Trading Race from Forex4you: Special Prizes for Followers and Leaders

Forex4you has come up with a special trading race making followers as well as leaders become happy. There are weekly prizes for everyone as well as there are big prizes for those participating in whole contest. Trading race is the perfect opportunity for traders to win some amazing prizes in 2016. Know everything about trading race before you decide to take part in it.

Forex4you’s Trading Race Details

Trading race allows both traders and followers to win. Followers just need to copy trading signals of professional traders for winning in the race. Forex4you’s trading race has weekly prizes which are Ferrari polo shirt or jacket with Ferrari logo. The Grand prize of this trading race of Forex4you is an iPad Air 2 and the most amazing thing is that both the best follower and leader will get it.

How to take part in Trading Race of Forex4you?

This trading race is mainly to award the best followers and the best leaders. Here are the steps to follow for becoming a part of the trading race.

  1. Visit Share4you site and then register for a follower account. You can even use your existing follower account.
  2. Deposit money in your account. Depositing more money will increase chance of winning the race.
  3. Start copying trading signals of professional traders.
  4. Every week you have a chance to win something in this trading race.

Terms and Conditions of Trading Race

  1. All the leaders and followers are the participants of this trading race.
  2. Weekly prize is for the follower who copies the most profitable trades. The leader followed by the follower for copying the trades also gets the prize.
  3. Grand Prize is for the followers with the most profitable trade during the complete racing period.
  4. Followers need to copy trades of the top 20 leaders mentioned in the leaders list.
  5. If there are 2 followers who copied the same trades, then the follower who registered the account earlier wins.
  6. Opening orders are not considered as Forex4you only considers the closed orders for declaring the prizes.
  7. Publication of contest results takes place every week on the Share4you forum.
  8. Company will make you know the procedure to claim your prize easily.

Trading race has been liked by all the traders as it gives them the opportunity to win prizes every week. If you’ve not become a follower yet, then immediately become a follower for winning some of the best prizes every week. Forex4you may run this trading race every year as many traders want to always keep participating in such unique contests.

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