The Bonus Busters Review ; Is the Binary Robot A Scam ?

As another product is launched Check out  our  ” The Bonus Busters ” Review ; Is it a Scam or not ? shall i trust this binary robot ?

The Bonus Busters software has to have something special to be considered worth reviewing or worth joining. The first thing to establish is, Is It a Scam? Next it’s worth learning more about Bonus Buster method, and whether this product will prove to be an advantage to those who trade on it.

Product Name  : The Bonus Busters

Signals win rate : 75-81 %

Joining Link : Open An Account

Product Rating : 4 out of 5

What is the Bonus Busters?

The Bonus Busters application has been created by Alex Goldman,Known to be a Forex and options trader. This System has been compared to a magic trick in the game of finance, a way to clone bills of high denomination. This is just trade talk, but don’t let it fool you into thinking that it’s a scam.

Most salespeople will talk you into downloading a money-trading bot which has actually been built to fail, because the behind-the-scenes brokers are giving him/her a commission to sell it to you. This bonus robot helps you to break away from those scammers who claim that their bot wins 90-100% percent of trades. Reviewers have agreed that the 58% of winning trades guaranteed by the Buster robot is enough to double your money every month and the Bonus Busters bot can easily win 58% of trades, or exceed that amount every month. This sounds trustworthy than the in accurate binary systems.

How Do You Join the Bonus Busters?

There is a very stripped down and simple method of joining the Bonus Busters – Just click the fund button, let your investment double over the period of one month and then withdraw all of your profits. The Busters system is a very easy to use, one that strips away all the confusing aspects of binary trading; AleX wishes to reward traders for trading on his software, so he will only ask for a less commission of 5.0% and that will be requested only once the trader has already “Turned” his/her account and made a first profit. Traders will be asked to pay the commission on the second and successive turns of their account.

To “turn” an accounts is to use the money in the wallet to trade the binary options market until all of the account’s money has been used up in trades. In the case of Alex Goldman and his Bonus Busters software, only the initial deposit needs to be traded before you can withdraw your profits.

Every trader who opens a trading account with the Bonus Busters software will begin with a Silver account. Traders must deposit $250 into this account straight away and the Bonus Busters brokers will immediately add $250 to double the sum of money which is in the trader’s account.

How Much is the Minimum Broker Deposit?

bonus busters software

Even though there is really no minimum deposit, if you fund the sum of $250 into your first trading account, brokers will match that sum and double it, which means that the broker now have $500.00 to place trades on your behalf. This initial sum can be returned to a trader as a new sum of money – which will be $1290.00. (an example only) .

A trader is eligible to enter that amount into a new Gold account, which will use the traders money to invest with for longer than the 1 month duration of the Silver account; brokers will immediately match more than double this sum and the amount that is returned to a trader may be as much as $28,400.

That really is amazing and may sounds unrealistic and bogus , but there is no reason to believe that Bonus buster is a scam . Following this process, traders can now move up to a Platinum account, where brokers will increase their investment in your money by giving an up to 200% matching bonus. Remember that Alex Goldman will require a small commission of 5.0% when you have turned your account more than once.

How Does the Bonus Buster’s Robot Work?

The Bonus Busters bot uses a high-frequency algorithm to carry out trades with the trader’s money. Alex Goldman has kept the software simple and automated, so that all you have to do is deposit money into a trading account and let the software work for you. The Bonus Busters software has been developed for everyone who is interested in making money through binary options trading and beating those greedy brokers at their own game. You don’t need to have a lot of experience or knowledge of binary options trading to succeed when you trade on a legitimate and non-scamming trading platform like Bonus Busters. The brokers on this software will match any deposit up to $10,000 in US currency.

Bonus Busters has been accepted and well-reviewed by the binary options community – you really are in for a treat if you decide to trade on this platform.

The Advantages of Trading on Bonus Busters Trading Platform.

the bonus busters features

One of the major advantages of trading on the Bonus Busters system is that the whole of the software is web-based, which makes it simple and convenient to access your account on a tablet or other mobile device. You will not need to register or configure any software that takes up a lot of space on your computer’s hard drive. You can gain full entry to the member’s area on most browsers on the internet.

The average win rate on Bonus Busters is much higher than the lowest requirement of 58%; more often the win rate will be from 64-70% of trades and this means that you will probably be happily surprised by the amount of money that comes back to you. You could be in a position to more than quadruple your initial investment with this fool-proof, proven system. You and your funds will be safe here, there are no nasty scams hidden in the Bonus Busters system. It’s fortunate for all binary options traders that Alex Goldman has such an incredible knowledge of the options trading scene.

Download or Join the Bonus Busters Now 


It may seem like a scam, but it really isn’t, Bonus Busters just happens to be a brilliant system; Alex has discovered that by targeting high frequency trading, you can minimize loses and that’s the advantage which makes his system work so well. The Bonus Buster’s robot aims to preserve your money, rather than attempting to win at every trade. Even the reviewers agree, you will make money with this software, it’s all legal and not a scam at all so join up for free and see your profits soar, month after months !

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