NewForex Broker No deposit Welcome Bonus 50 Usd

NewForex Broker No deposit Welcome Bonus 50 Usd

Bonus Period: – 2016 All Year

Availability: – New Clients

Bonus Amount: – 50 Usd

##########   UPDATE   ##########

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Conditions NewForex Broker No deposit Welcome Bonus 50 Usd

  1. Bonus is offered with the registration of the Customer’s real trading account as one whole service in the frames of the Promotion “Welcome!”;
  2. One Customer can receive only one (real) trading account with the Credit funds (Bonus);
  3. The amount of Bonus in the frames of the present Promotion is 5000 USC (5000 cents);
  4. Bonus is given as a Credit of the (real) trading account;
  5. Profit from trading operations conducted by the Client using Credit funds (Bonus obtained in the frames of the Promotion “Welcome!”) is accrued on the balance of the Customer’s trading account;
  6. The aim of the Credit funds (Bonus) is to provide a Customer with the opportunity to meet the real trading in Forex and the trading conditions of NewForex Group. In the frames of the Promotion “Welcome!” the Client receives funds for trading on the real account to get the first-hand experience of how the trading account changes while Forex trading;
  7. The usage of credit funds for other purposes is considered as improper and can lead to the early termination of the Agreement to participate in the Promotion “Welcome!” (ref. Agreement to participate in the Promotion “Welcome!”);
  8. Profit from the trading only with bonus funds is equated with bonus funds.
  9. The Customer has the right decide whether to deposit the trading account with the received Bonus or not;
  10. If the Customer makes a decision to deposit the trading account, the credit funds can be transferred into Balance of the trading account in the future if certain conditions are met, in particular:
    1. The amount of the first deposit of the Customer’s trading account should be equal or exceed the full amount of funds available on the trading account at the moment of replenishment (including both Credit funds (Bonus) and funds on Balance being the result of the Customer’s profitable trading);
    2. After the replenishment the Customer, within the period specified in the Agreement to participate in the Promotion “Welcome!”, must make the necessary volume of operations (trades) which will allow to withdraw all the funds from Credit into Balance of the trading account. Only transactions made on personal funds but not Bonus funds are accepted for the calculation of the transaction volume.
    3. Fulfilling these conditions the Customer gets the opportunity to manage both Credit funds (Bonus) obtained earlier and personal funds.

If the Client decides to terminate the participation in the Promotion early without fulfilling the conditions of transferring the credit into balance, the agreement is considered as invalid and credit funds should be repayable

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  1. Michal says

    This is misleading and fraudulent.
    you have to deposit the same amount you want to get.
    you have to trade lots=0,07x the amount in order to get it.
    The amount of lots is still calculated only from your “profits”

    So, it´s not a “no deposite bonuse”. It is just like deposit bonus…

    You´ll get $50 as bonus.
    Then you trade and, lets say, you will win another $50.
    In order to fet it, you have to deposite ( $50-bonus + $50 your profits) $100, an to get the bonus and profit money, you have to trade 0,007×10000 cents (accounts are in cents), so that is 700 of the cent-lots. For this calculation are used only your pfofit money ( $50).

    That is some joke, isn´t it? 🙂

    • Bine says

      Hi Michal,
      Thanks for writing this review… was helpful….

      From my point of view, WHEN “CONDITIONS” for anything ARE too COMPLICATED to be understood easily, something is hidden behind them and usually we get f**** at the end, so thank you again for pinpointing it out…

      Good luck Michael

    • Anna Mon says

      All bonus terms are provided on the website. Everything is fair and transparent. According to the conditions of the promotion “Welcome!”, to withdraw bonus and profit received from trading only with bonus funds it is required to transfer credit funds into balance. The transfer of credit funds into balance is performed in 2 steps.The first step — a deposit of the bonus account with the amount not less than the Bonus ($50) plus profit received from trading with bonus funds. The second step is making not less than 50 trades with the total volume, measured in lots. A formula which counts the number of lots you need to trade is bonus + profit x 0.07 = number of lots. For example, your profit is $10. You should count in US cents: 5000 usc (bonus)+1000 usc ($10 profit) = 6000×0.07=420 lots. When the total volume of trades reaches 420 lots, all funds on the bonus account become available for any transactions, including bonus and profit. For details, please, see point 7 of the Agreement. Statistics are available in the PersonalAccount: My accounts – My Bonuses – Promotion “Welcome!” – Detailed. The system starts counting trades and lots as soon as the first minimum required deposit of the bonus account is made.

