Spectre System Scam Potential: Review


Spectre System App Scam might be a better descriptor for this binary options robot. A number of reviews of the system on other sites and forums have alleged that the entire thing is just a scam. The new options trading platform has attracted attention because of its unusual name and that name does have the ring of truth to it. But The Spectre System Software’s website and marketing is filled with murky half-truths, outright deceptions and little white lies. There is not much there that is up-front or that stands up to examination in the bright light of day. So if you do not want to become lost in this shadowy world, do not trade with the Spectre System binary options robot because you are likely to be disappointed.

Spectre System App Scam Clues

The Spectre System trading APP is a new options trading platform that has recently emerged onto the market, though there does seem to be some confusion about exactly when this happened. Confidential tips reveal that the Spectre System was registered a few weeks ago, even though the system developers themselves swear that it has been on the market since 2013.

Patrick Quinn, who claims to be the developer of the Spectre System trading APP , is rather “spectral” himself – No-one with his name or identity can be found on Google, LinkedIn, Twitter or any of the social media sites. He is also unknown in the options trading community. Perhaps the reason why Mr Quinn cannot get his facts straight is because he either does not exist or doesn’t really know anything at all about binary options or forex trading.

The users of Spectre System Software who claim to have made a profit with it are also made-up characters: A woman called Maria who is allegedly Polish, has an identity as Angela Harvey on LinkedIn; she also appears on so many other sites it is impossible to tell exactly who she is. But it is likely that the Spectre people simply grabbed the LinkedIn picture of this random Australian attorney are using it for a fake alias:

Spectre System Scam

Another woman “trader” called Lucy who hails from Canada has another identity as Jessica Boggs on StyledIn and many other identities on numerous sites on the web. The Spectre System Software’s supposed staff members themselves have also been recognized as stock actors from Google Pictures. So far nothing about this site is real in anyway at all.

Spectre System App Scam

Review: What Does Spectre System Software Promise?

Patrick Quinn, no matter who he really is, has plenty to say about the Spectre System trading APP. Let’s start with his false empathy and macho assumptions. He “Knows how it feels” to be poor, to lose your wife, to be driving an older model car. He “Knows how it feels” to “have his manhood attacked” because of these things. Perhaps there is some truth in the stereotypical situations that he talks about, but his attempts to cast the Spectre System Software as some type of magic formula that will help you to “get your life back,” to “give you the life you deserve” and help you “to prove yourself” is just too heavy handed. Most people would recognize this kind of hype and know that no options trading site, no matter how good it is, has any kind of life-changing powers.

The numbers are pretty exaggerated too. Patrick Quinn claims that earnings of $15K per week and over are possible on the Spectre System trading APP. He says that he is a millionaire and that he has made the sum of $365,595.00 in eight months with the Spectre System Software. Another figure that is mentioned during Patrick Quinn’s spiel is $3K per day. It may be cynical to say, but none of this seems likely. We can forgive a little marketing hype here and there but their website spectresystem.net just keeps piling it on.

This guy is just a paid actor:

The Spectre System Software has some more crazy promises to make before the presentation video is over. Patrick Quinn believes that his system will change the world, just as Google and Facebook have done, once it builds up its numbers of members and supporters. It must be said, that is certainly is one wild promise!

How Does the Spectre System Software Work?

The idea with the Spectre System Software is to keep it simple. Only two currency pairs are traded with the APP; the Euro and USD and the GBP and USD. The special patented system that is at work on the Spectre System auto trading robot will only send a signal if a successful trade is 100% assured. Not only that, but this auto trading binary options robot will supposedly do all the work for you. As the poorly presented video presentation suggests, “You can make money from the comfort of your own home and you can make money while you sleep.”

That is a lot of expectation to put on a trading robot with dubious marketing behind it. It is one of the shady tactics that the video presenter uses to lure people to trade on the Spectre System Software. Something else that everyone knows, is that there is no such thing as 100% assurance in binary trading. So here we have two more empty promises made by the promoters.

Is the Spectre System Software a Scam?

We feel the answer to that question is: Yes, Yes and Yes. There is virtually nothing trustworthy in the marketing about the Spectre System trading APP. Just to recap, the staff and the presenter are paid actors. The trading testimonials are clearly faked, the numerals are highly exaggerated and the miraculous powers that the Spectre System Software is assumed to have are over-the-top. It is pretty clear that no-one on the Spectre System Software understands the power of truth as a selling point. For instance a stable ITM rate of 76% over a period of a year is considered to be very good. The 96% accuracy that is claimed by the  APP’s presenter is just another over-stated number that is very unconvincing to real traders.

In Conclusion.

Traders who are searching for a genuine trading platform that has been proved to make profits should certainly bypass the Spectre System Software. The marketing fails to inspire any confidence whatsoever. Also, if a trader does not understand something about a site’s promo pages, he/she should definitely follow their instinct and start asking serious questions. If something doesn’t make sense, it usually means it is not true.

To reiterate, we feel that the Spectre System Software is very likely a scam and we recommend traders do not use it.

But don’t fret. There are some good trading robots out there. Check out our reviews for:  Virtnext and Dow Jones Focus Group.

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