Wells Investment Ltd. Scam: Our Review Gives It A BIG RED ‘X’


Have you heard of Nicholas Wells? He is the “professional” with a tie and suit who is representing the Wells Investments Ltd. scam. Yes, this binary options robot is 100% phony. The following review does not reflect otherwise. Just when a lot of people in the binary options community thought that phony systems were subsiding once and for all . . . here comes another headache.

Review: Wells Investements Ltd. Uses Fake Journalism

There is a very interesting screenshot of a review about this software on its official page. The article was supposedly written by a journalist of Reuters. Her name is Tanya Agrawal. According to the screenshot of the post, which was allegedly published on February 3, 2016, Wells Investments LTD is secretly taking over Wall Street. The video that she used and the word choice that she opted for . . . definitely make her sound very credible, but is she really a person that deserves the label of ‘trustworthiness?’ Nowadays, one cannot just grant this label to anyone, journalist or not. The shocker is that upon further investigation, it appears that this article is a fabricated one. Ms. Agrawal didn’t even write it. You can search on Reuters as many times as you want, but you will never come across the post in the screenshot.

Fake Reuters article!

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Wall Street to Winter Haven, Florida?

If Wells Investment LTD was taking over Wall Street, the most important news sites would be talking about it, giving their two cents on the story, but there is absolutely no information on it. Is the Wells Investments company a real one? The only company with this name is one that is located in Winter Haven, Florida, which makes it very far from Wall Street. If you opt to call them and ask about this software, the representative will tell you that they have nothing to do with that program and then she will hang up the phone.

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Scam: Phoniness at Its Best

Nicholas Wells is the supposed name of the individual who represents this system. He is the narrator of the introductory video. As you might already know, public representatives of credible robots always have a social media profile. It could be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or etc. The point is that you can find them right away by conducting a simple search, but that is not the case with Nicholas Wells. This man is nowhere to be found. Why is hiding for? Is it because he is representing a phony system and he does not want to get caught and be righteously attacked by the entire binary options community? This definitely sounds like a huge probability. It cannot be determined now if this man is an actor, just that his name is a fake one.

Countdown Widget Is Getting on Everybody’s Nerves

Aren’t you tired of seeing countdown widgets, pressuring you to join as soon as possible? They can be found on all the official homepages of phony systems that are nothing more than worthless. The countdown widget is a pressure tactic that is being overused by scam artists, as they know their days on the market are numbered. They have to get as many people as possible into investing in their programs before everybody finds out about their true colors.

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New Trend Is Taking Over and Putting Phonies in Their Places

There is a trend that more people are falling for. Instead of writing reviews and providing a rating on the phony system that they have tried and therefore lost their investments, people are opting to just record themselves and say it like it is, on YouTube. Whenever you head to that site, go ahead and watch how frustrated people are for giving the Wells Investments Club binary options robot the green light. This forex robot will make you lose your investment. You might notice that after a short period of time, your account might get locked for no reason. Now, you can opt to get in contact with the customer service that the Wells Investments Club forex robot supposedly provides, but you will never hear back from them. It would be a total waste of time.

950,000 Trades Every Day?

According to man who goes by the fake name Nicholas Wells, his HFT server is able to generate more than 950,000 trades every day. Is there something wrong going on in his brain, or was he paid by the Wells Investments auto-trading robot’s team to read from a script that states this information? The second one sounds more reasonable.

Just stop and think about it. Imagine yourself depositing the minimum investment amount and syncing your account to a program that supposedly is able to generate 1000’s of trades every day. That definitely could leave anybody worried. It is best to pass on any system with a team that is informing something of this nature. It does not make any sense whatsoever, not with the binary options trading. HFT Algorithms can be utilized when it comes to short-term trading, but due to the articles, statements, and fake elements that surround the Wells Investments Club scam, anybody who opts for it would be making a terrible investment.

Don’t get taken in by their fake sales video!


Icing on the Cake

Here comes the icing on the cake: The fake Nicholas Wells says that the Wells Investments Ltd. club has been at our service for more than five years, but a Who.is lookup reveals that his domain was just recently registered. With this information at hand, if you had even a little bit of doubt that just perhaps this system could be the one of your dreams, you certainly cannot feel this way now. It is clearer than water that the Wells Investments Club should disappear from the Internet so that people stop falling for it, as it is as phony as any bogus program can get.

Take a Peek

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