The FX Player No Deposit Forex Bonus ; $100 New Accounts

Join TheFX Player and get $100 no deposit bonus on registration. Trade the real markets for free. All you profit is yours. Meet the 50 lots* requirement and withdraw all you profits.

TheFX Player  No Deposit Forex Bonus : Details

Bonus Period : Expired

Available to : New Accounts

Joining link : TheFX Player  No Deposit Forex Bonus

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Deposit Bonus from TheFX Player 

TheFX Player  is offering all clients a 100% bonus on first deposits. Make your first deposit and have it met with a FREE 100% bonus!

New or existing accounts who enroll in the Bonus Program and make thier first deposit will receive a deposit bonus up to $10,000!

The more you deposit, the more bonus funds you will receive. Trading requirements do apply. Max loss of the account is the initial first deposit.

Referral Bonus – TheFX Player 

Give your username to a friend and get $100 referral bonus. You will need to meet an additional 50 lots* requirement to withdraw all you profits.

Terms and Conditions of the TheFX Player Bonuses

  1. 1 lot shall be equal to: 100,000 of trading units; or 100,000 notional amount; or 1 industry standard lot or 10 mini lots on MetaTrader 4.
  2. Promotion is for Forex trading only. Round Turn Requirements are calculated ONLY on Forex Products, no CFDs on Futures, Commodities or Equities.
  3. Any Deposit that exceeds $10,000 USD will be credited only with a Bonus amount totaling $10,000 USD and any internal transfer from accounts shall not be considered as a deposit for Promotion purposes.

Bonus and Terms Source :

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  1. Thomas says

    you should really test their services before posting it on your site.
    I tried to trade with them. They gave me access to their web based platform only, no MT.

    This platform is crap. Always offline due to some mysterious updates. If you want to place a trade you cannot do so. The platform itself is maybe the worst I’ve seen ever. You cannot even see how many pips your gaining or losing. Their support is non existent, never got any reply at all. I guess the same will happen if your are trying to withdrwaw.
    Just a waste of time.

  2. Regine Thomas says

    I can only confirm the previous posting. An almost never accessable site, the layout is absolutely mickey mouse for any serious trader. When the euro, gold and oil shot up this afternoon after the Fed decision the website was broke ( for updating data reasons!!!) and you couldn’t close your winning positions. Most likely a spammer.

  3. says

    Hi All,

    Please be patience, we are updating the platform. It is still in BETA.

    Can you please contact us for requests and use our FAQ for solutions.

    We are sorry for inconvenience. We were only able to support a limited number of users.

    You can now try again.

    Thank you

  4. Markus says

    I can only agree, the platform is a total CRAP……….
    IT is not even possible to log in. No answer on mails only
    excuses that’s a beta version and they are working on it and so on……
    How can you go online with a beta version of a trading platform?
    It’s really a waist of time.

  5. Krishna says

    I Have started trading with FX player. They are working on the platform. I believe its currently difficult to use. But I could enter trades. They seem to be promising


  6. Thomas says

    Still the same issue, platform crap as it was.

    If they’re working on it, sorry but I honestly don’t care.

    If you’re offering a product and it’s working so badly sorry but then its totally useless.

  7. Markus says

    Till now nothing changed……..No email,reply, not possible to log in most of the time,
    if you were lucky to open a trade-not possible to close it when you’re in profit……..
    I’m doing this business for nearly 12 years but that’s the funniest thing I ‘ve ever

  8. vyellna says

    50 lot = 5 000 000 units. Leverage 1:50 only. So I only can open 5 position on time. I really hope someone will write their review here if this Bonus very valid and profit can be withdrawal. I just sent an email to ask more detail about the withdrawal process and hoping that they will reply me back. Also last week. My stop loss not active even the price go lower about 30 pips from my stop loss. Lucky Price goes up during the news do the entry survive. If not I will loss more.

  9. benji says

    they have a very very poor customer care channel. never online i.e always offline. when you sent them a message it takes days to respond.

  10. says

    i am a trader of Fxplayer, but there are no withdraw option not any structure for withdraw this is a very very Confusing situation and not conform trading. i step to step thinking for withdraw, therfor here is no option for withdraw, thus how will i can do withdraw after profit?

  11. says

    i full search about Fxplayer registration and Licence No: but i cannot found. you can provied us your registration No: and countery and Licence No: if you have? pls release the answer.

  12. huseyinaberdem says

    I have a bonus mode account. I have traded 50 lots to get bonus that i won but FXPLAYER Ltd. does not give me it. FXPLAYER Ltd. gets money but never pays anybody. in my opinion, the fxplayer may be a fake company or a cheat company. Be careful!

  13. Peter megsh says

    I have made 1000 us profits from the 100 us bonus but only traded 9 lots. I now want to fulfil lot requirement and see if my withdrawal will be accepted.

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