Profits Today Scam? Our Review Reveals All


“Profits Today Scam Software” is probably what they should have called this system. Do the opening claims of their website video seem as fishy to you as they do to this reviewer? Do you think they sound too good to be true? We think so too, but in case you are still wondering, “is Profits Today a scam?” this review will take a closer look at the Profits Today website,

The Profits Today System Promise

The first thing the visitor is greeted with is a video that paints a rosy picture of a lifestyle that only a few can truly realize. The best part is that the Profits Today potential scam claims that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, and with no work from you. The next logical question is exactly how they plan to do this? First off, the people mentioned in the video are difficult to trace. The names Matt Baker, Phil Harris, George Cook, and David Dryer are such common names that they would be impossible to trace. This Profits Today reviewer thinks this seems suspicious at the very least. Will the real Matt Baker the Profits Today millionaire please stand up?

They show a screenshot of their system and the system screen shows a date of July 2015. But hold on a minute, a quick Whois search proves that the domain was only registered on: Wed Sep 02 19:25:12 GMT 2015. So the system was not even being sold in July of 2015! Fail.

binary options forex robot

The next clue that this Profits Today review found is that the site seems to have some facts wrong. The Profits Today site says that binary options trading has only been around for 4 or 5 years. Actually, binary options became open to institutional traders prior to 2008. In 2008, they opened this type of security to retail traders, such as you. The only provable statement on the Profits Today video found in review is that million dollar profits are not achieved by, “scammy systems with phony actors” just as Profits Today claims.

What is the Profits Today Robot?

The Profits Today trading APP is a software program that automatically makes trades in the binary options market for you. The binary options robot makes trades with your real money for you. You deposit your money into the Profits Today account, and the site encourages you to set the trading to automatic, allowing the trading robot to invest your money as the computer sees fit.

First off, this site is geared towards the investor who does not even know the very basics about binary options trading. Profits Today gives a very simplistic explanation about a very complex topic. There are a few things they forgot to mention. First, they claim that they are trading in any market, particularly, currency, metals, or stock. They use trading stock in their example. Stocks are the most volatile and unpredictable instrument of all the binary trading options.

The forex robot claims to trade with profits of 70-80% each time. However, they recognize that there are millions of variables that could make the price go up or down. It is difficult to believe that this autotrading robot has taken into account all of those variables. The binary options market moves fast. You can make it big fast, or you can lose your entire investment just as quickly. Instances where a person has to go from borrowing $250 to being a wealthy in just one day are unrealistic, or at very least, extremely rare. Yes, you can build wealth on only $250 in the binary options market. Software can help, but you need to learn from a team of professionals and understand what you are doing in order to make it work. Learning to trade binary options takes time and is still a risky option. The low risk, high return claims of Profits Today just do not hold up in the real world.

Here is a handy tutorial video on Binary Options


Profits Today Final Analysis

If you listen carefully to the Profits Today website, the catch is clear. The website claims that you can invest as little as $250 to start and that this money is always yours to keep and do as you wish. It says that you are free to close your account or withdraw your profits as early as the first day of trading. The problem is that it also states that the autotrader automatically reinvests your profits so that you can supposedly build bigger profits. This means that as soon as profits, or your initial deposit, as received, the computer will start looking to invest it as quickly as possible. This usually happens within seconds. Your money is always in play and never actually available for you to use.

Another caveat, aside from never actually having access to your money and profits to use as you wish, it is possible for the computer to build wealth and then lose everything in one bad trade deal. You do not have control over how and when the computer invests your money. You simply hand over your money and trust the computer to make your decisions for you. Binary options can be highly lucrative, with upwards of 80% profits, but they can also incur as much as 85% in losses. This means that you could lose 85% of your initial investment if your first trade is a loser, leaving your account with only $37 or so to invest. It could take a long time to recoup losses with that amount of money. Two bad trades in a row and you are literally wiped out at the beginning.

Profits Today claims to be able to change your life forever, and it will, but this change might not always be in your best interest. In order to invest in binary options in a responsible manner, you at least need some technical knowledge, or have access to someone who can teach you the terminology. Allowing a binary options robot to make your investments without first learning how the markets work is highly risky. The robot will try to make the best decision, but it is more interested in keeping your money in play.

This is the caveat of the Profits Today System scam. If you hand over your money to this outfit, this review thinks that you will never see it again. It is technically yours, but you will never have access to it in this suspicious set-up. The Profits Today likely scam will make money, only that money is probably for them and not you.

But don’t lose faith. Autotrading apps of substance exsist. Check out our reviews for:  Virtnext and Dow Jones Focus Group.


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