Deposit Bonus Up to 50% Promotion 2015 Deposit Bonus Up to 50% Promotion 2015

Bonus dates: –  2015 All year

Available to: – All New Clients

Sign up for the bonus here: – Deposit Bonus

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  • Complete full registration process to open a live account with
  • Provide the required documentation to activate your account (POA/POI)
  • Make real money deposit of at least $250 Euro/USD/GBP

Terms and Conditions

“The Company” shall refer to Lead Capital Market or website.

  1. THE COMPANY runs marketing campaigns via and selected partners
  2. THE COMPANY promotes up to 50% deposit Bonus (the “Bonus”) to its Clients, subject to the terms and conditions contained in the present document.
  3. By opening a trading account, the Client acknowledges that he has read and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions as well as by the THE COMPANY Trading Terms and Conditions at
  4. The Bonus will be limited to one account per Client/ household/IP address (regardless of the number of accounts which the Client will maintain with THE COMPANY). The Bonus shall be available to new Clients exclusively. Clients that are already assigned under an Introducer or coming through a different link other than the one specified under clause 1 above, are excluded from receiving this Bonus.
  5. The life of the granted Bonus is 3 months. At the end of Term or Period, the Client will only be eligible to withdraw the Bonus amount if the Client executes a minimum trading volume of $10,000 for every dollar awarded by THE COMPANY. If the Client withdraws any funds before satisfying the required trading volume, the total Award will be deducted from the Client’s account. For example, if the Client receives a $100 Bonus, the Client will need to have a minimum trading volume of $1,000,000 in order to withdraw the Award at the end of Term. From the date the Client receives the $100, the Client’s trading volume will start counting towards the volume requirement the Client must satisfy in order to withdraw the Award.
  6. In order to claim the Bonus offered under this promotion, the Client should
    a. set up a live account with THE COMPANY
    b. make an initial deposit of at least 250 Euro/USD/GBP
    c. provide all the required documents; proof of address and proof of ID
    The Bonus shall be given provided that all the requirements set out in these terms and conditions are met.
  7. Upon the opening of the Client’s account, the Bonus will be manually credited as a notional sum into the eligible Client’s account, provided that all requirements set out in these terms and conditions have been met. The Bonus will not be recorded or construed as a liability of THE COMPANY towards the Clients and may be unilaterally, retroactively and unconditionally withheld and subtracted from the Clients’ accounts, at any time and at the discretion of THE COMPANY.
  8. The Bonus will be held solely for trading with THE COMPANY and cannot be withdrawn by the Client.
  9. The Client acknowledges that Forex and CFDs are leveraged products which involve a high level of risk. When trading in such products, it is possible for Clients to lose all their capital. These products may not be suitable for everyone and Clients should ensure that they understand the risks involved. Clients should seek independent advice if necessary.
  10. The Client is only entitled to receive the Bonus once (regardless of the number of Accounts he maintains with THE COMPANY).
  11. THE COMPANY employees and partners cannot participate in this promotion.
  12. This promotion is independent and does not affect any promotions previously offered by THE COMPANY. Clients should contact their account managers if they have any questions (or wish to make requests) in relation to this Promotion.
  13. If THE COMPANY suspects or has reason to believe that a Client has abused or attempted to abuse the terms of this Bonus or any other promotion of THE COMPANY, or has acted in bad faith, THE COMPANY reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny, withhold or withdraw from that Client the Bonus and, if necessary: (i) to withhold, cancel and subtract from that Client’s account(s) the Bonus, (ii) to terminate that Client’s access to services provided by THE COMPANY and/or terminate the contract between THE COMPANY and the Client for the provision of services (iii) to block that Client’s Account(s) (save where required otherwise by a relevant authority) and to arrange for the transfer of any unused balance (less the Bonus if applicable) to the Client.
  14. If THE COMPANY suspects or has reason to believe that a Client has abused the terms and conditions of this Bonus by hedging his positions internally (using other trading accounts held with THE COMPANY) or externally (using other trading accounts held with other brokers), THE COMPANY reserves the right, without the Client’s consent, to withdraw immediately the Bonus from the Client’s trading account(s) or from his winning hedged accounts.
  15. On account of the fact that this Bonus is a notional bonus made available by THE COMPANY to its Clients, THE COMPANY reserves the right to unilaterally modify, change or terminate this Bonus or any of the terms and conditions included herein, at any time, without the Client’s consent.
  16. The Client may choose not to accept an Award. In these circumstances, the Client will not be bound to the terms relating to Awards. Should the Client mistakenly accept an Award, the Client must notify a member of our Client Support Team within 5 working days of mistakenly accepting the Award. In such circumstances, Lead Capital Markets Ltd will remove the Award from the Client’s account and the Client shall not be held to the Award terms, however, all other terms and conditions shall continue to apply. The Client must not have placed more than 5 trades since mistakenly accepting the bonus in order for the Award to be removed from the Client’s account.
  17. The Company reserves the right to modify, change or terminate this offer at any time without the consent of the Client.
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