Saffa Method: Another Pile of Scam Trash Shunned by the Binary Options Community


Just when one thought scams were disappearing from the binary options community, here comes the Saffa Method binary options robot to mess up the moment. The following Saffa Method review provides a detailed note on the reasons why this trading robot is not the answer to the action of trading successfully in the field. The only positive thing that can be said about this trading robot is that it has a unique name; other than that, there is nothing else.

Saffa Method’s Team Is Not New to the Fraudulent Ways

The Saffa Method scam is not the only system that these people have put on the market. They have also introduced the Canuck Method, Aussie Method, and Brit Method. Soon after being presented on the market, all three methods received a load of negative reviews from averages Joes and bloggers alike. Everything was a complete disaster, which is more than likely why they decided to come up with something different . . . the Saffa Method auto-trading robot. Now, this method is not totally new, as it has been wrapped with the same statements that the other three methods are wrapped with. The only new thing about this forex robot is its name.

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Cheesy Website

The website of the Saffa Method is very cheesy and fake. The video present on the official website of this system is like the one you can expect to find on the page of any other bogus system. The video introduces a variety of different testimonials from people who have supposedly put this method to good use. If only that were to be true, the Saffa Method wouldn’t be receiving a grand number of negative reviews every day. Every single one of the testimonials in that video came from an actor or actress that one can easily find on the marketplace.

The testimonials are very cheesy; take the testimonial of the African-American individual, for example. This person is overly excited, which makes the testimonial look and sound completely false. This individual definitely needs some acting classes as soon as possible.

Jake Mason . . . Where in the World Are You?

Jake Mason is nowhere to be found. There is nobody with that name that can be linked to the Saffa Method software, which means that he is a fake. Such thing would never occur with a system that is backed by a trustworthy team. No way! One would be able to find the founder in a matter of seconds. He or she would have a social media profile available on Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn.

What Is the Expected ITM Rate?

This question cannot be answered, as there is no information on the Saffa Method system that answers it. When a binary options robot does not come accompanied by a statement that states the ITM rate that one should expect from utilizing it, this means that the rate is more than likely a low one. Therefore, it wouldn’t be worthwhile to put that program to use. It would be a total waste of time, as one would never be able to see any meaningful results taking place at any given time.

Structure of Website Is Poor

If a system is being backed by a team that is stating that it can help one succeed in the binary options world, as it can provide wins galore, then the website that they have should be well-structured. That is not the case with the website that is representing the Saffa Method program. The website itself appears that it was only a few dollars. It does not stand tall.

Website Is Risky

Not only is the structure of the website poor, but the safety that it provides if of poor nature, too. If one has an anti-virus software, before visiting the webpage, one will be informed that visiting that Saffa Method’s website is a risky move, as it has been classified as a page that is not safe to visit. This means that from visiting it, one can obtain a number of viruses. Not only that, but one’s personal information might easily be exposed to who knows who. No binary options robot is worth one taking such risk.

No Proof Available of Any Kind

There are a lot of claims on the Saffa Method’s website; one of them is that anybody who is anybody can make meaningful sums with this system. Where is the proof that can back this statement? Of course, just like one would expect from a program that does not have a founder that can easily be found, there isn’t any. There is a lot of blah, blah, and blah, and that is about it. If there is no proof available to back the forex robot that has obtained one’s attention, it is not worth the benefit of the doubt, as it is more than likely bogus in nature.

Email Marketing Campaign

One of the main ways that team behind this system like to reach people is through emails. This is the promotional route that they took with their other three systems, too. Has it worked for them? It is sad to say, but to some extent it has functioned for them. They have been able to lure a lot of people into trying their systems, especially newbies that can fall for the type of claims that they tend to make. Where are they getting people’s emails from? They are more than likely getting them from third parties by purchasing them. Yes, there are websites out there that sell their visitors’ emails, without the visitors not knowing that this is going to happen. They do not know because they do not take the time to read privacy policies. This type of policy always says it like it is. It informs one if one’s email is going to be shared or sold. Now, if it is going to be shared or sold, the policy is not going to specific as to what parties it is going to go to, which is why one has to be very careful.

Saffa Method: Another Pile of Scam Trash

The Saffa Method is a weak one; therefore, one shouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow, it is erased from existence once and for all! It is another pile of trash that is ready to be kicked by the binary options community . . . ASAP!

For systems that actually work, check our positive signals reviews. And for those to say away from, our scam list will keep you updated.


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  1. Meshack says

    I saw the video on the net and I filled their forms. they called me immediately. I gave them my bank details. but fortunately I didnt have cash in my account. then I read your article. is my bank account in trouble? they have my full bank and personal details! what can I do?

  2. Stooch says

    Learn not to be too trusty and easy to fall for scams. These idiots are very clever. Just go to the bank ask them to ensure no debit order goes through without your authorization. If it’s too late they have taken the money just ask for a reversal charge. Good luck

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