  2. Jean Hosim says

    Finally opened the account and have tested trade, without complaints. Actually tested a lot of 0.01 lots and scalping, but I do not think that the working volumes will change. Offer many ways of depositing and withdrawal, i use credit card, very useful!

  3. Sagrid Bron says

    We started education from this broker in 2014. The students of our school liked them and their demo. The second generation of forex traders is coming!!! 🙂

  4. Arkadii says

    Account 7100188. Traded more than two months. To apply for withdrawal. NEWFOREX cancel all profit, in violation of its regulations. The forums provided and Steytment and transaction logs, and even recorded on video. Prove anything impossible. On the white is called black, talk like a wall. Since nobody regulated. License for brokerage activity is absent. Bank details and the real names too. Be careful!

    • Anna Mon says

      During the discussion at forexsystems you have admitted that you had not just one or two but “23 trades with the duration less than two minutes”.
      In our regulations it is stated that due to SYSTEMATIC violation of regulations and 23 is systematic, we can discontinue the service on the violator’s account.
      This is exactly what we have done. These sections of regulations were taken into account.
      Having agreed to trade with us, you fully accepted all our terms. And now you are not satisfied that we follow them. Moreover, regarding your situation you received all possible explanations and there is nothing left to add to what was said before.
      We acted decently and the company returned all your funds to the fullest extent in spite of your violation of our regulations and your obligations.

      Best regards,
      NewForex Spokesperson

  5. Anna Mon says

    All bonus terms are provided on the website. According to the conditions of the promotion “Welcome!”, to withdraw bonus and profit received from trading only with bonus funds it is required to transfer credit funds into balance. The transfer of credit funds into balance is performed in 2 steps.The first step — a deposit of the bonus account with the amount not less than the Bonus ($50) plus profit received from trading with bonus funds. The second step is making not less than 50 trades with the total volume, measured in lots. A formula which counts the number of lots you need to trade is bonus + profit x 0.07 = number of lots. For example, your profit is $10. You should count in US cents: 5000 usc (bonus)+1000 usc ($10 profit) = 6000×0.07=420 lots. When the total volume of trades reaches 420 lots, all funds on the bonus account become available for any transactions, including bonus and profit. For details, please, see point 7 of the Agreement. Statistics are available in the PersonalAccount: My accounts – My Bonuses – Promotion “Welcome!” – Detailed. The system starts counting trades and lots as soon as the first minimum required deposit of the bonus account is made.

    • olu says


      Please you guys should improve, try and add online chat to help improve your service. We may need instant information but after we come to your website, we always got discouraged because nothing to hold on to. Also your promo is good for newbies but asking people to deposit before withdrawal to me is not a good marketing strategy. i would have suggested you guys specify certain number of lots required for somebody to trade before withdrawal, with this more customer will coming and if they are getting what they need, they will remain.

      Your DD. YOU REQUOTE ETC. your quotes are not usually correspond with other competitors, i believe this suggestion will improve your marketing strategy. I tried your service it was excellent but my basic findings is what i shared with you here.


      • Anna Mon says

        All NewForex employees are highly competent specialists with large experience in Forex. However, if you were not satisfied with the support of our specialist, we would like you to specify the time, a way of contacting the company and the name of the specialist you communicated with. We care about our clients and constantly work to improve our services including support. Thus, we will examine the situation in detail in the nearest time.

