Vomma Trading No-Deposit Bonus $600 Offer

Vomma.org is offering $600 USD No deposit bonus for clients, Profits can be withdrawn

Vomma Trading No-deposit Bonus Details

Bonus dates: Ended

Bonus Amount: 600 Usd

Available to: New clients

How to get the Vomma.org No deposit Bonus 600 USD

1 – To get the bonus Open an Account here: Vomma Trading No deposit Bonus Account

Bonus Terms and Conditions

  1. The amount of no-deposit bonus is $600.
  2. No-deposit bonus is given to each client only 1 time.
  3. Usual response time to the request is no more than two business hours.
  4. Bonus is credited to “Balance” column for 2 weeks with the comment “Credit In: No-Deposit Bonus”, bonus is debited with the comment “Credit Out: No-Deposit Bonus”.
  5. Funds are available for withdrawal only after debiting of the bonus.
  6. Profit withdrawal is only available after funding of your account (that is non-participation this promotion) for the profit amount and making at least 5 trades.
  7. Trading is allowed only with trading volume of 0.16 lots, and only 1 trading position can be in the market at the moment (several pending orders allowed).
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  1. fart says

    yes , this is a deposit bonus but as i can see the terms , you have to trade only 5 trades to withdraw the profit from this offer, after deposit of course. other brokers have more restricted bonus programs for example 1$ of bonus/ per 1 lot traded..

  2. Lord Limpo says

    Is it real ?…. 600 dollars ? is it not jxt a scam ? No wonder Sam says he couldnt even log into his account. If its real, somebody should let us know………… shalom

  3. Eric says


    They are wicked and Conny. it is actually 1$ bonus.(100cents) not 100$. Any profit earn translate to cent in cabinet. My balance is $155 but cabinet profit says $1.57.

    To reach 100$ profit in cabinet means you might get to 100,000$ in. their mt4
    terminal first

    High brains rogue using poor traders to populate the internet with spam

    spam and scammers plus thieves. I wasted my energy thinking I have made decent profit. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. THEY MAKE IT LOOK LIKE DOLLARS INSTEAD OF CENTS

    Wicked & merciless world

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