VirtNext Review: Is The Software A Scam ?


Welcome to our latest review for binary software, VirtNext. The big question with all new robots we assess is whether it’s a scam or not. The Trading App is now available for download, so we have been able to investigate it in depth to see whether this Virtnext trading software can be trusted or if it is another fake. We are pleased to reveal in this review that there is in fact no scam involved. But then the next obvious question has to be answered – can this app actually help you in your trading endeavors?

This VirtNext review will reveal all that we have discovered about the company behind the software, what the trading system is designed to do, how it works and what it can do for you.

What is VirtNext Trading Software ?

Free VirtNext software has been developed to run on a system created by a group of expert Algo-traders. The developers swear that the App can give a trader a solid edge when trading in binary options.

The trading system uses an algorithm, which has been worked out by financial analysts at VirtNext App. This software has been in use by the founding members since March 2011 and their broker-verifiable trading records indicate very few losses in those four years.

The software is linked to an existing infrastructure and a number of computers that run extremely fast. It can be set to run the trading system on autopilot, so it is suitable for anyone who lacks experience in binary options. More experienced traders can use the app just for receiving and acting on reliable VirtNext signals.

Virtnext Binary RobotHow Does the VirtNext Trading App Work ? Features Review

Using a network of super fast computers, VirtNext system review provide prices for binary options in milliseconds, before regular traders have the opportunity to spot the most profitable trades. By signing up for the software you will have the advantage of receiving trading signals generated by those extremely fast computers.

During the course of a daily trading session, VirtNext signals identify when it is most profitable to buy and sell foreign currencies, futures and financial assets. The automatic trading system operates with 165 different exchanges in 35 countries. If you let it run on autopilot, by the end of each trading day the majority of positions it has picked for you will have been sold and your trading account will likely have grown in size.

The VirtNext Trading App works on any type of Internet connected mobile device or computer. When you turn on Auto Trading you do nothing other than select how much you want to spend and how many trades you want to make in a day. Within twenty-four hours you should start to see your profits increase. When you have earned enough in profit to fund bigger trades, you can expect to make an average of $2,528 per day. It should go without saying of course that your results could vary if you opt to manually trade on the Virt Next signals software, ignoring some and taking positions on others. It is also important to review Virtnext .com  that no matter how many winning trades you may experience with virtnext App, you should always use prudent money management and never bet way above your means. We can’t tell you how many times we have seen traders take an amazing robot or trading system, sometimes with as high as a 97% winning streak and STILL LOSE because they over funded a position. They see their account get wiped out by a margin call when a trade (that would ultimately be profitable) temporarily swings against their position. Traders often forget that their broker’s automated system will initiate such a margin call whenever equity drops below critical levels. So don’t be that guy!

Is VirtNext System a Scam?

Some very intense research has gone into this review and we can show you positive proof that there is no VirtNext scam. We present the evidence to you now, to show you why this is not a scam and how you can tell it is a genuine trading system from a reputable company.

The practice of Virtnext Algo trading has been recently investigated by the US finance authorities and declared perfectly legal. The reason for this investigation was the allegations made by Matthew Lewis in his book “Flash Boys”, which claimed that highly successful algo traders were involved in some sort of scam. Government officials were able to prove that this was not the case and have made it clear that there is nothing wrong with using ultra-fast computers for highly profitable Algo trading.

Virtnext Software App

The VirtNext system has made a daily profit for the past four years, with only one day producing a loss, out of 1478 trading sessions. This does not mean that there are never any losing trades. On any day there could be some transactions that result in a loss, but the Algo Trading Software is so accurate that there are always more winning transactions than losses.

The VirtNext Company is a real business with 170 employees. In 2014 it generated $723 million in profits from Algo trading. The company has filed with the US Government because VirtNext intends to go public and sell shares in the near future.

We can confirm that the CEO and of VirtNext founder member, Vincent Bollore, is a genuine billionaire. We have viewed his details on the Forbes Rich List. The credentials of William R. Johnson, who also involved with the company, were also easy to authenticate because from 1995 to 2001 he was CEO of the New York Stock Exchange.

Another sign that VirtNext is not a scam is the fact that it has been approved by more than one reputable watchdog site and many traders have given it a positive review. And finally, and most importantly, traders on our very own staff have used the app in their own trading to very positive effect.

Pricing and How to Join

There is nothing to pay for registering with VirtNext or for using the software. You just have to enter an email address.

When you reach the secure section of the VirtNext website, you will need to enter some information so that a broker can be assigned to you and a trading account will be set up, ready for you to fund. It is a legal requirement for financial trading that the details supplied to your broker are authentic, so you must be accurate with the information you register online.

Independent binary options brokers can set a minimum deposit required for trading. A deposit of at least $250 is normal.

When you have funded your trading account and are signed into VirtNext, you can choose you own level of risk for Auto Trading. The minimum amount for each trade is $25 and you can select five high risk trades, three medium risk trades or just one low risk trade each day. Profits go into your trading account and you can request a withdrawal at any time. Your broker will deduct a small fee from each transaction.



We have made it clear in this review that VirtNext is not a scam. It uses legal and intelligent methods to gain a profitable edge in the binary options market. The free trading system uses a proven algorithm and high speed computing to send out signals.

But like all these hot-streak robots, get on board while you can! The early adopters are usually the ones who rake it all in. Once a robot is used by a million people or more, the market will simply adjust to negate the mass pricing action.

The conclusion we have reached from the evidence uncovered for this review is that we can safely recommend VirtNext  Software, provided one uses smart money management. The app is very reliable and the people behind the App have solid reputations. How much you make each day depends on the level of risk you choose and the size of each trade. Set the Virt next system to Auto Trading and you have the potential of seeing some serious daily profits.

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  1. Gerry Ryder says

    any readers try this one yet? I tried Dow Jones Focus Group last month and so far made some good gains. Heard good things about Virtnext.

    • Arjun K. says

      Yeah, been trading with Virtnext for 3 months already.

      Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

      Yes there were some down weeks. But overall I am more than tripled my original account!

      This robot and Copy Buffet are now my main trading solutions. I don’t even bother doing any chart reading or anything. Just set the bots and go!

    • Gavin S. says

      Dude, are you retarded? Making a judgement after only ONE DAY of trading?!

      Are you kidding?

      Sounds like you are new to trading. Give the strategy at least a few weeks before putting it on blast! I’ve had some down weeks but overall virtnext has been amazing for me, up 500% in just a few weeks. Never even thought I would ever have that kind of success with forex trading…

      • Richard Bonadies says

        whelp. I stand corrected and u were right…

        Gave it a couple of more weeks and now I am up!

        Okay, I won’t post every week. Will try to remember to post again in 6 months when I have a longer track record. But yeah, it’s working nicely!

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