        Best regards,
        NewForex Spokesperson

        • Olu says

          Hello Anna
          Maybe some and not all. I have opened account with other forex brokers, and they assign you an account manager who relate to you to explain better as regard any question you may have at the cause of your trading.

          I find out that since i have been with your company, i never for once receive calls from your end. I send mail, it take 3 to 4 days before reply, even as that the reply is not detailed. For Example i tried to find out is scalping and hedging is allowed in your Cent account?? it take 4 days before responds after i have made deposit and started trading. I have to stop as soon as i receive reply that is not allowed, in which the person that replied me just said No without detailed or link to my question were i can read up regarding your rules and regulation regarding account details.

          I still request you provide me a link here were i can read in detailed rules and regulation regarding your account that includes hedging and scalping, because i never see such in your website.


          • Anna Mon says

            Hello! Please, specify the time, account number and the message theme. We will check the information.

          • olu says

            Not necessary because i have left your company already because of incompetent. I requested were i can read about SCALPING and HEDGING regarding your as regards to your rules and regulations, but you still skip that just to show how committed and competent your company are.

            I expect to see good responds from your ends. Here is my account details (7112567) i have to make everything zero because i am not satisfy with your company inability to respond to message on time.

          • Anna Mon says

            Hello! We sorted out your situation. There were no deposits on your account. You did not trade with us. Thus, you cannot estimate us as a
            broker. Due to the fact that your email was sent from the dubious address, it got into Spam. As a result the answer to it was not received
            immediately. As soon as it was noticed, all the answers to your questions were sent to you.

  6. BIJU says

    Hello Anna Mon, why does server disconnected from Friday evening until now!? no any response from support.Besides,i cant transfer money.From my trading account,A/C 7060500 in to my wallet.
    Showing”system error”.??

    • Anna Mon says

      On our website there was an announcement about routine maintenance on our server from Friday evening (April 8) until Monday morning (April 11). At the moment the server is functioning normally. NewForex company apologizes for inconveniences.

      Best regards,
      NewForex Spokesperson

  7. linda leong says

    I looked for a secure broker long, asked my friends. Finally decided to open some demo-accounts in newforex to test their service. I was really surprised. Orders work on time, terminal has no glitches. Now I have real accounts, I am completely satisfied.

  8. GENJI BORNEO says

    I trade not so lonbg, an easy verification was pleasant surprise, orders act on time. I don’t see any negative points at the moment.

  9. suprapto says

    From my personal experience I know that newforex is a secure broker, they give traders an opportunity to trade and withdraw money that you
    earn honestly.

  10. angelinawati says

    For the first time, I feel this this broker will work same as others brokers. I just accidentally join this broker to get its 50 dollar bonus. When i going to make real live account. both its trading platform and server work precisely and smoth, no requote and all order processed very quick and fast. it makes me interest and killing all my times with this broker to make money

  11. Zazah says

    This broker provides a lot of possibilities for newbies and have excellent tools to help me to trade. It really helps my trading skills and guides you through every step. I am so glad with my results of my trading and congratulation to NewForex for a job well done.

  12. John K. says

    My account is 7666655. I trade with NewForex for the second month.I tried and I like the broker. I withdraw $500-$1000 a month. Usually I
    bear or bull the market. For example, I buy the euro for the yen, wait for the rise of the euro to get sufficient profit from the euro/yen rate and
    then make the reverse operation, sell euros for the yen getting profit on my account. Last week I sold pounds for francs, waited for the
    considerable fall of the pound rate to the franc and then bought pounds back for the francs. I earned $700 profit.

  13. Victor vaxooo says

    I can definitely say that NewForex is good broker. I started with bonus account, now I have two trading accounts, one bonus and another
    normal. They offer low spread, it’s a big advantage, fast execution. These are main things for me.

  14. Samuel Li says

    Five months ago i decided to look for some additional earnings on the Internet, I got interested in Newforex, registered a demo-account there and tried to trade. First no luck, lost everything. Then I decided to study the market, talked to newforex support service, read articles, watched some tutorial video. I deposited $100 , in a month I had $154. Finally after 5 months I got 180$, I think it’s not a bad result in comparison with keeping money in еру bank. The broker is secure, my money is safe and profit is good.

