Super Forex No Deposit Bonus of 100 USD Offered


Super Forex is an international broker and it always believes in offering superior trading experience to clients.  It is licensed by IFSC and always comes with best promotion offers for clients. 100 USD No deposit bonus is attracting many clients towards Super Forex as it is one of the best bonus programs. The other bonus programs which Super Forex is running are 60% Energy bonus, 120% Hot bonus etc. Know everything related to the No deposit bonus program of Super Forex and make the best use of it.

Super Forex allows traders to trade in 300 currency pairs and there are 34 contracts for difference (CFD). Super Forex is superior in every aspect as there are no hidden costs and the service is always of superior quality. It accepts payment by different payment systems which includes Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, Bank Wire etc. 24/7 live support team always answers to queries as well as solve doubts related to any bonus program.

This bonus program by Super Forex is only for its new clients. If you’re an old client, then you need to have a look at some of the other best offers of Super Forex. There is even a special Friends and Family bonus program which it is running for traders.

##########   UPDATE   ##########

Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Super Forex 100 USD Bonus Details

Just open a trading account with Super Forex and you’ll get eligible for the 100 USD bonus from Super Forex. This bonus program is only for new clients and no deposit is required for getting this bonus.

Opening of a live trading account is important as well as its verification need to be completed for getting the bonus.

Clients will be able to find the ‘Get No Deposit Bonus’ button in the Clients Cabinet section.

Every new trader is eligible to get bonus for one time only from Super Forex as this bonus is to give a good experience by trading with this broker.

Super Forex broker

How to Claim Special No Deposit Bonus from Super Forex?

Here are the steps that you need to follow for getting 100 USD bonus from Super Forex.

  1. The first thing that you have to do is that you need to make a real trading account immediately as the offer period may end at any time. Remember that you need to click ‘Open Real Account’ at the main page of the website for opening an account and you can open account in any currency which includes USD and EUR.
  2. Verify your account as it is the second important step to get 100 USD No deposit bonus from Super Forex. Important identity document like passport needs to be submitted and the account will get verified within 48 hours.
  3. You’ll have to apply for the bonus as then only your account will get credited with 100 USD bonus.

Terms and Conditions related to Bonus of Super Forex

  1. A new trader can get this bonus for one time only and opening of 2 accounts is not allowed.
  2. You can’t combine the 100 USD bonus program of Super Forex with any other bonuses like 60% Energy bonus, 120% Hot bonus etc.
  3. Profit made using the bonus amount can be withdrawn anytime as the main purpose of Super Forex is to allow traders to do risk-free trading.
  4. Any abusive activity or any activity done to get 100 USD bonus more than once will lead to cancellation of bonus amount as well as your account may get deleted.

Super Forex’s 100 USD No deposit bonus program is definitely an exclusive bonus program which may not be available always. 100 USD bonus is giving the opportunity to traders to make profit and that too without any tension of losing their investment. Traders looking to trade for long term with Super Forex should also check out SuperForex Membership Club exclusive offers.

Super Forex Broker Bonus

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  1. saif says

    Very bad and liar . i got just 40 $ not 100$ and i made profite but all withdraw is pending from 3 days ago by skrill and they are writing in website it is one business day . and support their is not good . i dont like it at all.

  2. samar says

    i received bonus 25$ no deposit and i made 42$ profit, when i go for withdraw, just 20usd was available for withdraw and then i make the withdraw request but did not received yet, waiting for withdrawal.

