TradeFusion Review: Is it Legit Or A Scam?


Could TradeFusion really be a scam? Or is it a genuine autotrading robot? The evidence presented in this review reveals that it is legitimate trading software that performs well on autopilot. Anyone who reads our site regularly knows how rare it is that we say such a thing. Just take a look at our scam pages for a good measure on how many trading robot cons are out there. So it is always a breath of fresh air when we come across one that actually performs well.

In our beta testing so far, TradeFusion performance has been excellent, with an 84% win rate across three trading accounts in five weeks.

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Features Of The TradeFusion Binary Options Robot

TradeFusion is a user-friendly autotrading robot that requires no previous experience of binary options or any specialist knowledge. It has been in development over two and a half years, to make sure that it is simple enough for anyone who is new to binary options. They detail it all in a video on their site,

The TradeFusion trading software places all your trades for you on autopilot from signals that indicate when there will be a specific outcome in binary options.

Any forex robot or binary options robot has to rely on software that can use an algorithm to predict the outcome of binary trades. With the right financial data a trading robot will identify when there will be an increase or a decrease in the price of an asset, within a certain amount of time, and then place a trade. A correct prediction produces profits from a winning trade.

The unique feature of this trading robot is the way that it uses real time updates. This means that the algorithm used by the TradeFusion software is constantly being updated, from day to day, to identify winning trades in a volatile market.

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A team of top analysts and researchers are employed by TradeFusion. These experts factor in anything that is likely to affect trading patterns and trends in the markets. The trading app has a Synchronize button, which you press each day before trading, so the autotrading robot is synched with the most up-to-date algorithm.

Three month of beta testing, by people with little or no previous trading experience, has proved that it is easy to make $1500 or more each week when autotrading with the TradeFusion trading software.

Now that the final improvements have been made to the software, new applicants are invited to try the trading robot for free. It should easily be possible to make between $2,000 and $5,000 per month during the free trial. You should not risk too much of your savings on any trading software, so if you start off using minimal amounts for trades, some of your profits can later be used to increase the amount of your trades for a bigger return.

Advantages of Autotrading With Trade Fusion

The Lead Project Manager for TradeFusion, Timothy Marcus, is a trader with more than ten years experience of the markets. He has a strong team working with him, including a technical supervisor, a market analyst, a senior consultant and a managing director. Market modelling and core analytics are carried out by another team member. You can find all their names and profile pictures on the TradeFusion website.

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These people do not just focus on financial data. They also look at what is happening in the world, specifically at any events that are likely to influence changes in the markets and have an impact on normal trading patterns and trends. The result is that the TradeFusion signals are updated in real time and therefore can be relied on to have an average win rate of up to 92.3%, though in our trading tests we were closer to 84% (which is still damn good!).

Another big advantage is that TradeFusion has a live support system. This is available 24 hours each day in five different languages.

Is TradeFusion Trading App a Scam?

There are no signs of there being any TradeFusion scam. The presentation on the website does not use any tactics that are typical of a scam. The product is not overhyped in the video presentation and Timothy Marcus makes it clear that no-one should expect to become millionaire overnight. He speaks only of realistic trading results that can be gained in a month when using the binary options robot.

TradeFusion also has the advantage of being backed by the financial sector. A number of authority sites have been testing the software and have given it a positive review. The launch of TradeFusion trading software was featured on CNBC and licenses for using it have been purchased by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Pricing and Reasons to Try TradeFusion

The first five hundred people to apply for this binary options robot will get to use it for a free trial period, so there is nothing at all to pay for the first three months.

The reason for paying a monthly fee, at the end of the free trial, is because of the algorithm that is used for TradeFusion signals. This algorithm is updated daily by a dedicated team of financial analysts and professional researchers.

The regular price for the software license is $499 per month. With the potential to make up to $5,000 a month, most traders are happy to pay for it out of their profits. However, if you don’t want to continue after the free trial period, you will get to keep all your profits.

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It is very easy to get started. Just clear your computer’s cookies before you go to the TradeFusion website. After you have entered your name and a valid email address, you can view a live demo in the members’ area.

You will need to open a new trading account with a binary options broker that works with TradeFusion. The minimum amount required to fund a new account is $250, so you can start trading on autopilot with small amounts. No matter how good an autotrading robot is, it is important start with a small percentage of your overall savings. Then you can use your profits to increase the amount for future trades.

You have to click on the Synchronize button to link the trading robot with the latest update for the trading algorithm. The software places all your trades for you when you click the Autotrade button. Profits from winning trades appear instantly in your account and you can withdraw funds whenever you want.

The Verdict of Our TradeFusion Review

When we compared it to other types of trading robot for binary options, we discovered that TradeFusion is very reliable and it performs consistently well. The information we have revealed in this review shows that it is not a scam. There is a free trial period available, and daily updates to the TradeFusion algorithm is said to give you a win rate of up to 90%. In our own testing, we have averaged 84% so far, which is close enough! We are more than happy with the results and will be adding TradeFusion to our exclusive list of “good” trading robots!

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