Push Money App Scam: Our Review Pushes Back!


Have you heard of the Push Money App binary options robot? If you have heard of it, hopefully, you have not tried it, because it is a scam. Keep reading, as the following review gets down to business and informs you on all the lies that the group behind this low class forex robot is telling its visitors in order to trick them. It is a dangerous phony trap that many are falling for.

Push Money App Review: Take a Moment to Analyze the so Called “Proof”

The group behind the forex robot seems like they really thought about the proof that they were going to provide their visitors in order to make them fall into their trap much faster than any other phony system that is out there. What they are using is checks in their introductory video, but don’t think that they are real checks. They are pretty fake. Just pause the video and analyze the checks.

Fake Date on Check

There are a lot of aspects of the checks that can grasp your attention when you are investigating to know if the Push Money App auto-trading robot is a scam, or not. Look at the date of the first check; the checks say 12/4/2015. Now, pay a visit to who.is, and you will find out that the creation date for the Push Money App scam domain was on January the 9th of 2016. The expiration date is set for next year, but it is more than likely that the team behind this program will shut down their website as soon as this review goes viral.

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Fake Address on Check

The address stated on the check is Push Money Company 1500 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97201. Now, if you go ahead and check to see if this address is real, you will be slapped in the face with a big ‘no.’ This address does exist, but it does not go hand in hand with the Push Money Company binary options robot. The check is for the amount of $129,912.21 USD. The introductory video goes on to say that this amount was able to be garnered in just a couple of days. Doesn’t this sound too good to be true? It certainly does, especially when there is no proof available—just a lousy check that is nothing but a fake. If there was a way that US Bank could be contacted in order for everybody in the binary options community to be able to obtain more information on this so called check, the call would have already been conducted, but this bank does not provide any type of information when it comes to this.

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More Scam Signs: Fake Founders

The check is signed by one of the founders. His supposed name is Dennis Moreland. The other alleged founder is Mike Callahan. Do these men exist? Nope . . . they certainly do not. Nowadays, every founder of a legitimate system can be found on a social media website. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and etc. If they do not have a social media profile, this should definitely be a huge alert. Now, there might be a possibility that they are just starting out and perhaps they haven’t had the time to create a social media profile, but if their names are real, they should show up in a regular search just like the names of the founders of legitimate systems show up without any issue. Unfortunately, Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan do not exist. They are fake names. The individuals that you see in the introductory video are actors. From what marketplace? This is a question that still does not have an answer. They are not on the fiverr.com marketplace, but they might be on a marketplace that is similar to this one.

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Fake Matching Bonus Results in Locked Account

There are some individuals who believed on these checks and went ahead and made deposits of $10,000 USD and more in exchange for a matching bonus, only to find out later that their money got locked with the broker until they could generate a large number of trades.

A Low ITM Percentage

Nowhere on the official page of the Push Money App does it state the ITM percentage available. If there is no ITM percentage available, there is no point to putting a system to use. When this information is not present is basically reflecting that it is because it is a very low one.

Not Much in Life Is a Guarantee

What you will notice on the official page of the Push Money App is that there are a lot of promises, ones that tell you that you can easily start making thousands of dollars every day. These promises go as far as to mention guarantees. When you see the word ‘guarantee’ you have to be very careful, as it could be a trap. Not much in this life is a guarantee. Make sure to always remember these wise words.

Please don’t get taken in by their cheesy sales video!


Many Little Gold Pots Are out There

As you can conclude from reading this Push Money App review, this system is far from being the great software that the group behind it wants you to believe. One cannot confirm who is the founder, their real location, profits of members, and etc. When you are dealing with a legitimate system, these things can easily be found right away. Which systems are legit? That is what many of you want to know, which is why you are here. If you keep browsing this website, you will notice that we have reviewed a lot of different systems; some of them turned out to be a waste of time, while others turned to be little gold pots ready to be discovered. Since you already here and should never give up in your search for a valid forex robot, you are more than invited to go and take a look at them. The latest ones that we have reviewed definitely come accompanied by a number of features that can really provide you with more than a handful of positive outcomes in different aspects. Go ahead and see what they are all about!

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