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Samaritan System Scam Software is what they should have ominously called themselves. They are certainly not a “Good Samaritan” as our review will reveal. This is another in a long line of companies that are trying to take advantage of the rising popularity in binary option trading, where a particular trade is designed to payout a specific amount of money or nothing at all. There are program developers out there who have been able to create trading software that can review market indicators and select binary option trades that have a higher chance of consistently paying out huge winning sums. This is similar to forex robots that look at global market trends and read indicators that help select which foreign currencies you should trade. There’s nothing illegal or dishonest about this practice if done in good faith and if a program uses relevant information and trends with the help of experienced traders will a long history in the industry. However many people, like those behind Samaritan System Software, are use this idea as a framework to conduct their own scam.

Samaritan System software lures potential new clients for their services by promising that their software can detect winning indicators at a higher rate and much better than similar software and automatically select these trades without you having to do anything. Their promise is that you sign-up for their service (sometime for free at first but often at a cost later) and their software can make B.O. trades that not only are guaranteed to payout, but payout massively and consistently. As anyone in the financial industry will tell you, that’s virtually impossible. But that doesn’t stop companies like Samaritan System Software from trying to hook new clients with such exaggerated claims, like glorified Ponzi scheme operators. There are plenty of clues that can help you spot such scam artists, and Samaritan website and materials are replete with such evidence pointing to their duplicity.

Scam Website…what website?

First, if you go to their website,, you will be instantly confused. You may have received the link and the name of their company via email. But their home page doesn’t even have “Samaritan System Software” as the title. Actually, it used to just a few weeks ago when we started our investigation! But now, we guess after many scam complaints, there’s nothing there, only a streaming video outline under the vague title of “Certified Income”. They have already removed the name Samaritan from everywhere on the site! And there’s not even an attempt to present any facade of realism here, no reviews, no testimonials and not even a sales pitch in text form. Just the video and a place enter in your name and email address. This isn’t anything close to resembling a real website.

Oh, and if you wanted to see what the website looked like before they changed it, with fiverr actor testimonials and all, a YouTube reviewer managed to do a screen capture of the original:

Video of the original scammy Samaritan website

Review: Fake Actors Push This Binary Options Robot

Well, let’s get back to the new site and current video. Claiming to only be streamed to 275 people when taken down, the narrator Antony Cahill (a face we’ve seen in videos on other auto-trading scammers homepages-he’s clearly an actor hired from or similar service) says that the video won’t ever be played again. Come back to this page tomorrow and the next day, even next week, and the video extolling the privileges of wealth will still be there. You can’t fast forward, you can’t restart it. You can only pause it before Antony claims he made almost 10 million dollars in one year, and says you’ve been chosen personally to benefit from a system he never explains. He just keeps talking around the subject, promising he’ll tell you how his system works over and over again and dragging it out as long as possible.

New actor, new video. Same old spiel.

forex autotrading software robot

Even worse, he never once discusses binary options trading software or explains at all what his company does, even if you do make it to the end of the video. You’ve probably seen similar videos such as these, with the “One weird little trick” tagline or “Watch this video to the end for an amazing opportunity”. This is because research shows that the more exposed you are to propaganda or marketing, the more likely you are to buy what’s being sold. Cahill keeps you listening to his sales pitch for as long a possible because he knows that the longer you listen, the higher the chance of you taking him up on his offer is. That’s how these videos work. It doesn’t even have to be a good sales pitch with plenty of details and explanation for how this “trick” will work; it only has to inundate you with a continuous stream of pitch speak and place the unconscious suggestion to respond.

There are also other videos and photos associated with the name “Samaritan System Software” that feature pictures taken from to represent the CEO and founder of the company and video testimonials from people who can easily be found exposed on YouTube as actors found on…you guessed There are so many people willing of offer their services as fake testimonial actors that it’s not hard for anyone to create the illusion of satisfied customers preaching the gospel of whatever product they’re being paid to sell.


The worst thing about Ponzi scheme organizations like Samaritan Systems Software is the bad name they give to binary options robots trading software and the niche market of binary options as a whole. There are so many con artists and fraudulent operators out there that you forget that there are plenty of auto-trading and binary options trading software services that actually legitimate and do their due diligence in help those new to B.O trading. A good indicator that such a company is on the up and up is whether or not they offer education, training, background information and live support to help you made the best binary options trades possible. Also, when you do your research and go to their website, look for any explanations as to how their services work and see if they are easy to contact and employ an actual staff who list their qualifications that you can independently verify. It’s totally possible to find someone online who will offer you help in learning how to use auto-trading. The only thing Samaritan Systems software offers is a chance to be their next victim for their latest scam.

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