  3. Qasir says

    They did not give you the profit which you made over no deposit bonus so do not waste your time with superforex no deposit bonus and superforex is the Affiliated with INSTAFOREX

  4. faker34 says

    a story about no deposit bonus from SUPER FOREX broker
    not terribly competent company. about a week after the registration was verified account on the chart there for some new candles (see the weekly USD / CHF) after the deposit has been issued doubled output to WebMoney. Two weeks, they checked the account (so said support) then made a failure and reset the account.
    correspondence with the support of:
    Hello, I have a request for withdrawal is rejected status. Can I know the reason, and if I can withdraw money in another way
    SuperForex Customer Support joined the chat
    SuperForex Customer Support
    Hello, how can we help you?
    Hello, I have a request for withdrawal is rejected status. Can I know the reason, and if I can withdraw money in another way
    SuperForex Customer Support
    Please provide your account number so we can check it
    SuperForex Customer Support
    Your profit was abolished in accordance with the SuperForex Ltd No Deposit Bonus Agreement № 9
    9. SuperForex reserves the right to cancel the No Deposit Bonus without any prior notice to its customers. Therefore we strongly recommend that customers should not use the bonus funds in calculation of profit in their trading strategy.
    clear thanks bye

  5. GOT SCAMMED says


    Live Support
    Ask us anything
    Chat started
    You — Please update your info
    SuperForex Customer Support joined the chat
    SuperForex Customer Support
    Hello, how can we help you ?
    You — Please update your info
    110444 Withdraw Bitcoin 80.73000 05-02-2016 12:42:54 Rejected 60514
    SuperForex Customer Support
    Please provide your account number so we can check it
    You — Please update your info
    please fast
    SuperForex Customer Support
    Your profit was abolished in accordance with the SuperForex Ltd No Deposit Bonus Agreement ? 9
    You — Please update your info
    I made a profit and asked for withdrawal
    I followed the terms and conditions
    I accepted that you would get 20% of my profit
    what now`+
    will I not get paid!!!?
    SuperForex Customer Support
    Your profit was abolished in accordance with the SuperForex Ltd No Deposit Bonus Agreement ? 9
    You — Please update your info
    I did follow the terms and agreement
    you are the biggest scammers ever
    I trusted you in the beginning
    SuperForex Customer Support left the chat
    Rate This Chat

  6. Jakson says

    Também não me pagaram até hoje. Já se passou uma semana. Fiz 216 USD de lucro e disseram que me pagaram 40 USD. Nada até hoje

  7. Frederico Cordeiro says

    Live support isn’t live 24/7, maybe 8h during the week, so 8/5
    Support stop talking when they don’t like something, or have something to hide
    Metatrader Server is slow…

    Withdrawing as far as I concern is impossible, always give the same excuse: “it hasn’t been processed by now, this means the financial officers have either found something suspicious and are investigating it, or have too many requests to process right now. We cannot give you any other approximation.”

    The new excuse of the day is that I have a negative balance… Before withdraw I close all my positions, I made a withdrawal inferior to my balance and I don’t get the money but also have negative balance… LOL what a joke!

  8. beauty momoh says

    i want to thank super forex for this great opportunity to trade forex without risking my own money.
    free $100 from superforex is actuall for real.

  9. Homer says

    Tested this broker last week and had no deposit bonus 100$. Today I withdrew my profit and had money my visa card. so i dont know about what problems you talking about.

  10. fx guru says

    Complete SCAM – whatever profit you do – you can’t withdraw! Double standards – on the first page: The profit from the No Deposit Bonus can be withdrawn – we, at SuperForex, are committed to providing our traders with improved, risk-free chances of making profit with us.

    On the internal page:

    Withdrawals and bonus cancellation: The profit over the No Deposit Bonus can be withdrawn only after all buy or sell trades are completed. Profit is allowed for withdrawal to completely verified accounts only.

    The profit derived from the No Deposit Bonus can be withdrawn, provided that it exceeds 20% of the amount of the bonus awarded. Any amount of profit that exceeds 20% of the bonus value may be withdrawn. The No Deposit bonus and the remaining profit over it are cancelled upon the withdrawal of funds from the account. The maximum amount for withdrawal cannot exceed the amount of the bonus.

    SuperForex reserves the right to cancel the No Deposit Bonus without any prior notice to its customers. Therefore we strongly recommend that customers should not use the bonus funds in calculation of profit in their trading strategy.

    When you try to withdraw whatever amount – you can’t buttons simply doesn’t work …..