  15. BAKAS SEDAP says

    I’ve joined New Forex relatively recently. But for this few months, I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve attended many webinars. Besides, I got to know how to predict future price movements and analyze the current situation in the market. Now I recommend New Forex to all my friends. Thank you, New Forex.

  16. Valentin S. says

    NewForex is one of five brokers I work with. I don’t have any money matters with them, all payments are done very fast. As for trading conditions newforex is one of the leaders. It’s not a chance that they got an award as the best execution broker in 2015. It’s like this, no slidings, instant opening (closing) of trades, low spread. Wide oportunities of depositing and witdrawal, popular payments systems. I sit well with this broker, they have all the things needed for a trader.

  17. Benjamin says

    I trade on Grade account for a year at NewForex. In fact they have only advantages. First time I didn’t have any profit but that was my problem. I traded successfully for a week, made $400 from $200 but refused from stop-losses and lost everything. Later I noticed market laws and started to use them in practice. Now I pay attention to news in trading, always set stops. I regularly make 40-50%. They don’t hinder from trading, everything is transparent in this company, don’t cheat with quotes, no troubles with withdrawals.

  18. TOTT says

    got to know the company one years ago. I really like InstaForex coaches because they tell simply about mistakes and share their own trading experience.
    May all raise good profit!

    • Anna Mon says

      Hello! Your review has nothing to do with NewForex. Please, don’t confuse visitors of the website.

      Best regards,
      Anna Mon, NewForex spokesperson

  19. Etienne says

    I trade at NewForex for 5 month. My account number is 7897006. I want to say that broker is decent, a month you can get 200-300% profit if you watch cafefuly market and set only one order. I checked it. But if you don’t control yourself, very soon you may lose everything, it happened with me too. If I open 2-3 orders at once, after 1-2 days I lose it. Besides good broker youshould learn yourself and understand how it’s better for you. I always deposit my account via skrill. It’s very profitable as you get 100% for every deposit. On every 1000$ a month I benefit at least only with the bonus. I regularly withdraw and big sums.

  20. Emile says

    I trade around 3 years and with NewForex half a year. From my experience I know that this time isn’t enough to understand if a broker is a bucket shop or you should look for another broker or stay here. When I came to NewForex I understood that this broker won’t let me down. Good trading conditions, no tricks with orders, fast withdrawal. No stops or slidings. I also enjoyed taking part in their competition “Prize for active participation”. I open quite a lot of trade and manage to gain.

  21. arun kumar says

    I’ve been really impressed by New Forex vis-à-vis its customer service. I have a lot of questions as a new trader and client. So I’ve been very pleased.

  22. Ben says

    I saw these reviews about NewForex by chance and decided to write about my experience. I trade with this broker since January. Trade only euro-dollar. Technical analysis helps. I started with 300$, then deposited 500$. In 2 months my balance was 1200$. Of course, I can have losses but any way I have positive balance. Up to now I earned more than 6000$. First time I withdrew 1200. Now I withdraw around 950 bucks a month. With NewForex trading goes smoothly. I didn’t notice anything bad about them, everything is open and transparent. It’s the main point.

  23. says

    The first of my image about this broker is really flat but after join with demo first, it makes me feel different, this broker have speed execution order. Its really fast No Delay, No Requote. Then I trying to make small deposit about $100, then It makes me so impressed and starting to falling in love with this broker. Their REAL ACCOUNT also fast in its EXECUTION. Very great broker

  24. Silsilia says

    I was a new member broker Newforex, I was impressed with the speed of execution. I believe Newforex broker, is a great broker, because the broker was awarded the best execution, ShowFx World 2015

