Profits Now Software Scam? Read Our Review


Is Profits Now App a Scam?

The Profits Now App Scam is what the makers should have called this thing. Finally we have put together our indisputable, conclusive review which shows that Profits Now software is a likely scam. We have reviewed every aspect of the program, and so far, we have not yet come across any credible evidence to suggest that this binary trading robot can even make you money in the first place. Therefore, this investigation was prepared with our readers in mind, and we’re here to help you make an informed decision concerning this highly suspicious binary options robot currently being marketed on the web.

First, if you were planning to invest in this software, even though the maker claims it’s free, you would need to think again before flushing your heard earned money down the drain.

Yes, it’s free since users are allowed to download it for free, choose a broker and deposit at least $250 to get started. After the unsuspecting user makes their first deposit, that’s when this thing could turn ugly. They risk loosing their money entirely, and that risk is almost 100% guaranteed– at least where the Profits Now system is involved.

Review: What is Profits Now Software?

Let’s do the introduction first. The guy who owns this thing claims he’s an insider in binary trading, and he knows all the secrets it takes to always make money from binary trades.  He claims he has the solution to making you retain a competitive age in a market characterized by assets that are highly volatile. The Profits Now App is alleged to be some automatic trading tool which duplicates the work of a veteran binary trader to give everyone at least 98% chance of success.

And to get started in this potential scam software, you only need to sign up with your email and download the software for free.

The maker of this software, Jonathan Spencer, claims that one doesn’t have to possess any previous experience to succeed with his Profits Now trading APP. This may be true for some automated binary options programs, but there’s certainly many things that are making this software look like a real scam – like, for instance, “Jonathan Spencer” is a fake persona created from an iStock photo!


Profits Now Binary Options Robot


“Jonathan Spencer” claims that his software is so accurate that all you have to do is rely on veteran traders to achieve success. You’re encouraged to keep pumping even more cash into a broker system where they have shares. The more money you invest, the more returns you reap, so they say.

What’s ridiculous is that Spencer even goes ahead to promise a free $10,000 for those who will give this software a try. But who does that in a world where everyone needs money? If this was real, then everybody would be filthy rich. It’s just not the case.

Profits Now Binary Options Robot – Red Alerts

(a) Sign up process

When you sign up with your email to download Profits Now robot, you will be met with a promise that says they will never spam you. But who knows, if they are not honest from the word go, there’s no way they will be honest with this statement too.

Also, the free $10,000 bonus is not true, and any sane millionaire/billionaire wouldn’t do that, not unless you robbed them at gunpoint.

(b) There is something terribly wrong with the website

This binary options robot has a software that is far from appealing or even attaining professional standards. We’ve seen other scam software in this category before, but at least they always try to sound convincing by, first, investing on a good template to convince the unsuspecting reader.

Some very critical sections of this site are broken, and that’s an important thing to take note of. At the very bottom of the page, you will see links to the disclaimer page, privacy, earnings, and contact links.

All of the pages we just mentioned are returning a 404 error, which means they are non-existent. Since this ”autotrading robot” was launched, those pages have never existed anyway.

Now we know that any serious business involving money has those pages set up before anything else. Also, when you click the contact link, your PC takes you to Microsoft’s very own mailing application (Outlook). The question is, why was it so hard to publish their contact information openly like genuine Forex sites do? They are certainly hiding something.

(c) Fake actors

There are two instances where fake actors have been used to market this false ”trading robot”. At least we can recognize two actors who have obviously been paid to scam you.

One of them is a paid actor from a popular site called Fiverr, and it’s by chance that we caught that. She was identified by the name of Davida Carr.

Profits Now App Scam Review

The other actor has been identified as Zarklon. Interesting enough, the links to those photos point to the site Fiverr. But when we tried accessing one of the links, the anti-virus program we were using at the time marked the page as having an invalid certification, hence could not be opened. Here’s the link

The second link also failed the test. This link apparently shows pictures of a person we’re very familiar with (you can access that page when antivirus is deactivated).

Please note: The above point depends on how powerful your PC security is, and with such, your PC or mobile device would let you through if security restrictions were eliminated.

(d) Fake online reviews

This team of likely fraudsters seem desperate to scam you. We’ve come across a few positive reviews that are obviously fake. It’s such a shame that someone will write a few sentences or even a full-length article alleging that they bought into this software and realized success just like it was promised.

Watch out for these desperate reviews from sites that don’t have a reputation either. The creator of this software is after your hard-earned money. So once he wipes out your wallet, he will achieve his goal. It seems obvious to us that the Profit Now Software is very likely a scam.

(e) Important details left out

The Live chat button doesn’t work. That’s another flaw we discovered and failed to raise in our first point.

Besides this, why are there no screen shots showing how Profits Now is working to make the alleged amount of money? If this was true, the owner would have done everything within his means to unleash full evidence of what he’s selling. Screen shots showing the software in action would have been the first thing to show up on YouTube and Google. Apparently, we have not found anything like that concerning the software.

(f)  Cheesy Sales Video (if you can stomach it)



Lastly, where is the reputation of this man called Jonathan Spencer? If he was behind such a profitable Forex robot, he would be trending everywhere on social media and even on Google. Apparently, the only instance where his name appears on Google is when his scam Binary options robot is mentioned. Do not risk your money with this one!

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