Tusar Forex Trading School – Free Forex webinars Daily

Tusar Forex Trading School – Free Forex webinars Daily

Welcome to the “Tusar Forex Trading School”

Take a chance to increase your knowledge of trading visiting our webinars. TusarFX gives you an opportunity to listen to a course of lectures that will help you feel more confident with forex trading and get valuable experience trading with a demo account.

FREE Forex webinars daily!

  1. Wide choice of webinars for every trader
  2. Experienced teachers, easy-to-use software
  3. Available in English language
  4. Convenient schedule for each trader
  5. Webinars available every day

Webinars Period: – Weekly, Daily webinars Available, for More information and dates please visit Tusar Forex webinars page

Webinar Page Link: – WEBINARS – Tusar Forex Trading School

Upcoming webinars:-

How to avoid mistakes with technical analysis –March 30 2015 by MUHAMMAD AZEEM

Explore the basics of the identification of market trend, types of trend. Identification of critical support and resistance levels technique inside an online 90 minutes free webinar.

What you can expect for this webinar:

  • How to identify an up trend
  • How to identify a down trend
  • How to identify a sideways trend
  • How to identify critical resistance level
  • How to identify critical support level
  • How to avoid mistakes in a trending and sideways market

This is an interactive online webinar where attendees will see the charts of Muhammad Azeem in real time as well. There is a Q and A session at the end of webinar to answer attendee’s questions.

Join Tusar Forex webinars pages for Dates of webinars on Topics like

  1. How are Forex rates determined
  2. Revisiting the 25 Point Mantra
  3. Discipline and confidence in trading
  4. Profiting from Market Correlation
  5. The Power of Technical Analysis
  6. New Tactics for Support and Resistance Trading
  7. Money Management with Trading Psychology
  8. Bollinger Bands – The Secret in Trading.
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