Think Forex – Enjoy up to $1,000 Rebate Offer

Think Forex – Enjoy up to $1,000 Rebate Offer

Campaign start and end

The campaign begins on Tuesday 2 December and ends on Wednesday 31 December at 23:59 GMT (Thursday 1 January 10:59 AEDT). Only trades placed between these times will count towards your rebate.

Join the Rebates offer here: – Think Forex – Enjoy up to $1,000 Rebate Offer

Think Forex Rebates Table

Funding procedure

The minimum deposit of USD 2,000 must be made into your new account during the campaign period, between Tuesday 2 December and Wednesday 31 December at 23:59 GMT (Thursday 1 January 10:59 AEDT) before you can opt in to the campaign.

Products involved in the campaign

  1. During the campaign you can trade our 37 currency pairs along with all of our metals products.
  2. Please note that some of our metals products are traded in mini lots – one lot is 100,000 units of base currency, which is the same of a standard lot. A mini lot is only 10,000 units of base currency, so you will need to trade ten (10) mini lots to equal one (1) standard lot.


  1. You can only opt in one (1) account to the campaign, and can use any of our accounts on offer – Standard, Pro or VIP.
  2. This campaign is open to both new and existing clients, but it is only available for new accounts. Please note – existing clients cannot transfer funds from an existing account to a new account to qualify for this campaign.

Accounts in other currencies

  1. If your account is in a different currency to USD, any deposits into this new account will need to be equal to the equivalent USD exchange rate on the day of deposit.
  2. The rebate you earn will be converted into your account currency at the current market rate (being the average spot rate of your account currency into USD) at the day of the rebate being rewarded.

Rebate payout

  • The rebate earned is dependent on successfully trading a minimum amount of lots, and will not be calculated on a pro-rata basis.
  • For example, if you manage to trade 38 lots, you will be two lots short of achieving the tier two amount of USD 400.
  • The rebate amount you successfully earn will be paid into your new trading account once the campaign ends, after Wednesday 31 December. If you manage to trade the full 100 lots before this date the rebate still won’t be available until after this date.


Minimum requirement for the free VPS maintenance are separate and cannot be included in the total lot requirement to redeem the promotion bonus.

Withdrawal procedure

  1. You’re free to make withdrawals from your new account once you have deposited the minimum USD 2,000 and opted in to the account by sending an email to our team with the campaign code IRD14 along with your new account number and confirmation that you have read and understood the terms and conditions.
  2. Rebate will be disqualified if at any time any associated deposits are deemed to be from fraudulent or 3rd party sources.
  3. ThinkForex maintains the right to change the terms of the campaign at any time. Notice will be given to clients via posting on the website or email. ThinkForex will not be held responsible for failure on the part of the client to regularly review and confirm posted terms and conditions.
  4. ThinkForex reserves the right to deny any rebate based on its sole discretion and without notice. All decisions are final.
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