TRENDtrader Software Review: Winner or Scam?



We have been chomping at the bit to review TRENDtrader software to find out if it is a scam or one of the few robots worth investing in. We are pleased to report that the program is a decent entry to help one make money online, as long as you have some very basic trading knowledge. So is the strategy  as simple as procuring the Trend Trader Software System by Jonathan Miller? Pretty much, if you read our entire review. What you get is a program that essentially mimics the trading expertise of veteran trader Jonathan Miller, who has been obtaining stellar returns since 2011. It’s not another fly-by-night scam bot. Jonathan came together with his colleagues at Wall Street to develop a state-of-the-art algorithm software meant to automate the trading process for any novice or advanced trader.

TRENDtrader System developers had the end user in mind by allowing the user to place the best possible trades to make optimal returns on their investment. In fact, prospective traders will love to know that with this system, some individuals are receiving returns well over the $2,719 per day. TRENDtrader helps the user spread the risk of their investment with reduced risk as when compared with conventional trading methods. In our review, we found it consists of specially engineered algorithms that scan the financial market for the best possible trades.

What`s more, according to Jonathan Miller, there are around 400-600 repetitive patterns that occur each single day in the binary options market. At the least, 7% of them have the chance of giving 93% absolute returns for your investment. The program thereby places around 27 profitable trades each single day in relation to your budget and ability to take calculated risk. Jonathan suggests that you only withdraw a half of your account balance every day and re-invest the remaining amount.

TRENDtrader softwareFeatures Review of TRENDtrader

  1. Easy to use – the TRENDtrader app is designed to suit the needs of both novice and advanced traders without any compromise on functionality. Furthermore, the process of creating a new and unique user account is straightforward. All any prospective trader needs to do is to provide some pertinent financial and personal details and proceed to verify the account. However, to be able to start trading, prospective traders need to make an initial $250 deposit into their account. While this might seem like a huge risk for some individuals, you can be sure that your investment is safe with this type of trading platform, and you gain access to cutting-edge information for optimal returns for your investments.
  1. Financial Databases- the traders who sign up for the TRENDtrader system also gain unparalleled access to exclusive financial databases that have information on myriad aspects of the binary options trading world. In fact, with this type of financial database access, users can observe the current trades allowing them to know when options are ready for a `call` or a `put` option for excellent results every day. Moreover, you will not find this sort of financial data from conventional binary options service providers who only seek to make the most profit our of their visitors. The TRENDtrader autotrader not only automates the entire trading process but also guides you the whole procedure until you feel comfortable enough to the sail the boat by yourself.
  1. Consistent Updates- since the financial market keeps changing all the time, this software is also designed to provide users with regular and constant updates that keep you ahead of the trading game. All the trader needs to do is to have reliable internet access and safely log in to their accounts for the updates to begin. Aside from that, the trading algorithm also auto-updates to ensure that all aspects of the software are running at optimal levels. A brilliant suggestion for TRENDtrader Software users is to use the Consistent Updates along with the Financial Databases to when searching for the best possible trades.
  1. Lifetime one on one support- perhaps the single most beneficial aspect of this sort of online business venture is the lifetime one on one user support. In other words, Jonathan and his team TRENDtrader Developers are aware that not many people know how to navigate the trading world. For this reason, they take particular pride and comfort and pride in guaranteeing all the traders have adequate access to one on one support. Just review their site at Also, although  TRENDtrader users may have one on one support from the developers, it is important to have some background knowledge and information on binary options trading. In fact, this particular type of background knowledge and lifetime one on one support are enough to kick-start your journey to financial freedom.



  • Multiple trading signals each single day ( 23 – 27 signals)
  • TRENDtrader robot is Simple to use
  • It has garnered numerous customer testimonials
  • User gains Access to financial databases

Is TRENDtrader a Scam?

For traders who might be concerned about the issue of TRENDtrader scam, well it is not, as we have outlined in this review. In fact, it is a brilliant business venture to help you spend that idle cash you have lying around or perhaps an excellent strategy for acquiring passive income for your budgeting needs. TRENDtrader Software is a coherent system that comprises of sophisticated algorithms that scan the trading market with reference to financial trends to provide you with excellent trading capability. Furthermore, the multiple positive testimonials that the program has received is a reliable testimony of benefits this program has for traders.

Pricing – shall I buy this?

Although the production of the program took lots of time and effort on the part of Jonathan Miller and his software developers, it is available for free of charge. All a prospective trader needs to is to create a new unique account and a make an investment of $250 to start trading. There are also no hidden costs or payments meant to extort your money. All TRENDtrader procedures are transparent and bear a satisfaction guarantee each time.


Broadly speaking, the TRENDtrader System is an excellent entry into the online world of making money via automated trading. In simple terms, it is a type of business venture that embodies all the values of the ideal investment with an optimal return and reduced risk of your deposit. Traders have lifetime on one support and access to financial databases that immediately sets them apart from conventional binary options traders.

TRENDtrader robot

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