  11. Traderonline says

    I dont know whats problems do you guys have with this broker but i got my no deposit bonus without delays.. My account was verifiy following day and immediately credited with the bonus. i had a lot of problems with other brokers but not with one. Can say that superforex offer one of the best conditions for no deposit bonus.

  12. Cargon55 says

    I like their affiliate program. As for me the program is very different possibilities. They gave me a site for advertising, excellent support.

  13. Boooker12 says

    I am trading with this broker more than a year and I cannot say anything bad about it. I started with no deposit bonus and then made a withdraw my money

  14. Moonders says

    I trade approximately 1 year with that broker. First I was angry because they cancelled my profit due to violation of rules but i continued to trade and I’m not regret. I’ve already withdrawn more and trying to be more careful with their rules

  15. Wordbook says

    I can’t compare with other brokers. I just don’t need it to try to trade with others because Superforex gets me all possibilities to trade and take profit without any problems. There are many different trade tools and I can choose the best tool with which I can get more. And also bonuses increasing volume of my trades.

  16. baris says

    This bonus has been removed. but they say that after we verify your account. Do you think it safe to do so. I do not think so

  17. Tomato says

    Actually they don’t offer no deposit 100$ bonus anymore but that’s a good broker. I got Welcome bonus and I satisfied. Everything works good and I can to withdraw my profit ok

  18. Lerko says

    i’m trading with them for 2 years, good broker. I’ve never had troubles with them, so i don’t know wt are u talking about.

  19. BobaFet says

    Trading with this broker for a long time. I had only one prob with them – payment delay, but in the end i’ve got my money

  20. Jingle says

    i adore this broker i’ve got all that i wish from them:
    Free education
    no deposit
    and friend invitation bonus
    So i started to trade for free.

  21. Aqon says

    I’ve got no deposiit bonus, despite the fact of hard verification, and now i successfully trade with it. Also i’m using their 60 energy bonus.
    Trading forex for 2 years.

  22. Brath says

    Good broker
    trading with it for a long time
    They have fantastic bonus program, but don’t have mobile app
    I had onle 1 payment delay with this broker, but even than i’ve got my money

  23. heat says

    I’ve got this bonus, but now it’s only 25$. Anyway, it’s better than nothing, so i’m traded with it, few days later i decided towithdraw it, it also took time, but finally i’ve got my money

  24. Tommy says

    Trading with them several monthes
    Can’t tell nothing bad about them, typical broker with standart no deposit
    If you don’t violate the rules – you’ll get bonus
    so 6/10

  25. Weaver says

    I tested different brokers and finally chose this one. I liked their bonus programs, useful personal account and many different ways to withdraw or replenish money. Also good support who helped me to configure my account and to choose the best bonus for me.

  26. Bobo says

    Good broker
    started to trade with them several monthes ago from no deposit bonus.
    Still trading without any problem, so it works good

  27. lewkin says

    normal ne
    I started to trade with them cuz of bonuses, they really of bonuses, but their laggy mt4 compensate it. So if u like bonuses that’s the place for u, if u like comfortable mobile trading u should look for smth better

  28. Carrot says

    I have already trade with this broker for a long time. 2 years. I were too busy to make some comments somewhere before because I’m trading normally whole day with Superforex. I know there are many brokers in the world but I think they’re not able to offer something better. So I’m not going to change this broker while it works and let me to earn profit. Recommend.

  29. Raji says

    Usual broker.
    They offer a lot of bonuses, but have standert services, they don’t offer you something unusual and great. Standart support and no deposit,normal withdraw system, so if you want to get standart services with some exotic bonuses – that’s a good broker

  30. Teleman says

    I started with a demo account. I checked all trading conditions and order execution.
    In general, that a good broker, I make a deposit of $ 300 and received another 360$ with 120% hot bonus

  31. Ontario says

    Good one
    Trading for a year, total profit 2000$, i made several withdraws for a 200, 400 $, everytime i didn’t have any troubles with withdrawal systems, i always get money in time.
    Also i can say that their bonuses are great

  32. Jakarta says

    Good broker
    i started to trade with them from no deposit bonus. then i made a deposit of 30$ and started to trade with other bonuses, i successfully made a withdrawal twice( total amount of 400$) So i can’t tell nothing bad about this broker.

