The Secret Millionaire’s Club Scam: Our Review Crashes Their Party


By now, one should know that any forex robot that has the word ‘millionaire’ in its title should be labeled as a potential scam . . . potential because one should still review it before labeling it as solely a ‘scam.’ The following is a review on the Secret Millionaire’s Club, which is a binary options robot that, in general, has not received any positive comments from the public. The only positive feedback that it has received is from a couple of sources that are not of positive nature.

Introductory Video Is Very Convincing . . . Not!

The introductory video that one will encounter on the official website of the Secret Millionaire’s Club binary options robot seems to want to convince every visitor that with this program, anybody can easily become a millionaire in just a matter of days. If only that were to be true, life would definitely be much easier, and the Secret Millionaire Club forex robot would be the talk of the world. It just takes a little bit of common sense to come to the conclusion that this auto-trading robot is pure trash.

The introductory video itself is many minutes too long. The team behind it wants one to think that the Secret Millionaire’s Club scam is their only solution to be successful in the binary options world. Of course, that is so far from the truth of all truths. They make it sound like it is so easy to become a millionaire. They say that one does not have to do anything, as this program does everything that needs to be done in order to make a meaningful profit when trading. Whoever believes in this, which it has been noted that a lot of people have, really needs to have a sit and pack his or her brain with a lot of facts about how frauds in the binary options work, so he or she never becomes a victim of them.

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Lazy Individual in the Binary Options Field = Meaningless Outcomes

The team representing the Secret Millionaire’s club wants one to believe that one does not have to conduct any type of work with their program, as it is able to do everything on their behalf at all times. This is a lie. Even with legitimate systems, one has to be on top of them, as it is the only way to make a meaningful profit. No matter the binary options robot that one opts to utilize, one will always be in the driver seat; therefore, one is the one who calls the shots at all times.

Only a Couple of Membership Spots Available?

This is a very common pressure tactic that one can encounter on the website of every fake system. They want to pressure one so that one rushes into signing up; therefore, not giving the mind time to process all the information that has been read. When one acts quickly due to pressure tactics encountered, one is very likely to encounter an unwanted issue. That is how it works when one is dealing with a system that falls greatly from great.

One will notice that the countdown widget is live and running, but if one opts to delete history and refresh the page, one will notice that the countdown widget will start at the same number that one saw it began at the first visit. This is a huge red flag that says a lot about the credibility of the Secret Millionaire’s Club.

Help Available to Serve One Through Thick and Thin?

That is what the website reflects. It mentions that there is help available at all times for anybody who needs it. If that were to be true, then why isn’t there anybody help anyone of their members with their locked accounts? Yes, individuals who have given the green light to the Secret Millionaire’s Club are now suffering greatly, as they made an initial investment, only to regret it within a couple of minutes. Why? They accounts got locked for no reason whatsoever. What has been done in order to make them feel at ease? Apparently, nothing has been done. If something had been done, there wouldn’t be so many persistent negative reviews, left and right, being left on different online platforms that allow consumers to voice their opinions about a certain investment.

What Is the Exact ITM Rate Expected?

This answer to the question is not available nowhere on the page, which is totally unacceptable. It is extremely important to know the ITM rate that one should expect to obtain from a binary options robot, before trying it. It safe to state that the Secret Millionaire Club’s team did not want to state this information because it would not benefit them into getting as many people as possible into giving their system the green light. It is more than likely that the exact ITM rate that one should expect from the Secret Millionaire’s Club is of very low nature, which should make it a waste of time in anybody’s book.

The Secret Millionaire’s Club is Not One Where One’s Investment Could Be Safe

It is clearer than water that the team representing the Secret Millionaire’s Club is only after one thing: one’s money. Once they get what they want, nobody will ever hear from them ever again. Right now, since they have received so many negative reviews, they are purchasing credibility from different bloggers, who have become known in the industry for doing anything for money, even providing positive reviews about systems that do not deserve it, like the Secret Millionaire’s Club. The time that this program has to live is only a few weeks, no matter how much credibility the team behind it tries to purchase. This can be said with such firmness because every day, this system keeps obtaining more negative reviews; therefore, people who are thinking about giving it a try and opt to conduct their homework beforehand, encounter these reviews during their search, which puts things into perspective. The Secret Millionaire’s Club is certainly not one where one’s investment could be safe.

For systems that actually work, check our positive signals reviews. And for those to say away from, our scam list will keep you updated.


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