The Trading Compass Scam: Our Review Sees Losses Instead of Gains


When it comes to the way they are presented to the public, only a few scams that we have reviewed in the past have really impressed us. One of them is definitely The Trading Compass scam. We recently performed a review on it due to the current hype that is buzzing around it. It is a rather new program, and thus, a lot of people seem to be interested in it, including a few of our loyal readers.

The Trading Compass Review

The team behind the Trading Compass binary options robot definitely did a good job with the structure of the homepage. Nowhere on it will you see photos of expensive vehicles, vacations, houses, or etc. In addition, there are no fake account snapshots, no fake testimonials, no logos of unrelated companies, no pop-ups, and no loud videos. This is definitely something that you will not experience with other bogus systems, which makes it understandable as to why so many people have fallen for it. The homepage asks you to enter your full name, email, phone number, password, and the country that you reside in. Everything will be nice and dandy, but everything changes once you hit enter and are transferred to the next page. Here we go!

##########   UPDATE   ##########

Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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The Trading Compass: Scam Signs

When you are there, a video will pop up and will begin to play without notice. This video features an actor that explains the use of the Trading Compass software. According to this actor, the system analyses the market and then goes ahead to provide signals. There is the manual trading or auto-trade option that you can choose from. This actor goes on to further say that the auto-trading is performed according to complex algorithms. We have to admit that the actor does a pretty good job in explaining how this supposedly legit system functions, but does he show any type of proof that can back up the claims? Absolutely not. Another thing, why hire an actor? Why didn’t the founder of this system decide to conduct the video himself or herself? We definitely believe that it would be better if the person representing a system shows his or her face. It makes an entire explanation a bit more believable in our book. Wouldn’t you agree?

Sorry, we’re not buying your lame actor!


There Is No Proof to Backup the Trading Compass

It is safe to state that Trading Compass’ team hired very gifted website designers and an actor who was able to describe what this system is supposedly all about, quite well, but that is about it. One is basically left hanging. There is no proof, not even a statement that states the ITM percentage of this software.

Trading Compass Literally Prevents You from Departing

If you try to close the Trading Compass trading robot website, a pop up will show up, preventing you to leave. If you are new to the field, then you should know that no legit website will ever present you with a pop up if you opt to depart.

If you opt to try it out, you will be assigned with a broker that is not trusted. It will never function with a fully EU regulated and licensed broker. According to reviews that are being left behind on different online platforms regarding this software, the broker you are assigned to will either hold the money from you when you are trying to withdraw it or try to make you lose your money.

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Poor Customer Service 

A review from one of our readers states that when he was utilizing the Trading Compass auto-trading robot software, he noticed that the live results were showing a 4 to 5 minute delay between the actual clock time and trade time. This reviewer sent an email to the Trading Compass forex robot team about this, but he is yet to receive a response. We can assure you that he will never receive a reply, as that is what one would expect to receive from a fake program . . . nothing. By them not responding to this email, that tells you right there the type of customer service that the Trade Compass’ team is providing to members.

More Negative Reviews Are Popping up

There is an immense email marketing campaign occurring right now in order to push this system toward a more visible platform, and it seems to be working, but we can assure you that it is not going to function for long, as more negative reviews are popping up as the days go by. Plus, we have now received dozens of emails from our readers saying that they have lost a lot of money with this supposed forex robot. In a short period of time, the Trading Compass will be out of the picture, but the period can definitely be shorter if everybody shares this review with everybody that they know. The more people know that the Trading Compass forex robot is not worth it, the faster the team behind it will have no other option than to shut it down, for good.

Unwrapping Trading Compass

The Trading Compass scam is wrapped very nicely . . . we give it that, but that is it. Once it begins to unwrap, its true colors will begin to come to light. There is no way you will be able to make a profit with this software. Nobody who has tried it and who has left a review for it was able to make a profit. If they did not make a profit, do you think you will? Of course, you will not. It is common sense.

With Us . . . You Are Covered!

Even though the Trading Compass has obscure undertones, not every auto-trading robot does. There are some that really stand tall and shine bright due to the many benefits that accompany them all year-round. A lot of them have been reviewed by us. They are on this website. We invite you to read the reviews that are present so that you can decide which ones best meets your preferences. You are also invited to share this review with everybody you know, as well as to add this website to your favorites. We review auto-trading systems on a frequent basis in order to inform you about which ones you should try and which ones you should avoid. We have you covered!

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