Phoenix Trading Scam: Our Review Give it a Thumbs Down


Have you heard of William Johnston? Allegedly, he is the founder of Phoenix Trading—the latest scam that has hit the binary options arena at Below, you will find the review that was conducted on it which reflects that it is not as special as this William Johnston mentions it to be.

Phoenix Trading Review: Thumbs up or Thumbs Down?

To start off, it was not possible to uncover the truth about William Johnston, as he does not have a LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or any other type of social media account. A very grand percentage of the founder of systems that are real tend to have a social media account. This William Johnston guy doesn’t have one. Of course, just because the founder of a robot doesn’t have a social media account, it doesn’t mean that he or she should be dismissed right away from having credibility status—unless the founder’s name cannot be found anywhere. William Johnston is nowhere to be found. There is no connection between him and this program and the binary options field. It is definitely disappointing every time founders don’t have a reference to their credentials or current work.

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100% Pure Fluff

Just like every other questionable system out there, the homepage of the Phoenix Trading mentions that you can start making thousands of dollars every day. The team behind it goes as far as to provide a guarantee of their very promising statements, but there is no proof whatsoever that backs them. If there is no proof, statements such as this one can be considered fluff.

Hidden Information

There is no mention about the approximate ITM rate that one should expect from utilizing Phoenix Trading. This is an alert that nobody should take lightly. What is the team behind Phoenix Trading trying to hide? The fact that there is no point to state the ITM rate because it is very low and therefore nobody is going to be able to make one penny from using it? There is just no other way to look at this hidden information.

Phoenix Trading – Blasted on YouTube By Many Reviewers


Fake Photos at Your Service

If you opt to navigate the Phoenix Trading website, you will see photos of the beta testers. There are some faces that are easily recognizable, from a mile away, as they are photos that have been utilized by scam artists that represent other programs, like the Aussie Method. It is a huge possibility that the people in these photos are not aware that their image is being used to promote a fraud, but we cannot dismiss this, as there are some individuals who opt to sell their images for a couple of bucks. There are also marketplaces that sell photos, without one having to worry about copyright issues.

Phoenix Trading Is Going Strong . . . Go Figure

Since there are so many negative reviews on the Internet that are bombarding the Phoenix Trading forex robot program, one will figure that the group behind this system will be on the verge of shutting down the website, but it seems that they are not thinking about doing this in the following days. Why? Well, there are undertaking a massive email campaign. Actually, one of our loyal visitors asked us if we could unmask this system, which we agreed to. On the email, this visitor provided a screenshot of the promotional email of the Phoenix Trading that he had received in his inbox a few days ago.

Keep Your Eyes Wide Opened

How was the team behind the Phoenix Trading able to obtain our reader’s email address? Believe it or not, founder of fake systems always go the extra mile to obtain as many emails as they possibly can. They go as far as to buy lists and lists of emails. If you ever come across a website that is telling you enter your email address, if you go and click on their privacy policy before doing so, you might encounter a paragraph that states how your email is used. It might state that it is shared with third parties, and it might even state that it is sold to third parties. What third parties are they referring to? The majority of the times, privacy policies don’t state this information; therefore, one must email the website’s team to find out about this information.

If you tend to enter your email address on websites that slightly talk about the binary options field, you might be at risk of teams like the Phoenix Trading auto-trading robot getting your email address, especially if it is a website that has many affiliate links. These types of websites tend to sell every email address that they get from a visitor to anybody who is willing to pay for it. For this reason, you have to be very careful. If you are not, the team behind the Phoenix Trading and the team behind any other bogus trading robot system might get your email address and send you numerous of promotional emails until you fall for it. There is no ‘opting out’ when it comes to promotional emails from frauds.

There are many things about the Phoenix Trading scam that leave it in a position that does not make it look credible from any angle you decide to look at it. The Phoenix Trading binary options robot is a fake just like any other one of similar structure that is rolling on the binary options field at the moment. There are certainly too many frauds out there; therefore, one has to be extremely careful, as if you are not aware of the pressure tactics that they tend to use in order to get their victims, you might actually become one of their victims.

Say Hello to the Best Options

You have to be aware of all the pressure tactics so that this type of situation never happens to you. Fortunately, our website is here to provide you with reviews on forex robots. On this site, you can become aware of those systems that you should say goodbye to and the ones that you should consider for your portfolio. And as always, don’t forget to bookmark us for our daily updates on forex bonus, rebates and much more!


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