Real Profits: Our Review Unveils a Likely Scam!


Binary options robots enter the market regularly. A sizeable amount of them are scams. Real Profits software is a system roundly rejected by many traders for its misleading information and unrealistic claims. Our review concurs with that sentiment. You can visit their website to determine whether their claims are realistic or point to a scam. For us, with the information we reviewed, we are convinced that this trading app is a waste of money.

The Case For A Scam Builds

Real Profits creator Anthony Difranco claims to be making money consistently over the years using this forex robot, but a check shows that it was a new trading system. It was only available to traders in the last few weeks. This raises a serious question about how and where it was making money for Difranco and his team over the years. Does a non-existent app make money? Difranco could not provide sufficient evidence to convince us of the origin of his trading robot. This casts serious doubts to its authenticity. You may begin to wonder how members earn more than $134 million. When you visit their website, you will discover that they possess live updating members, as well as a statistics section. You will discover that they claimed to have executed more than one hundred thousand trades, yet they have about one hundred members. It means that these 100 members combine to earn over $130 million. Many traders have a problem with this staggering figure. It looks like Real Profits robot is more of a get rich quick scheme than a trading app.

Even the existence of Anthony Difranco is highly in doubt. He claim to have spent years studying, researching, following, and dissecting the binary options market is questionable at best. There is no evidence of this. No information about him is available anywhere. He does not have any social media profile. A search did not present any information other than the Real Profits trading robot. We can assume that he uses a fake name or he was not the real person behind the Real profits scam. We suspect that the person behind it is hiding under the name Anthony Difranco. This is enough to label the auto-trading robot a scam.

This generic “Review” video does not even call out the software by name!


It appears that Real Profits app relies on the same tactics adopted by scam software to coerce people into spending their money. They tend to create artificial scarcity by making you believe that limited spots are available. Yet if you visit the website in another few days, you will get the same message that limited spots are available. This is a scammers tactic. Since Difranco and his team decided to fall back on the same discredited tactics, it seems right to label it scam.

Review: Real Profits Trading Robot & Conflicting Information

To determine whether the real live updating members and its profits are real, we decided to open two versions of the same website. We opened the first version and after an hour or two, we opened it in another browser. We want to compare the updates. The result we got was strange. Two updates do not correlate despite the fact they are the same website. Its profits summary is not the same; in the same way, its live member update is also different. It shows different faces and different trades in different web browsers! This shows that the Real Profits script is timer based. The implication of this is that the result is not real and it is certainly not live. This further consolidates the assumption that it is a scam.

Their “live” results are anything but. Does not hold up to scrutiny. 

forex autotrading robot


Real Profits collaborates with fake new release websites to rank high on search engines.

When you search the internet for the Real Profits autotrading robot, you would discover that it ranks high in the search engines. It does not rank high because of its credibility, but because of the fact that the robot was adopted by fake and commercial news release websites, which do not care to investigate the authenticity of the software. Such commercial and fake news release websites are more interested in the money paid to them. The fact that discredited websites promote the system aggressively suggests that it is a scam. Other scam websites adopt the same strategy to rank high in the search engines. This is to create the impression that by going viral on the internet, it would create a positive attitude to prospective buyers. Misleading information spread by fraudulent website scares professional traders away from the system.

False testimonials

We tried to investigate some of the testimonials and feedback; we are surprised that we cannot trace any of their testimonials and feedbacks. This simply suggests that these testimonials may not be real. Furthermore, after searching different BO and Forex forums, there was no information about this trading robot as a real moneymaking app. This is not the situation with profitable trading robots. If it were a credible binary options trading software, credible endorsement websites would have approved it. There is none of such, suggesting that the tool is not what it claims to be.

It is not free

Like other scam software, the Real Profit binary options robot claims that it will help you make money free. After going through the website, we noticed that you will need to deposit a minimum of $250 before you can use it. This implies that it may not be free after all. If it was true, you should not pay a dime to use it. The money you pay according to them is to open a live trading account with their brokers. If it is true, they should offer you the opportunity to use a broker of your choice. This is not the case; they will compel you to use an unregistered broker who might very well do away with your money.


In our Real Profits Software review, we have discovered enough evidence to hold on to the opinion that it is a scam. We cannot verify anything concrete about the tool. The chief executive officer does not exist; there is no evidence that he is a professional trader. We did not discover any algorithm, which it bases its trade calculations. Its testimonials and feedback are not reliable, because we are unable to verify them. Finally, there is no proof that it has made any money for anybody. In the light of the above, it is advisable that you avoid it at all cost.

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