Is The Perfect Profits Trading App a Scam? Our Review Reveals All!


How do you identify a trading robot scam? Well, just take a look at Perfect Profits and their site, as they are a “perfect” example of just such a software con. The Perfect Profits scam has meant that many people have gone on to invest in a auto trading robot program that just doesn’t deliver anything. So, what is this ploy all about?

Perfect Profits is one of those websites which most people will be able to figure out right away that something is fishy about it. However, people who are new to binary options trading, as well as those who aren’t very Internet savvy, may still fall in the trap of this scam. This Perfect Profits review explains why this false money making mechanism should not be trusted by any one at all.

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The Common Scam

The number of scam websites that have profit as the latter part of the domain name has been quite high, especially lately. Perfect Profits is one of them. One of the reasons behind the mushrooming of these sites is to target people who are looking to make easy profits, and who end up using search engines to find such websites.

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No Reviews That You Can See

Perfect Profits has one of the foremost markers of a binary options robot scam – the absence of fair and negative reviews. When you look for reviews on any product, websites included, you tend to find both positive and negative reviews. Maybe the positives outnumber the negatives, but if you look for the reviews of a service or website and you only find positive recommendations without proper criticism and that too on multiple blogs – it becomes clear that the forcefully positive reviews are false and have been put there by Perfect Profits.

This is because companies these days are aware that people tend to do a very basic check on any place they want to invest in, by searching for it on a search engine. And their glowing reviews tend to paint a rosy picture and end up luring innocent people out of their money.

Review Of The Website

The website has a video as the main attraction. Now, if a website is making wild claims such as making you rich in just a matter of a few days, it should at least give some explanation as to how it proceeds to do this. No real narrative is presented that sounds convincing at all.  In fact, their video just reeks of common exaggerated marketing claims.

Don’t fall for this pitch. It has no substance!


The Database Builder 

Now, most websites ask you for your name and email address. It helps them to increase their customer mailing list, where they can mail you in future with their new offers. So, that’s nothing new right? Well, problem is that auto trading robot scams like this one also use your mail address to entice you to never seen before amazing deals. And when you do buy it, you lose out on your money.

Right under the video there is a field that urges you to enter your name and your e-mail address. Perfect Profits has been indulging in ferocious e-mail marketing. A lot of people might have received e-mails about the software, urging them to join and earn unlimited money within just a matter of a few days. So if you do end up giving out your e-mail address on the form below the video on the website, you might be flooded by spam day in and day out. It is best not to fill out your contact information as such.


One of the classic ways to entice visitors to buy in a product is to ensure that they make a spontaneous decision without evaluating the pros and cons. While you may be an experienced internet user and know that timers as such do not exist most of the time, those who do not browse the internet as frequently can easily fall into the trap.

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There is a timer running underneath the e-mail and name fields. It warns you that if you do not take advantage of the offer in around 32 minutes, the offer ends. It is a flashing countdown timer that urges you to hurry up. Now the question is about its authenticity. If you refresh your browser, you will see this countdown begin every time you visit the website and is obviously a scam to force people to give their contact information quickly.

Where Do You Contact?

Remember that even the pencil you buy has the name of its manufacturer and where you can contact them? Nobody does business without a place of address or even a mail, right? This is one of the major giveaways.

Another point that raises concern is how there is no mention of proper contact information on the Perfect Profits website. A very small ‘Got a question? Contact us’ link is hidden at the bottom. An honest website would link you to their mailing address and their phone number at the very least. This website just opens up your e-mail with their support e-mail in the send to field. This again raises suspicions. Why would they want to hide where they are based if all their operations are above board?

Final Verdict

Binary trading robot scams are on the rise. There are forex robots con jobs like Perfect Profits that are out to get innocent people. However, this does not mean that binary trading in itself is not a good investment. There are several trading robots out there that are actually reputable and can get you decent returns.

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Bookmark our website for the latest scam reviews as well as  positive reviews on binary robots. We investigate and give you all the pertinent details!


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