Is Tauribot A Scam? Our Review Tests And Verifies It As A Winner!


Is Tauribot just another scam? Or will it actually make traders some money? These are the questions our readers have been emailing us this week, upon the launch of this latest binary options robot. Like most of our reviews, we managed to get our hands on this trading robot weeks before it launched and we break it down for our users using actual trading results. No fluff. We risk our own money when we review these things (usually to our regret!).

Review Verified And Tested – NOT A Scam

Thankfully, we can report that the Tauribot and their site are NOT another scam. This is one of the few robots that actually works and pretty much does what it says – at least in our limited six-week test. Granted, it did not achieve the 92% advertised win rate but it came close enough at an 83% average win rate across the four trading accounts we tested it with. That win rate is still nothing short of phenomenal. Naturally we will continue to use it, unlike the many junk robots we have tested that turned out to be big losers. Just check out some of our previous nasty reviews on our scam page.

Tauribot Development And Algorithmic Trading

The story behind the Tauribot started making waves in late 2015 and early 2016. It was developed by Professor Steven Archer, PhD from the economics department at Chicago University. Dr. Archer has been well known in the financial trading community from some of his articles and technical papers in leading forex autotrading magazines and online resources.

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During the development phase of the Tauribot and its underlying algorithm, Dr. Archer and his graduate students got stumped by an advanced mathematical problem. So they decided to post it on a popular mathematics forum, soliciting solutions from other students and hobbyists. Out of more than one thousand submissions, the one correct solution came from a 15 year-old boy! His name is Ian Tauraski and he is a functional autist with (obviously) genius mathematical abilities. In honor of Ian’s amazing solution, Dr. Archer opted to name his trading robot, the Tauribot, and the entire story went viral and got some national press.

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Soon after the national story broke, Dr. Archer was interviewed by Patricia Johnson of Chicago Today and that interview features prominently on the Tauribot website,

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No More Fake Testimonials And Shady Marketing

What is truly refreshing about the launch of this binary options trading robot, is that they have not used the standard “fiverr” actors and stock photos to push fake testimonials. All their testimonials are real, including our own. Most other reviews we have seen on the net are likewise original and not spam reviews (another shady technique used by scammers). You might not believe just how often we review a trading robot website that uses stock photos from sites like Shutterstock and who try to present such faces as real traders. Just last month we reviewed a half-dozen such cases. Just check out our scam page from the upper menu.

Davante Campbell – a real trader, who made over $10k using the Tauribot


How Hard Is It To Use?

One of the great features of the Tauribot, and any well designed forex trading software, is that it is very simple to use, even for absolute beginners. You don’t even need any prior experience trading. You don’t need to know how to do any fundamental or technical analysis on charts. You don’t need to know what a moving average is or any other indicator for that matter. If you can point and click and use a browser to surf the net, then you can use this software – it’s that simple!


Never Bet The Farm – No Matter How Tempting!

Of course, we always caution traders to learn at least a little about the forex markets before doing any kind of trading, even when using an automated trading robot. Going in blind into anything is never a good idea. Plus, despite the fantastic potential returns of certain trading robots, like Tauribot, you should resist the temptation to dump your life savings into a trading account! Believe us, as experienced traders we have all been there.

Many of us who write for ForexBonus100 have gone through a similar story. Trading manually for years. Making some decent returns. A few nasty losses. Then we find a great trading robot and are suddenly making $10,000 a week! What the hell! Might as well bet the farm, right? I think you see where this is going…

Time and again, a profitable account could get wiped out by a margin call or just some bad luck, where the trading robot dips into some losing trades for a week. If you keep betting the farm, then one losing week can wipe out the previous fifty-two winning weeks. Believe us, there is nothing more depressing than that! So matter how amazing a trading robot is, start small – we suggest risking no more than $250 – $1,000 to start and then grow your account by re-investing profits rather than pulling from savings. Yes, that will take you a bit longer to build up to a sustainable weekly income but it’s worth it. You will sleep better at night knowing that your trading robot is playing with your profits rather than with your hard-earned savings.

Conclusion: Tauribot Is A Winner And Comes Highly Recommended

To date, we have only strongly recommended three other trading robots (Dow Jones, Virtnext, Citidel). Now Tauribot joins that list to make number four. The interface is simple to use by anyone, from novice on up. The algorithm passed our tests and averaged an over 83% win rate across four trading accounts, over many hundreds of trades. On that basis, we feel it can make a great addition to your trading portfolio. Diversity is always the key. Like us, most of our readers run multiple trading accounts under a number of brokers. Half of those accounts they may trade manually and the other half are autotraded by robots. We are always getting emailed on which is the “best” binary options robot. Well, now you have four good ones to choose from. And hopefully we find more in the near future. In the meantime, you likely can’t go wrong with Tauribot.

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