  33. Jando says

    Good broker
    Trading with them for a long time. No problems committed. Trading without mobile app is a bit uncomfortable, but it’s not a big problem. I withdrew my money 4 or 5 times, as usual it takes up to 3 days.

  34. Lemon says

    Tested their bonuses last month
    I successfully received their no deposit and traded with it for a month, last week i decided to withdraw it at my visa card. It took 3 days, but finally i’ve got my money

  35. Vampire says

    Good broker
    Trading with them since 2014. At first they worked slowly and didn’t have so much bonuses. But now it’s ok. Now their support works good and they offer huge amount of bonuses and made withdrawal system faster, now it’s much faster than it was in 2014

  36. Bri says

    Hello there
    I’m trading with this broker for a long time. I started from no deposit bonus, when bonus was off, i decided to try on other bonuses,now i’m trading with 60% energy bonus. Their bonus program is great, but trading platform is a bit laggy. Sometimes they have troubles with mt4 client, but withdrawal system and support works good.
    I rate 7/10

  37. Snake says

    Hello there
    I started to trade with this broker for a year ago from no deposit bonus. I decided to try this broker because of great bonuses. So i made a request and got my money in a week. For a month of trading i was able to withdraw money, but i decided to continue trading and make more profit. Finally, when i reached 300$ i decided to withdraw my money, and made a request, several days later i’ve got my money. I continue to trade with this broker and hope that they’ll make a mobile app

  38. Kangoo says

    Hi all
    i want to tell you about my experience with this broker.
    I started to trade with them several months ago, it seems in july. i made a request for no deposit bonus and after verification i’ve got it. After trading lots i was able to withdraw it, it took about 2 weeks for me. Than i made another request for withdrawal and 2 days later i’ve got my money. So at first i’ve got 25$ without any funds, now i’m trying to trade on this money, i opened new acc and started to use their 60% energy bonus. SO let’s see if it’ll be possible to withdraw more money

  39. Bio says

    Hi all
    i traded with them, so so broker. They cancelled several my deals, because of rules violation, i wrote to support, some of them they recovered. So i decided not to make new deposits and to trade with balance. I was really surprised when i decided to make a withdraw and get my money.
    So i can’t tell that it’s really good broker, because sometimes they make cancellations, but anyway i always withdraw my money

  40. said says

    Wt the hell, they don’t offer 100$ no deposit bonus no more. It’s only 25$ now. I made a requset and hoped to get 100$ no deposit. But i’ve got only 25$. I decided so ok, let’s see if it’s tradable, and i was really surprised when i was able to trade. So i decided to take this money off, and after few weeks i made a request and get my money. So they offer no deposit, BUT IT’S ONLY 25$, YOU CAN TRADE ON IT AND WITHDRAW, but IT’S NOT A 100$ NO DEPOSIT

  41. StarFighter says

    Normal one broker. Started to trade with them from a no deposit bonus 2 months ago. the verified my docs for a several days and than i got my bonus, the same story with withdrawal system. But it works and it’s all i need.

  42. Lacrima says

    One of the best brokers on market/ I started to trade from no deposit. When i’ve got my money, i made a deposit with 60% energy bonus and got more money 40$ instead of 25. So i continued to trade and after making a profit of 100$ a made a withdrawal and than a deposit again.
    I don’t know why it works, but it’s really funny, i can always make more profit without any additional funds. I hope they wouldn’t fix it

  43. pop says

    Trading with them for a year. Decided to try with them and didn’t miss. They offer really good bonuses, that’s why i chose them. At first i was trading on no deposit bonus, but now i’m trading on my own, that i’ve made thx to ndb. Their withdrawal system works good, no poblems commited, i’ve got a total income of 200$ and totaly satisfied with this broker

