Is Power Profit Platform A Scam? This Review Looks Under the Hood


There is an innumerable amount of auto-trading robots available left and right. Which one is the best option? Is Power Profit Platform a scam or is it for real? That is what a lot of you are asking. To choose a forex robot that is not going to leave you hanging, you have to go the extra mile and adequately conduct your homework. Now, this can definitely be a headache, as you have to look at different aspects, but don’t worry; that is what we are here for—to uncover scams and legit programs by conducting a detailed review on them.

Power Profit Platform Review

Every couple of days, we come across a system that we definitely say to ourselves that we must review, as it is being surrounded by reviews that bombard us with intrigue. The latest system that has made us feel this way is the Power Profit Platform, which is why we opted to review it.

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Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Questionable Founder

According to the official page of the Power Profit Platform system,, the founder is one George Serriton. If you have visited us before, then you are already aware that as soon as we know who the founder of the system that we are reviewing is, we undertake the task to discover if there is a link between that person and the supposed system that he or she created. Unfortunately, there is no link between George Serriton and the Power Profit Platform software or the binary options field. He simply does not exist. This makes the Power Profit Platform even more questionable.

After conducting more digging, we found out that the photo of this so called George Serriton guy is actually a photo taken from a Pinterest account:

Their CEO Photo Was Stolen from Pinterest!

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Now, this man’s name is Cristiano B, not George Serriton.  Cristiano  is more than likely unware that his photo is being used. This is not the first time that we have seen fraudulent teams of binary options robots stealing photos from other sites in order to call them their own. This is definitely a very disgusting act to conduct, but they do not care one bit. They keep on doing it like there is no tomorrow.

Scam Signs In Introductory Video

As soon as you land on the Power Profit Platform’s site, you will be presented with a very sneaky introductory video. In this video, you will notice proof of all the activities that are going on in a PayPal account. It supposedly states all the profit that the Power Profit Platform has been able to make. This is clearly reflecting like a sort of “test” that they undertook in order to show you proof on how well their system functions. That is definitely great, but there is a little issue present . . . there is no broker in the binary options field that works hand in hand with PayPal. Even known scam brokers like EZTrader don’t make such claims. Somebody needs to tell the team behind the Power Profit Platform to wake up from their dream.

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Future Headache Alert

According to this questionable group that represents this program, there are only 24 individuals who can qualify to be members. Oh really? Don’t fall for this! This is a pressure tactic that questionable groups that represent this type of fake systems utilize in order to pressure you to fall for their systems. The idea that only 24 individuals can take advantage of this system is definitely very absurd. Since when is there a limit? Where is the proof? This doesn’t make sense at all. Never fall for an auto-trading robot that uses pressure tactics, as you will only deal with headaches as soon as you opt to join.

Have An Opened Eye At All Times

It is important to highlight that the group representing this system is currently undertaking a massive email marketing campaign. They just been on this month; therefore, they know that the word of them being a total scam is going to be known soon, which is why they are hurrying in order to persuade as many people as possible to try their system. Once you let your wallet loose, they will take your money and run with it. They don’t care what kind of frustration bombards your life due to their tricky ways. We recommend that you be extremely careful as to where you decide to enter your email address, as that website where you enter it might sell or share your email address with a third party. Unless you trust the website or know who the third parties are that they sell and share emails with, we suggest that you be extremely careful and opt to not share it. Why? Well, if the team representing the Power Profit Platform gets a hold of your email address, you might as well know that they are going to bombard your email address with numerous of promotional emails that will pressure you to join their team. They will not stop emailing you until you give in, no matter if you reply with an ‘opt-out request.’ For this reason, be very careful.

Bogus To The Core

It is very clear that the Power Profit Platform is a fraud. Ever since it made its debut this month, nobody has said anything positive about it. It is totally bogus. There just isn’t any other word that describes it better. We recommend that you do not give the Power Profit Platform scam a try. Let it go!

Wait a Minute . . . You Have Us to Your Rescue

Even though this system does not live up to the standards that one should expect from a legitimate system, do not despair! There are still trading robots out there that do work and work well. On our website, you will find a lot of reviews of systems that turned out to be legitimate. We suggest that you read both positive and negative reviews, as you can definitely learn a lot from both of them. For one, you’ll become a smarter individual in this field while deciding which forex robot best meets your preferences.

Remember too that we give you daily updates on the best forex bonus from brokers and so much more news! Bookmark us today.


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