Qbits Mega Profit System Scam Is a Mega Wallet Stealer: Our Review


The word that goes hand in hand with the Qbits Mega Profit System is no other than the word ‘scam.’ The following Qbits Mega Profit review will inform you of more than a thing or two about this binary options robot’s sketchiness, starting with its so called founder who goes by the name of Jeremy Hart.

Does Anybody Know Where Jeremy Hart Is At?

Everybody wants to know where Jeremy Hart is at, as he is nowhere to be found, which is unacceptable. Why? Well, he is the alleged founder of the Qbits Mega Profit trading robot, and is supposedly an expert in the binary options field. There should be a Facebook or Twitter page where one could easily have contact with him, but no . . . he does not have anything. After further digging by targeting the search to the Seattle Washington, which is where he supposedly at, Jeremy Hart does not exist. It is a made up name. This is not a shocker. Scam artists know that when presenting their fake systems on the market, they need to go by a fake name so that when the time comes for them to disappear, they can do so without worrying that they are going to get caught when they opt to introduce their next false auto-trading robot to the public.

30 Spots Left?

Yes, the same typical pressure tactic is on the Qbits Mega Profit’s page, as well. This tactic is used in order for one to hurry into joining. As soon as one lands on the page, the countdown will begin. Without notice, the number of spots left will begin to rapidly descend. If one opts to delete cookies and visit the website again, there will still be 30 spots left again. Obviously, the Qbits Mega Profit forex robot is nothing more than a standard scam.

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A Trading Accuracy That Sounds Too Good to Be True

One of the claims that one will find is that the Qbits Mega Profit has a trading accuracy of 97.5%. If you are new to the binary options arena, then you should know that this percentage is not accurate. There is no legitimate system that is able to sustain this trading accuracy every time, as the team behind the Qbits Mega Profit is trying to convince you of. At the most, a great percentage of credible systems provide a trading accuracy of 93% or 95%, but this does not mean that they stay at this rate all the time; they have their ups and downs, but of course, you will have more wins than loses. On the other hand, this cannot be said about this system. With this system, you will always have loses, as the trading accuracy that it provides it is way less than what the team behind it states.

A Testimonial That Takes It a Step Beyond

Fake testimonials are something that you will come across on the page of the Qbits Mega Profit system. There is one testimonial that caught the attention of many people in the binary options arena. It is from a woman who mentions that she was able to make $100,000.00 USD in as little as three months, which is a total lie. The reason why she is able to grasp one’s attention is because she is an actress that provides fake testimonials for $5.00 USD on the fiverr.com marketplace. She has been hired by different scam artists that represent forex robots that are not worth one penny.

Her testimonial takes it a step beyond ‘false’ because she utilized a green screen to provide the illusion that she is talking from a plane. It is like this actress is trying to fool one into thinking that with the Qbits Mega Profit software would be able to provide one with a life fit for a king in a short period of time.

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Every testimonial in the introductory video is embarrassing, as every individual sounds and acts like an actor. They didn’t even try to play it off as if they were real members of the Qbits Mega Profit software. If they made so much money with this software, why isn’t there any proof available? There is no proof to back any claim that is mentioned on official website of the Qbits Mega Profit.

Locked Accounts

Those individuals who committed the error of giving the Qbits Mega Profit the green light, are now living in regret. As soon as they made their deposits, they found out that their accounts got locked, without any notice beforehand. Now they are trying to get their money back, but it is not happening for them, and more than likely, nothing is going to go their way. Why? Well, the people behind this system are hiding behind fake names.

Where Is the Support Team?

The support of this system is nowhere to be found. The support team does not like answering questions. It is more than likely that they do not even check their inbox. After so many red flags, nobody should be surprised about this fact. If it is difficult to contact the support team of the forex robot that has caught one’s eye, it is best to search for another forex robot.

No Representation

Unlike when one is dealing with credible systems, the Qbits Mega Profit System is not represented by anything that is respected in the industry, which is not a huge surprise, but it still deserves the mention. Legitimate systems are often mentioned on important blogs, like CNN Money. When a binary options robot is represented by a blog such as that one, then that means a lot. It is telling one off the bat that it is a legitimate system, as no blog like CNN Money is going to just give attention to a forex robot that is a scam. They do their homework before mentioning a binary options robot.

Hand in Hand with Your Preferences

There should be no doubt by now that the Qbits Mega Profit is not what the team behind it wants one to think. It is not the ‘one.’ There are other forex robots out there that are the ‘one.’ Out of them, one just has to decide which one best meets one’s preferences. Check out our reviews of recommended signals as well as our scam list.

And as always, remember to bookmark our site and check back daily for the latest forex bonus news and much, much more!


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  1. LEANNE says

    Thank you very much for the informative review ‘re: Qbits.. website and webinar looked very inviting and real. I’d like to invest in binary options and now realise there are pitfalls. Have a super and blessed even. Regards, South Africa.

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