RoboOption Offering to Traders: Get Maximum Rebates


RobOption has many bonus offers for new clients and one offer for all the clients is the rebates offer. This regulated European broker is even running a special CFD contest. As the rebates offer is for all the clients, every trader wants to get the maximum rebates. There are no special requirements to get the benefits of rebates from RoboOption and that’s why you may love to make the best use of this offer. Know how are rebates paid and other details by going through this post about this new special offer of RoboOption.

RoboOption Rebates Offer Details

The paid rebates depend totally on the monthly volume traded by the client. So if you want more rebates, then definitely you need to trade more volume every month.

When trading volume is 5,000 to 20,000 USD or 3,500 to 15,000 EUR, you’ll be eligible for rebates at rate 0.1%.

Expert traders trading volume ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 USD or from 15,000 to 70,000 are eligible for rebates at rate 0.3%.

Pro traders trading volume from 100,000 USD or from 70,000 EUR get eligible for rebates at 0.5% and this is the maximum rebate rate.

This rebates offer is there for clients so that clients can earn extra money which they may have not did while trading with other brokers. As there are no special requirements to get rebates, even the new clients are getting benefited from this RoboOption’s rebates offer.

How to get Rebates from RoboOption?       

Don’t waste your time thinking that what you need to do for getting rebates as the only thing you need to do is immediately start trading with RoboOption as the broker. Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to get rebates.

  1. Register for new account with RoboOption if you’re not having one yet.
  2. Request to participate in rebates offer as otherwise you won’t get eligible for it.

Trade more and achieve the trading volume required to get eligible for rebates. It is the perfect time to get additional money as this offer is there for all the months in 2016 until RoboOption terminates it.

RoboOption’s Rebates Offer Terms and Conditions

  1. All the existing as well as new clients are eligible to get rebates from RoboOption.
  2. The rebate rate totally depends on the volume and there is no other special condition.
  3. RoboOption pays rebates every monthly.
  4. Rebates on ladder instrument have been always determined as per the investment amount and not the volume amount.
  5. Rebates can be withdrawn immediately and there is no restriction for withdrawing the rebates.

Other Bonus Offers for Traders

If you don’t think that rebates will be useful for you, then you can decide to take part in other promotions of RoboOption. New clients can get special bonus of 30 USD for trading purpose and withdrawal of profits will be allowed. If you’ve got friends who want to invest in trading, then refer your friends to get bonus up to 100 USD. If you want to win more or trade more volume every month, then check out the Educational center and even the special RoboOption webinars.

RoboOption’s rebates offer is the most amazing offer as one can get rebates regularly. Clients should definitely take maximum advantage of this offer. The support team is always there to answer every question about the special rebates provided on trading. Do let us know if you’ve started getting rebates regularly from RoboOption.

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