  44. Jerry says

    I started to trade with them half a year ago
    Normal broker, they gave me no deposit bonus and i started to trade. They canceled some my deals. I made a request to their support, but they didn’t give my profit back because i violated their rules. But they gave me my deposit, so i continued to trade. Finally i’ve got my profit and money. I tried on other brokers before, and didn’t even get my deposit back. But i still don’t know if there is any sense to continue trading with them or to find something better

  45. Inferno says

    Hi all
    I trade with this broker for a half a year. I started from their no deposit bonus, because they had bad reputation on several broker-review sites and i didn’t want to risk. I traded for a several weeks in order to withdraw bonus. After i got it i made a deposit of it’s sum and continue to trade. I changed my opinion about them, when i’ve got my withdrawal of 120$. It’s normal broker

  46. lolyPop says

    I made a request to open account. They verified my docs in 1 day. After then i made a deposit of 20$ and started to trade. Their mt4 client is a bit laggy sometimes and they don’t have mobile app it’s a disadvantage for me, but i amde some profit and last week decided to withdraw it. I expected to see laggy withdraw system, but i was really surprised when i got mu money.

  47. OP says

    I ‘m interested in SuperForex because of bonuses offered quite surprised me. I couldn’t believe the promotion was given. I think Even the requirement given is also very easy and detail, such as a list of live accounts, the contents of the account and filed a bonus. So I’m sure the trader can instantly get the bonus. despite the offer attracted me, I still want to think of joining. So that I am more convinced joined SuperForex

  48. wolf says

    I tried a lot of brokers
    This one isn’t exceptions. they provide good support and bonuses. I really enjoyed to trade with their 120% hot bonus. Support and withdrawal system works good. There weren’t any delay for a period of 3 months. Sometimes terminal was laggy, but at all it worked good

  49. monaco says

    Standard broker
    I traded with them for a month. I made a deposit in order to check how they work. Mostly their mt platform and withdrawal system. My money was credited immediately, but when i tried to make a withdrawal – there was 2 days delay.
    As for mt client – it wasn’t good enough – sometimes there were lags. Totally i can rate this broker as standart with it’s own features and standart bugs.

  50. Indigo says

    One of the best
    I started from no deposit bonus, after i made a withdrawal and added a bit money in order to activate 120% bonus. I made a deposit and got more than twice more money on my acc. Now i’m trading on it and don’t have any troubles.
    Their payment systems works good, as usual i withdraw my money by Skrill and never had any troubles.
    Strikly recommended

  51. Terry says

    I tested this broker last month.
    I made a deposit of $10 and got additional funds thx to 60% energy bonus. It works good and i received 16 usd on my acc. Than i made several orders and several short trades. They canceled one order cuz it was too short, less than 180 secs, but they give me my money back. So at the end i decided to make a withdrawal of my profit. I was waiting for 2 days, but finally i’ve got it
    So i can recommend this broker.

  52. JellyPIP says

    i just started to trade with them.
    My first impressions are very different. From the one side they offer good bonuses, it’s easy to get them and to contact with support. From the other side it’s quite hard to trade with them, they have a laggy mt4, sometimes it’s really difficult to find info on their web-site, trading with them isn’t flexible, cuz they don’t have mobile app.

  53. Stockrant says

    good broker
    I started from 50$ and 60% energy bonus and now i have more than 300 usd on my trading acc. Woohoo thx to elections in USA

  54. pipputih says

    finally i can make a review about this broker.
    Somebody talks that it’s terrible, other says it’s one of the best, i will say – the are both right.
    It’s one of the best brokers for newbies, because they offer a lot of bonuses and no deposit bonus.
    But the same time it’s not flexible to trade with them.
    No mobile app, no mt4, mt4 is laggy, support on weekends works very slow/
    It’s all about SuperForex.
    But i can’t say that they are scam. I made a deposit and i’ve got my profit so it works.

  55. John says

    The SuperForex broker works well with fast order execution and tight spreads. I have not had problems with the withdrawal of money, it received on the account for a few hours. I was happy with everything.

  56. Dicky says

    I`ve chose the SuperForex not casually, before this I found all information about this company. They do not require large investments of money, as a minimum deposit is 1$. I trading in positive for almost a year. Among the tools i select only pairs, mostly – the EUR/USD.

