Worldwide Domination Scam Robot? Our Review Targets The Truth

You can earn decent income by trading the binary options market with a good robot. But the emphasis is on “good.” You have to use the right trading tool, not a scam app like we believe Worldwide Domination to be. If you rely on any of the more fraudulent binary options robots on the market, you are bound to make mistakes that can wipe out your investment. At ForexBonus100, we review all the latest forex robots to separate the wheat from the chaff. We strongly feel that one such piece of chaff is the Worldwide Domination software. This would-be autotrader has many inconsistent and bogus claims, which portray it as a likely scam.

Worldwide Scam Domination

We have reasons to consider Worldwide Domination as a scam, because it possesses all the attributes of other similar forex robots that we have seen before. When we reviewed their website, we saw right from its site content, video production and narration, email subscription form, as well as various scripts, that we were dealing with another con job masquerading as a trading tool.

When you sign into the website, you will begin to notice the specific evidences that portray it a scam. One of the scripts you will see is the demand for you to subscribe to the Worldwide Domination trading robot before available copies finish. It shows you endless numbers of people waiting on the queue just to grab the software. On the bottom side of the software, you will see that, supposedly, more than 2000 people are in the queue waiting for the few copies available. But if you open the website using your mobile phone, tablets, laptop, and desktop and so on, you will see varying numbers of people in the queue. This shows that the number is not a sign of people who are actually waiting to use the system. It does not suggest any evidence of any lineup. It is a fake counter, probably a random number generator. This is standard scam marketing, trying to create an illusion of scarcity.

Even the name given to the trading tool is not a good one. It’s cheesy and does not lend itself to a serious binary options trading system. It is obvious that the makers of this thing were thinking mostly of sensational marketing than actual trading strategies. But the name aside, the fake counter and lack of any definable trading strategy makes it all highly suspect.

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Worldwide Domination Software Review

Worldwide Domination is a new binary options robot trading system that promises its users $685 daily. It claims that you will start making big money as soon as you sign for the system.

If you want even more specific evidence suggest that the Worldwide Domination trading app is a fraud, just look to its creator “Ben Wetkins.” Well that is if you could even find him!

Ah yes, the mysterious and oddly-named Ben Wetkins

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It appears that the name does not exist. A search on the Google and other search engines do not find any name like that on the internet. Even binary options forums do not contain the name anywhere. If he has been a successful trader, there should have been information about him. He does not have any social media accounts. However, his photo was familiar with other photos on the internet. It looks like the photo was from other websites. It appears that Ben Wetkins is just a stock photo model. You can see his photo at:

Another prominent name mentioned in the website is one “John Miles.” This man does not exist. His image can be pulled from the same site mentioned above. If you like, you can hire him for a similar job and he can do it for you. This is another sure sign that the whole thing is a scam.

And if the above has still not convinced you, their video contains testimonials from “traders” who are known fiverr actors, like this guy:

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Fake Seal And License Issue

A common feature with scam binary software is the use fake seals to portray legitimacy. Worldwide Domination parades fake seals. The seals are fake, because they cannot be clicked. This is enough to convince anybody that their autotrading forex robot is a scam.

Worldwide Domination Tool Video

The video narration focused on instilling fear on its users claiming the world is collapsing. They cited Greece as a sign that the world is crashing. To them, the only thing that can prevent you from the world crash is Worldwide Domination robot.

Their video consists of cheap fear-mongering


It appears from its video presentation that Worldwide Domination system has no relevance to the binary options market, which the trading system claims to represent. We are not convinced on how the system generates its signals. There is no convincing algorithm that shows that the trading system is reliable and it cannot make money for you. It claims that it can earn you more than $600 daily. Be certain that you will not generate enough ITM if you use this investment app.

Worldwide Domination System Lies

Another cause of worry using Worldwide Domination system is its lies. The length and breadth of their marketing is covered with lies and dubious claims. For instance, they say their trading robot has earned money for binary options investors for the past 14 years. This is a sign that the creators were not binary options marketers. If they were, they should know that binary options evolved only about 10 years ago. From where have they been making money for traders for the past 14 years? It is obvious that they are not referring to the binary options market.

Searches indicate that the trading robot came into existence only in September 2015. How can a system, which came into existence a few months ago, be earning money for traders for the past 14 years? These are some of the contradictions that make it impossible for traders to accept it as a viable autotrading robot. We are yet to see anybody who confirms to have earned money using the trading app.

The only positive recommendations are from similar websites created by their associates. It looks like these scam system creators have formed a group where they promote members scam products.


From all of the above evidence, it seems clear to us that the Worldwide Domination binary options robot is just another in a long line of scam trading software. From its sensationalistic marketing to fake company personnel and fake testimonials – there is nothing about it that is verifiable. Information provided on their website is simply deceptive. We therefore recommend to stay far away from this would-be forex robot.

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Fortunately, there are some solid autotrading robots out there with good track records. Take a look at  Virtnext and Dow Jones Focus Group which are two of the more credible trading robots we have seen.


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