Profit Magnet Software Is One of the Most Hated Scams on the Market


Which is one of the most hated pests (aka scams) that are circling the binary options world right now? As the following review states it, Profit Magnet software is one of them. If one does not have any money to spare on nothingness, then the best thing for one to do is to not try the Profit Magnet scam. This system is a complete disaster, replete of fakeness, and a very desperate team, who is promising one the world, when they know that they are lying to the core. Who would want to mess with a team like that? Nobody in their right mind would!

Visiting the Homepage Alone Can Result in a Great Deal of Trouble

If one’s computer is secured with a top-notch anti-virus software, it will warn that the homepage of the Profit Magnet is a risky one to visit. This means that the team behind this forex robot didn’t decide to set a budget aside to protect their visitors, which does not make sense at all, as they are stating that their auto-trading robot can make anyone a lot of money overnight; therefore, they should have a lot of money to undertake this action. With a legitimate binary options robot, one can be assured that the website that introduces it is 100% safe in every aspect. Visiting an unsafe website can put your personal information and computer at risk of the unwanted. Fixing the unwanted issue may cost one a lot of money and time. Nobody has time for that. It is always to play it safe than lament later on.

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Accounts Have Been Wiped out and Locked

Yes, one has the read the above subheading correctly. The group behind the Profit Magnet program has performed the audacious act of wiping out and locking accounts for no apparent reason. Accounts have been wiped out and locked a few hours after members have put the Profit Magnet system to function. These members have yet to receive a response from the Profit Magnet’s team. They are more than likely never going to hear back from them, as this group is hiding behind fake names and fake photos.

Meet Profit Magnet’s Team

On the official Profit Magnet website, one will be able to get a “better feel” of the individuals who back this software. There are photos so that one can take a closer look at these angels sent from heaven, who want to help one succeed in the binary options world, with the aid of their software. There is Aaron Martin, who is the CEO and founder of the Profit Magnet system; there is Jeff Matthews, who is the co-founder. In other words, he is supposedly a patsy for the higher up. There is also Steve Robinson, who is the financial analyst; there is the Mr. Heyer, who is the senior programmer; Helen Palmer is the new member support, and Michael O’Leary has a made up position that nobody in the real world has. He is allegedly the patsy of profit automation.

If you take a close look at the photos, you will notice that those individuals look too model-like . . . that is because they are! Those are photos from Yes, even the founder’s photo comes from this website, as well. This was not a shock whatsoever, because there are a lot of teams of fake programs that are taking the route of using high-quality photos from different platforms, such as that one, in order to convince people that they are going to be dealing with a team that is all about business. They are all about business all right, a business that only revolves around their benefit.

Visit This is the specific link where one will be able to see that the so called “Aaron Martin,” is just a model, a very handsome one if we may add. People who represent bogus programs know that appearance sells, which is the reason why they opt to go to this type of websites in order to obtain photos that could aid them in attracting people into trying out their fraudulent programs.

There was no link whatsoever found between Aaron Martin and the Profit Magnetic program. He is a total fake. There are no social media profiles that go hand in hand with this man, who states that he is an expert in the binary options field. The real founder of this software definitely has a different name.

Purchasing Credibility from Half Real and Half Fake Bloggers

Since the Profit Magnetic Profit is being showered with a grand number of negative reviews from people who foolishly tried it, and therefore, they are now regretting it, the Profit Magnetic group has decided to purchase credibility. If one looks around on different blogs that talk about forex robots, one will notice that there are some bloggers who are giving this system a positive light. They just do not have anything negative to say about it, even if there is a lot of proof that could make anyone come to the conclusion that there isn’t anything positive to say about it. These bloggers are slowly becoming known for being half real and half fake. When there is money on the table, they are able to provide whatever kind of review is requested. Now, when there is no money on the table, since they have to keep on providing content for their visitors, they have to talk honestly about whatever system they come across with. That is why they are half real and half fake.

Make $11.00 into $220.00 USD Every Hour?

This is one of the claims stated on the page of the Profit Magnet program. According to the website, there are 87 new members from different countries who have seen how this happens every hour in their accounts. If that were to be true, why aren’t they endorsing this software? Why are there so many negative reviews? Why is credibility being purchased from low-life bloggers?

Profit Magnet Software: A Worthless Forex Robot with Bought Credibility

As one can conclude from reading this Profit Magnet review, this program is completely worthless. Nobody could get far from trying it; therefore, it and its team deserve to be kicked to the curve . . . now!

For systems that actually work, check our positive signals reviews. And for those to say away from, our scam list will keep you updated.


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