  57. Ahmed says

    I really like SuperForex. I was taught how to trade. I am trying to implement everything now. Good tech support and management, I am happy

  58. Warko says

    I tested different brokers and finally chose this one. I liked their bonus programs, useful personal account and many different ways to withdraw or replenish money. Also good support who helped me to configure my account and to choose the best bonus for me.

  59. Val says

    Normal broker. Recharge account, and withdrew money, usually it is $ 100 without problems. Opening and closing orders almost instantly. The only problem that I have encountered, terminal sometimes didn`t work correctly. I don`t have any complaints.

  60. Wladislaw says

    I began trading with Superforex a few months ago, after the documentation verification I started trading with this broker. The withdrawal takes a bit time; e-mail response is fast enough, update in trading tools at regular intervals make the trading fast.

  61. Mark says

    A good broker. The terminal is working fine, the order is executed, no brakes. Suitable for those who know how to trade, but also for beginners will not be very difficult to understand. Minimum deposit is $ 1 and it is also good.

  62. Martin says

    The best broker as for me. Even other brokers claims about bigger bonuses only SuperForex get you real bonus while other only claim it. Execution is fast. I got profit using 120% bonus during last 3 months.

  63. Oleg says

    SuperForex is the best for me. I have been using them since 2015, their platform accepts my trading systems and that is good, i dropped my job and went into full time trading, they are very good. ever sice trading with them has been sweet. trade today withdraw tomoorow. very fast.

  64. Dimitar says

    It is normal broker, really better than the last one, which I traded. I like to trade, support works fine, correctly and consistently with the withdrowal is no problem. What else is needed? I co-operate 6-7 months and like everything. The main thing, I have not yet let and perfectly performs its own work, the withdrowal instantly. I hope the same will also be excellent.

  65. Joachim says

    SuperForex is one the best forex broker which I have traded before. Because I noticed that this broker is very professional with fast execution, stable trading platform. I am able to trade smoothly with all my trading orders executed instantly without any frustrating quotes happening.

  66. Milos says

    I have traded from several brokers for 6 months, finally stopped at this company, they have never had the problems with the conclusions, excellent support, there are some features – too wide spread for some pairs and periodic requotes, but I not a scalper, so for me it’s quite acceptable, yes, and the identity market, ideal conditions do not exist. If you choose a broker to trade, I would recommend this company with a good reputation, as if to play a couple of dollars hunting, it is possible and easier to find someone else.

  67. Tomislav says

    I am very satisfied with services of Superforex offers. Trading Point is really good especially for newcomers for mini and micro accounts. Great customer support.

  68. Mamnoon says

    Forex trading is always a very risky market. then you make a withdrawal request, receive the payment in the same day , its very happy to see the earnings. in this way ,they give instant payment. its good for traders all over the world . very fast execution , keep it up.

  69. Heinz says

    Very good broker. They have a wide range of services according to the Forex market, they are always improving or innovating their services. I have had an account with them for more than a year and I have made good profits since then. The personal area of each account is very well designed and has everything you need to operate comfortably. The withdrawals of my earnings are quick and I have several ways to do it, as well as the deposits. I at least yes I recommend that they use it.

  70. Linnet says

    I started trading with Superforex half a year ago and since then everything has gone well. I wanted to invest my funds instead of leaving them in the bank, that’s why I started trading with Superforex. With the passage of time you have gained my trust thanks to your excellent communication, your attention to the client and your good account managers, who are always there to help you. They have a very tight spread on the EUR / USD. Another thing I would like to highlight is your advice when deciding which account you should open.

  71. Liviu says

    One of the few brokers that I am personally satisfied with almost everything. Many tools for trading, terminal, support. Everything works well.

  72. Kengyam says

    I see and trade with Superforex and they are not scam broker. They are good, they have good sever and normal spread in news time. In addition, they have nice support, speaking English in telephone, money back. I tell my friend about this broker to open account and stay with this broker.

