Is Rock the Stock Another Scam? This Review Busts It Open!


The Rock the Stock scam is one of the most dangerous type of binary trading robot cons out there. This is because this program doesn’t just suck money out of your wallet but does a lot more than that. And it is one of the scams that has been there for a few months now. This Rock the Stocks review explores how Rock the Stock cheats normal users like you.

Before you form your opinion, let us remind you that binary options trading is a good investment in itself to make. However, not all autotrading robots offer the same benefit and scams like this one doesn’t offer any benefit.

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With the limited knowledge that people have, fraudulent websites feed off this lack of knowledge and lure naive traders in to grab away their hard-earned money. We are dealing with a class of scam websites that not only fraudulently take people’s money but also do some other damage like effecting your computer with a dangerous virus. This review explains how Rock the Stock is one such website.

First Impressions

The first impression of the website isn’t any different from any other scam website that uses forex robots or autotrading robots as bait. However, as scrolling down reveals, the level of detail on this website is quite more than most. They have tried to provide convincing data but it all falls apart even at the lightest scrutiny.

Their video features an actor interviewing other obvious actors!

binary options robot


The Scam That Keeps Coming Back

You might not have heard about Rock the Stock until now. But it has existed under a variety of different names in the past. Rock the Stock is not something that is new on the market. It is simply rebranded as a new trading robot. It has been online before, variously called the Binary Boom, Binary Matrix and Insiders John. The creators of all these four scams are the same.

Often, when awareness about a particular scam spreads too far and people come to know it is a sham, the registrations and investors start dwindling and the impending problem of some sort of complaint looms large, the creators simple create another website on the same kind of model to fool even more people.

Where Are The Reviews?

One of the simplest acts of research that every common man conducts before investing money in an online software is to look up reviews on the Internet. And the very same websites and blogs that carried positive and glowing reviews for the previous scams carry great reviews for Rock the Stock too. In fact it is difficult to find a negative and comprehensive review about Rock the Stock at all. This is all a part of trying to fool the public, as many of those positive review blogs are affiliates of Rock the Stock.

A Virus That Can Easily Effect Your System

There have not been reported and verified incidents of Rock the Stock scam infecting people’s systems with viruses as of yet, but Binary Boom has done it in the past, and both are software created by the same team, so it is best to be aware of the possible dangers.

How Does This Software Even Work? 

The video on their website,, does not provide any of the answers. The website flashily declares that the video was ‘shot on wall street’ as if that by itself gives it a stamp of authenticity. The video just tosses some buzzwords around and never gets down to explaining how exactly the software offers to make anyone who signs up so rich so easily.

forex trading robot

And a follow up video they issued is just more clap trap with nothing of substance whatsoever.

Don’t trust this guy!


No Contact Information! 

Normally a buyer can find solid contact information on a professional e-commerce website. There needs to be a physical address and a place to mail the company in question. There exists none with Rock the Stock. The suspicious indicator that you can find on most scam websites related to binary options robots is the lack of proper contact information. The contact us tab simply takes you to your own mailbox with only their e-mail address provided. This is quite fishy as why would any legitimate company not want to tell its clients where it was actually based out of?

The Comments That Don’t Really Add Up

The website lists everyday trades and some ‘comments’ on them which are just generic sentences that do not impart any useful information at all. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section that is extremely dangerous for any newbies. There are questions like ‘Do I need to know anything about binary trading to use this software?’ and the answers promise regular everyday earnings. The truth is even talented and experience traders who have been on the market for years do not make this much money and that too on a guaranteed basis.

Are You Up For The Registration?

There is another trick on the website that tries to hurry people up into registration for this scam. It is labeled as a special January offer. The website then urges you to quickly deposit your money before the offer runs out as it is for a ‘limited period of time’. However knowing the nature of such websites, it is highly likely that such a special offer will always be in place to put a sense of urgency in the mind of the person who is visiting the website with a desire to invest. We have survyed this website in the past, when considering to do a review, and see saw the same offer but just the month had changed. There is nothing special about the offer at all.

Final Verdict

The Rock the Stock scam is just one of the growing number of binary trading scams that you need to avoid. The major problem is that the virus can severely effect your system as well. As a binary trading scam, it uses the standard method of promoting only good reviews to build up customer trust. All of this, however, should not stop you from legitimately investing in binary trading. Just make sure to use an approved and legitimate broker or trading robot.

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