Stark Trading System Scam: This Review Strips It Down!


The Stark Trading System is the latest binary options robot scam that has hit the market. Have you heard of it? If you are not aware about the 411 on it, you are more than invited to keep on reading, as a review on it has been conducted (below).

From whichever angle you decide to look at it, the Stark Trading System reflects a trap that comes accompanied by a couple of enticing promises so that you fall for it faster than a cat getting away from a rainstorm.

Their website,, where the promises are stated is a nice looking one, but that is the only thing positive that can be said about this forex trading robot. Everything else just falls short. There are a lot of things that must be said about the Stark Trading System, so let’s continue. 

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Scam Flag #1: Antonio Stark Is Nowhere to Be Found

The supposed founder of the Stark Trading System is some man by the name of Antonio Stark. Is this guy even real? That is the first question that pops up, as lately, a great percentage of the programs that have been reviewed for this website have teams that are stating a fake founder name.

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Just like it was suspected, there is absolutely no link between Antonio Stark and the Stark Trading System. There isn’t even a connection between this guy and the binary options field. This instantly reflects that the Stark Trading System is not to be trusted one bit. If after this mention you still want to keep giving it the benefit of the doubt, it will definitely be insulting for the community, because you would be wasting your time.

Flag #2: Low Performance

The Stark Trading System program will not aid you at all in making money. You won’t even be able to make a little bit. It has an ITM of less than 50% according to traders we have talked to who have tried the system. There are a lot of individuals who think that with this type of percentage you might sometimes get lucky, but why would you want to be crossing your fingers and praying for everything to go well? There is no time to lose. You want a system that is the real deal here, which is something that the Stark Trading System is not.

Flag #3: Antonio’s Pal Is Nowhere to Be Found

As soon as you land on the homepage of the Stark Trading System trading robot, you will notice that there is a video that will automatically begin playing. This video showcases a man that was very poor, or so he says. It seems that nobody knows this for sure. He goes on to say that thanks to his pal Antonio introducing the Stark Trading System robot to him, he was able to garner a meaningful profit. Supposedly, his name is Richard Paul. Guess what? He is not real. That guy is another actor from Nowhere did we find a Richard Paul that has a connection the binary options field. A lot of negative reviews are available online of people who are furious against this Richard Paul guy as well as the Antonio Starks man, as they have lost meaningful sums in a short period of time due to believing in their words.

Flag #3: Fake Testimonial Galore

Bogus artists of this type of system don’t only use fake names for their founders, but they also utilize actors to lie in front of a camera. Yes, most teams that represent questionable systems go to the marketplace and hire actors for just $5.00 USD. They hire them to provide a fake video testimonial. Once they have it, these thieves upload it to their websites, hoping that every visitor that visits ends up falling for them. That is what the team of the Stark Trading System scam did. On the homepage, you will notice a lot of video testimonials. Do not believe one single word that they say. Instead, go to the marketplace and see how many of them have their services up for hire right at this moment. You will be shocked!

Flag #4: Questionable Promise

There is a statement on the Stark Trading System’s page that really makes one understand why so many people have already fallen for it. The statement says that one can make approximately $8,000.00 USD every day. That is very nice of them to say, but where is the proof? That is all that we are interested in. Don’t you believe that you can make such amounts, unless there is some proof present that can back it up. Don’t think that snapshots are proof nowadays. Don’t believe in snapshots, as a lot of bogus people who represent questionable auto-trading robots are utilizing them; therefore, founders of legitimate program are rapidly getting rid of them, as they know that this can confuse their visitors. By the way, there is no way anybody could make that amount every day, as the financial markets are only open five a days a week. Not to mention, on holidays, the market is not open.

Stark Trading System Fails in the Binary Options Field

The Stark Trading System is a forex robot that you do not want to mess with. It comes accompanied by too many red flags. Love your neighbor like you love yourself and share this review with them so that they do not mess with it either.

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This binary options robot will not bring you any type of positive outcomes, but there are other programs that have been reviewed in the past that come accompanied with more than a handful of advantages. Contrary to popular belief, there are many of them. Don’t believe it? You are more than invited to browse this website to continue reading reviews. (Go ahead and consider this site your space.) You will find that many of the reviews are of positive nature. Yes, there are forex robots that really do live up to what their teams state.

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