  73. Ahmedin says

    When I joined superforex I wished I could earn extra money as to support life and family as well. There are many things to consider before getting into forex trading. I have been using Superforex for 10 months and have used demo account for 4 months. To be honest, I have made minimum deposit and earned profit while trading with them. Process of withdrawal was quick without delay. Good job SuperForex.

  74. Bujar says

    Superforex is a very goodl broker, and I have never had any problems with them at the time of accession. I was introduced by one of my friend, who is also a trader Superforex. In the beginning, I opened an account and made a deposit of $ 200. Then, I made a profit, and withdraw it.Trade with them for 1 year, I’m learning to manage risk occurred in forex, so I know how to manage money and get the right way to make a profit. Therefore, my fund grows to $ 1500 at the moment, it’s awesome. In addition, the broker always improving the technology and service that serves to traders. There has never been any problems that arise. I also enjoyed the bonus given Superforex, and they kept their promise to traders. In particular, their customer support is helpful and professional, because they are 24/7 whenever I can contact them. In conclusion, I have a good deal of trade with Superforex, and they are my the best broker among other brokers.

  75. Wolfgang says

    This broker has been presented to me a friend who traded with Superoferx more than 1 year, their trading platform is simply too good for more than 5 months of trading on their platform, I’ve never had any major issue, perform fast with an order that I did. Their support is also helpful, which always helps me when I ask for help. They provide an ideal money as a payment option. The deal quickly on perfect money to your trading account within 1 hour and only with the same conclusion. Spread that they take is competitive, and it is 1.3 points for the major pairs, and still I can make a profit by using their services for $ 250 per month. In general, this is a reliable broker broker.

  76. Alvaro says

    I’m interested Superforex because of the offered bonuses, which I was very surprised. Superforex gives bonuses up to 120%. I could not believe that this is a promotion. I think Superfoerx will lose if you give a bonus to all traders. Even this requirement is also very easy and detailed, for example, a list of live accounts, account content and a bonus. So I’m sure that a trader can instantly get a bonus. Despite the fact that the proposal attracted me, I still want to think about joining. To make me more confident, I joined Superforex

  77. Norodom says

    I found Superforex and decided to check it. I made a request to open an account. They checked my documents for 2 days. After that I made a deposit of $ 50 and started trading. I made a great success and received $ 90 of profit, so I decided to withdraw my money. I made a request last Friday and yesterday I had money. Everything is all right, and I will continue to work with SuperForex.

  78. Meles says

    I like the variety of bonus and competitive programs and services to support the beginner. Their website provides enough information, and their leaders can help. I have a good opinion about SuperForex. I have never encountered any problem related to this. Most of all I like a wide range of bonuses, useful for increasing deposits. You should try it.

  79. Reuven says

    I have very good service with this broker. The withdraw is very fast, especially with VISA. If I have questions for them, their online chat support is very useful and very polite.

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    I did not know too much about the forex until I found Superforex. With them, I learned many basic aspects of trade and was able to build my own strategy and trust myself more. Their client cabinet is really full, I can easily see all the details of my transactions and change leverage, currency and so on. I recommend this broker without hesitation.

  81. Horacio says

    Superforex is my first broker. My friends told me about this broker, so I also decided to try. I was very glad that all my documents were quickly confirmed. Started with a deposit of 15 dollars. All orders were executed quickly, which was very important for me. They also have rather low spreads and a good trading platform. I withdrew the money using Webmoney, they came to my account 2 days after the request was sent. I recommend this broker to everyone.

  82. Abdul-Aziz says

    I think that Superforex has one the best conditions. A steep bonus program, for each replenishment 60% is given. So I did not disappoint. Their conditions are the most optimal, and the execution does not cast doubts on the honesty of the company.

  83. Hassabu says

    Superforex, the most reliable company I’ve ever worked with. The company meets all the standards that I would like to receive when working with a broker.

