Sarah’s Confession Scam: Our Review Listens Carefully!


Scams with ridiculous names are becoming more apparent in the binary options arena. For example, take Sarah’s Confession auto-trading robot at The following review reveals the “grand” confession of this forex robot fraud that is making people laugh and feel hatred toward it at the same time. Who in the world would come up with a trading system name as ridiculous as this one? Only a con artist would.

What Is Sarah’s “Big” Confession?

Her confession is that you can make $60,000.00 USD every day. LOL! That is very funny. What a grand confession that is . . . not. This type of “confession” is nothing new when one encounters shady programs like the Sarah’s Confession binary options robot. The only people who are going to fall for this lie are those individuals who are new to the binary options world. If you are not an average Joe, then you might make that, but this system is alleged geared toward average Joes; therefore, by making this claim, it does not make any kind of sense whatsoever.

Instead of this being the confession, the confession should be that this program is a false one and that anybody who tries it will have a nightmare for the entire year, as they will end up losing their entire investments; therefore, they would feel like they made a less than smart choice. It can get haunting when one discovers that what one thought was going to work, it really does not. For some individuals, it can be traumatizing . . . so much that many are leaving negative reviews on different online platforms as much as possible.

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Exclusive Offer? Not So Present!

When one arrives on the homepage, one will notice that an annoying popup will come about. It states that one has been randomly selected to obtain a free 1-on-1 coaching call with Sarah. According to them, this is a value of $9,997.00 USD. It costs that much to see and talk to a fake nowadays? That is definitely very shocking! This is not a very exclusive offer, as everybody who lands on the page will obtain the same popup. This is just a tactic that frauds utilize in order for people to hurry in taking advantage of their “incredible” software.

Fake Countdown Widget? Present!

binary options robot

Just like one would expect to encounter on a website that is representing a sketchy program, there is a countdown widget for the Sarah’s Confession system. Allegedly, there are only a couple of spots left. There are so many testimonials, but yet, there have always been only a couple of spots left to join. That does not make any sense whatsoever. This is a pressure tactic that is very common to see. When a countdown widget is present, it is time to go elsewhere ASAP!

Desperate Actors from the Fiverr Marketplace? Present!

These desperate actors are willing to provide any type of testimonial for a few dollars. The Sarah’s Confession page is filled with fake testimonials that come from actors who are offering their services on the marketplace. One of the actors that you will see is one whose username is ‘Marketingxpert5.’ He has created 353 fake testimonials. He lies so well that he has been able to obtain a rating of 4.9. This actor loves to lie, but his lying habits are coming to an end, as we are exposing his ways right now.

Is Sarah Present? No, She Is Not!

Where is Sarah? This seems to be the million dollar question because Sarah is nowhere to be found. She is more than likely an actor that was hired from a similar marketplace to that of One should not be surprised if the real founder of this system ends up being a male. Founders of sketchy program have to hide under fake names and utilize the image of other people so that when they get caught, they can come back with another name, without worrying that they are in danger of getting caught. This is a very unfortunate situation, but that is the way things are going for this area of the binary options courtyard.

High ITM Rate Present? No!

The ITM (In-The-Money) rate that one can expect from the Sarah’s Confession binary options robot is of very low nature. It does not matter how many years one has been in this field; with the Sarah’s Confession software, one is doomed to fail no matter what. There is no way that with a low ITM rate one is able to make even a penny a day. Low ITM rate reflects ‘disaster awaiting.’

Is Proof Present? No!

One can go ahead and contact the customer service of the Sarah’s Confession system, asking them if they can provide with some sort of proof to know if the claims stated on there are true. Will they respond? Not in a million years! Why? They do not have time to waste in answering questions that they cannot really provide answer to. They do not have any proof whatsoever of the claims that they are making on the page, as they are made up claims. Yes, they are stating lies, and they are getting away with it. This is truly unacceptable, but not a lot of people are doing something about it. Sharing this Sarah’s Confession review with other people in the arena can really help spread the word quicker on what a huge bogus system this is; therefore, it will disappear from the market much faster, which is what we all want.

Oh Sarah . . . You Are Being Kicked to the Curb

From reading this post, it does not take a genius to know by now that the Sarah’s Confession software is a waste of Internet Space. There is no benefit that one can obtain from using this auto-trading robot. It will just bring one tragic situation upon tragic situation. It will all start when one opts to enter personal details. It goes more down the hill after that. For this reason, it’s important to treasure one’s email address like a gem because once the team behind this fake gets a hand on it, they will bombard one’s inbox with frequent promotional emails.

But don’t despair! There are some legit systems out there. Check out our recommended signals and of course our scam list.

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