers through the company Option XE. All the signals that are sent from XE Trader are legitimate; it is the honesty of XE Trader and its ability to stay clear of any scams that grant the trader a higher likelihood of winning well on this trading platform. XE Trader reviews generally state that while binary trading platforms do not play the role of financial advisors and cannot make predictions, XE Trader is a valid trading platform where it is possible to make large financial gains.

How many Forex Signals Does XE Trader Deliver per Day?

The answer to this questions depends on two major factors. Firstly the condition of the market and secondly the settings that a customer is using on his/her personal trading platform. However it is well accepted that XE Traders send enough quality Forex and binary signals per day through their system and through mobile and SMS signals, for a trader to make well-informed and successful decisions about their trading.

The pricing on XE Traders is determined by the brokers who sponsor the software, which is free to use for all traders.

Is XE Trader A Scam?

XE trader features

XE Trader reviews have united to express one opinion: XE Traders is not a scam! All the hard work that Keith Wareing and Ben Newman have put into the development of this binary trading platform has paid off – they are now offering much-appreciated trading software which has many fans. XE Trader brings all of the trader’s needs together on one platform, so that currency trend indicators, Forex signals and alerts are all visible on the same sites. This software allows traders to choose their preferred broker rather than to have the choice of broker determined for them.

The team behind XE Traders offers a slew of valid information to its customers and they invite questions of all types. They also enjoy receiving feedback about the graders’ performances on their platform.

The proof is in the trading and to date there have not been any reviews written stating that XE Traders is a scammer.

For those who are new to binary options trading, it will be a welcoming experienced to find that XE Traders is an honest system. The complimentary site XE Options is one of the biggest teaching sites for binary options traders online, a site where Wareing and Newman share their expertise in binary trading, offering new and learner traders the opportunity to become experts themselves.

All of these signs of genuine interest and concern as well as Wareing and Newman’s excellent track record surely indicate the professionalism and sincerity of these men is real.

One the day in 2015 when these two serious traders announced that XE Traders was about to be launched, they held a backyard barbecue to which they invited members of their own team and the commentators from several binary traders watchdog sites. A good day was had by all. If this does not prove that XE Traders is an honest trading platform and not in any way a scam . 

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