  84. Rashid says

    I’ve been working with this company for 1 year, it was one of my first brokers. Execution is instantaneous in terminal mt4, the spread is not strongly dilated. Company is honest, so it makes no sense for them to cash in on the fraudulent trending. Traders merge only by their own stupidity or lack of experience. Withdraw money on the card

  85. Agostinho says

    I’ve been trading with this company for a year, there are no complaints, except that sometimes the spreads are too high. I like the large selection of currency pairs and the timely withdrawal of funds. I think this is one of the main criteria of a good broker, and problems and negativity arise most often because of the traders themselves, who lack either experience or knowledge.

  86. Prokopis says

    A reliable broker, conflicts did not arise, there were some questions on my side, and I always received answers from support on time. Also everything is fine with the trading conditions.

  87. Petya says

    Wow, that’s really perfect opportunity for beginners like me. Got their No deposit bonus and started trading without investments. And it’s a true trading, not demo account. If you ever wanted to try forex, I advise you to start with SuperForex.

  88. Alena says

    I started trading on superforex using no deposit bonus to see the track record of this broker. After I take the bonus and I start to trade it turns out for execution of this broker is quite good and when there is a news for spread not too large

  89. Arsyila Romeesa says

    Convenience provided by the broker became the main thing, that’s what I feel from brokers SuperForex. Implementation of trade is very fast, opening or closing the position of the entry has never happened requot. just like their deposit and withdrawal systems. I do not have to wait longer than what they promised. Sometimes, funds are transferred faster actually. I am pretty sure that I will stay with SuperForex very long if such a service continues.

  90. Raihanfx says

    At first I hesitated to want to trade at this broker. For that, I tried it by using the no deposit bonus first. After I try, it turns out this broker is very good too. The execution is fast and no requote is perfect for me who likes to do scalping.
    And I’ve had problems with withdrawal. After I contact customer service, they was very easy to contact and very friendly so my problem was quickly resolved. Therefore I am still trading here

  91. darma says

    this is one of the various bonuses offered by superforex. I am satisfied with the service provided in my region. I do not know what they are talking about this broker. but myself and my partner colleagues have never experienced any problems during trading. profit can always be withdrawn

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    I love this broker and I already trade with superforex is more than 2 years now. I didn’t experiences any difficulties on withdrawal and my request usually processed less than 24 hours. I highly recommended for others to trade with this broker.

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    The varieties of bonus and competitive programs and services to support the beginner that make me love this broker. Their website provides enough information too. I have a nice opinion about SuperForex. I have never encountered any problem related to this. Most of all I like a wide range of bonuses, useful for increasing deposits, and Their customer service is very useful, always fast and courteous. You should try this broker as soon as possible.

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    I think that this is an excellent broker where all traders can invest in the foreign exchange market. I don’t have a bad opinion about SuperForex. About their website is clearly managed well and the design is pretty well too. the sections of the website is really good. I read the analysis and forecasts section every day, and all that they published helps me learn a lot about taking my trading order. They had a responsive customer service too. So, i keep using this broker.

  95. Adi says

    Being a newcomer it was a difficult to begin trading an also choosing the best broker. I just liked SuperForex’s web site, because the sections and the design are pretty good. and I decided to open my first account. I got a good support, interesting analytics and reviews and good information to learn how to trade like “how become a beginer trader”. In a month trading I got my first profit. Until now I like this broker and I think I was lucky with choosing this broker SuperForex

  96. Carolin Fx says

    I think nowadays they have function properly not like the old days, i registered and got the bonus, and can withdraw without problem when make profit.
    Almost all Forex Broker in the beginning probably didnt work well because of new staff etc, But after a while most of them is better. I am happy with Superforex nowadays, Fast customer support , No lag.
    Hopefully they stay like this for a long time, So i dont have to change broker soon . Thx

  97. Diana says

    Superforex is a good broker. I trade in superforex about 5 months or more, there are no complaints, especially since the broker is improving, it’s updated and that’s good. As the cooperation began, well done it is nice. Most pleased with the speed of the withdrawal of money, all is very quickly. I am impressed by the high level of customer support, bonuses, trading conditions and much more. so far, i statisfied with this broker

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