Invest $5000 Get $1000 Risk Free – Invest $5000 Get $1000 Risk Free is a reputed broker and it is offering 100% deposit bonus to new traders. Stock knows that some traders are looking for unique offers. Understanding the requirement, Stock has now also got an unique offer which shall allow traders to get $1000 risk free just by investing $5000. This special is for all those who have got the money for trading and want to make the best use of their investment. If you still not believe that, the popular forex broker is giving this special bonus, then go through this post immediately.

$1000 is refunded by once first 5 traders are done in 7 days.


Offer Period: – up to December 31st 2015

Offer Available to: – New and Existing Clients

Joining Link:- $1000 Risk free trading

Safe Net Promotion

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This is definitely surprising that a reputed broker is giving $1000 risk free and traders may find it to be very useful. Check out the terms and conditions if you’ve decided to deposit $5000 as you’re excited to start trading for making lot of money.

 Here are the important terms and conditions related to the special offer by

  1. Traders who have completed the full registration process will only be able to get the $1000 refund.
  2. You need to make real money deposit of at least $5000 USD/Euro/GBP for getting eligible for the refund.
  3. Traders will only get eligible when first trades are done within 7 days after doing the first deposit.
  4. Up to $1000 is refunded to the traders who have done required trading and have lost some money. All the terms and conditions apply and the amount is determined accordingly.
  5. Granted bonus shall be available for 3 months only. Clients are allowed to withdraw the bonus only after fulfilling the trading requirements.
  6. Bonus is only provided when the request is made and all the terms and conditions are fulfilled by the trader.
  7. Company employees and partners are not provided with this bonus as Stock understands that this type of special bonus should be available for clients only.
  8. You should make use of the bonus as soon as possible as company can change the amount, debit the bonus amount or apply new terms and conditions whenever necessary.

You may definitely like to invest $5000 as not only one can get the refund bonus, but make lot of money by trading using the desktop or mobile by having an account at $1000 bonus has made many traders happy and that’s why you should also try to get the maximum risk free bonus of $1000. Even the tools available may help you in making the best use of time while trading with good amount of money.

It is definitely good to see that is refunding $1000 to traders who’re investing good amount of money. This promotion is available for a limited time and that’s why you should try to invest $5000 as soon as possible. always keeps coming with unique bonus schemes and that’s why you should try to make the best use of it.

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