Is The Theory of Wealth App a Scam? Read Our Review!


The Theory of Wealth scam is one of the most convincing ones that have come out in recent times. There are a lot of websites that offer binary options robots, trading robots, forex robots or auto-trading robots as magical miracles to become rich overnight. Some of those products are legit but many are not. On the surface, The Theory of Wealth app looks like one of the good ones, as their website,, seems to have credibility. But further investigation reveals that this software is yet another one of the scams.

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This review dismantles why exactly this website is a con job, and explains what are the markers to look out for. Of course, it is important to remember that binary trading in itself is a viable investment alternative. It is just that websites like this tend to exploit the lack of knowledge and the hope of common, hard working people to get money. This Theory of Wealth review warns you against one of such websites. There might be a number of auto trading options out there for you to check out, but this doesn’t seem to be the one you need to give a second look to.

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First Impressions Of The Review 

What do you expect from a forex robot software? On first visiting the trading robot website, we noticed that it is minimalist and gives a professional vibe. There are no annoying pop-ups trying to seize your attention, or advertisements placed at strategic places covering important text on the website. There is a video that starts automatically without a button to pause it in sight, but we can forgive that one snafu.

The background is actually quite good. There is a prominent live chat option, which makes it seem completely legitimate and above-board. However, when we tried to use that option, it didn’t work. Whether it is just an accidental mistake or a ruse to make people believe it is an above-board operation, this is the first thing that sets suspicion in motion. This is the first sign that maybe this auto trading robot might not actually work for you.

Did you Join in Yet?

How do you gauge how popular a product is? Do you look at the brand name and customer loyalty? Well, they might be good indicators when a product has established itself in the market but what about those products that are new but popular? You would surely be looking at how many people have joined the program. The Theory of Wealth does seem to know this trick well, harping on the fact that too many people have been joining its program.

Yes, the next thing that makes the autotrading website seem popular is the list of ‘Just joined’ people, visible right below the video. Now, on careful observations, we found that the names in the list tend to repeat themselves. The name Jason H. from the United States comes up every time in the list each time you open the Theory of Wealth website. This in itself shows that the just joined list is actually false and is a progression of random repeated names, in a disorganized and random manner.

The ‘Please Do Not Leave’ Popup

If you try to leave the website, a pop-up appears. This is a common feature of such scam websites. The pop-up says, “Stop right there! With Professor Gupta’s method you can make as much as $1000 today!” It prompts you to enter your name or e-mail or to continue watching the video. And once you do, you are on their customer list which they will use to send you some amazing offers time to time, stating that you might be one of the lucky ones to get an amazing program at an unbelievable price.

The Theory Behind The Scam

There is quite an elaborate backstory presented in the video on The Theory of Wealth’s website. According to his, one Gordon Stewart set out on a journey to find a money making method. He traveled quite a lot and finally made his way to India, where he found his perfect method to easy riches. 

Their video is pure malarky!


The Story doesn’t add up

Here they talk about Professor Gupta, who is a genius in the field of number theory and has found way to make unlimited money. Stewart offers him a big salary and asks him to consult for his firm back in Connecticut, on which Gupta says he is already rich enough and proceeds to take the former to his home. Here he shows off his bank balance on his iPad Air, totaling to a sum of $3,000,000. Here Gupta explains how he only uses his money to help poor children in need. The video stops here.

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The fictional Dr. Gupta

However, if you enter your e-mail address, you get access to another video where this Professor Gupta is explaining his theory. He speaks in a very thick accent which makes it hard for people to understand his words clearly. There is also an interview with a fake newspaper, ‘Delhi Sun’. A little help from Google reveals this whole interchange to be fabricated. There is no newspaper in India with the name of Delhi Sun and you will not get any interview of anybody named Mr. Gupta.

Fake newspaper clipping

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An unconvincing interview

The interview itself does not attempt to clarify how exactly this method can make anyone rich. It goes on about the mathematical concept of the Fibonacci sequence and the number theory, but never actually goes into the method itself. The ‘report’ also claims that Professor Gupta has been the recipient of an award greater than the Nobel Prize, although less known.

Final Verdict

The Theory of Wealth scam is one to watch out for and an attempt to lure people to try out autotrading robots such as this. This Theory of Wealth review concludes that this software is just another one in a long line of fraudulent trading apps. There are many other binary options robot trading options out there that you might want to check out. Unfortunately, this isn’t one that is going to give you the greenbacks that you are after. Beware of Theory of Wealth. It is a scam that you do not want to get suckered in by.

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