  25. Agus Pambudi says

    Start to apply in newforex and try their no deposit bonus $50. Until now didn’t have any problem with their live account server. Will update next time when I can make withdrawal. From rules that I read we will need to make deposit just same like bonus that we are receive and additional profit that we make. Some friend of mine already making withdrawal from Newforex that why I will try their service also. Wish me luck

  26. Boyzone007 says

    Newforex broker is a broker with very fast execution, and broker like this is a dream for every scalper. With the rapid execution, then reqoute can be minimized, and the trader can enter the forex market smoothly

  27. lilaa com says

    Most reliable broker? Probably. I have only traded with NEW FOREX for one week and this is the first forex broker that I tried simply because of the reviews and forums on this website. One thing I can definitely say is so far so good.

  28. Keisha Melissa says

    I keep several accounts here for the second year, quite successfully, no claims. I escaped from the previous broker, we argued because of withdrawals. All available funds – 700$ I deposited here. Among plus points it’s very easy to open an account in NewForex, no problems with documents like at other companies. They offer many comfortable ways to deposit and not oly with card. Trading conditions are quite good and there’re different options. Low spread. SInce I’m with them I didn’t have any troubles with platform and no questions to trades. I trade accurately, avoid news, always set TP and SL. And get well-deserved 35% every month.

  29. Imelda says

    My friend introduce me about this broker Newforex. I have trade for 8 months now and very satisfied with their bonus and 30% with deposit. I also make over $900 now using their pattern graphic that help me gain more confident.

  30. Gloria says

    I trade in Newforex around 8 months and really like their system and pattern graphic that helps to boost my profits day by day. You can try it too and so easy to use it!

  31. Mason says

    Hello. I work with a Newforex for a 5 months. I can’t say something bad about company, everything is good. The company allows you to trade in good conditions. During trade all goes well, the orders are executed on time and without delay. I used a no deposit bonus 50$, it’s real money and you can use it for trading. Newforex is a good company with convenient service.

  32. Zurah says

    I’m able to gain profit and Withdraw some money from this bonus program. The most important is read their rules and regulation then you will understand how it works. Spread are low and MT4 are easy to access and trade. “Follow the Rules” this is the key.

  33. adulftakesitall says

    it makes no sense to deposit about 500 dollar and to believe they would pay out with the bonus the equal sum,so 1000 dollar.
    i mean,lets play a game,you try to win as much as possible…for instance you win 100 dollar,wow you are very good at this game…hmmm could you also win 500 dollar? are you smart enough?wow wow wow wouw..youve made really won all these,now you have 500 dollar won! do you believe your luck? give me 500 dollar,that i can pay you your 500 winnings and surely your deposit of 500 too!!!

    i think thats the trick mostly trickdealers make at dark corners.hey dont need to make forex for winning money!!!!! just send me 100 dollars,and i send you 200 back! th emore you send ,the more you get back,you know,im your good old friend.after 3 times you send me,you get some pics of busty babes for free.

    • adulftakesitall says

      but if the company has to pay the 50 dollar it is surely a lot of money if they just pay it out.50 dollar x 1 millon players= 50 million dollar,lost in forex.

      50 million dollar lost in forex,thats not casino where nothing is lost for the company.

      lets think that 100.000 players win.they make about 3,5 million dollar profit minus 50 dollar would make 3 million dollar.

      from the 3 million dollar the company made 300k cause of buy and sell differences when opening a trade.

      300 k plus but 50 million dollar minus.

      and now ……… they dont want the 50 dollar,they want equal the sum which is won as deposit…..

      do you understand?this would make 300 million dollar.
      300 million dollar and a put in cash of 50 million dollar.

      if there really was a forex trade,and not just an illusional winning mt4,so they would get 300 mil.from the deposits and 300ml from the users.

      you understand?

      (if not..why not deposit 50 dollar,the initial credit of the company?)

      • adulftakesitall says

        i mean it would be nice if there would be some pics of busty babes with the guys who cash up,or tell us how much they help the black hungry girls in africa with implanting huge tits,but nothing like that ,or such on the page,perhaps they send the pics later to your email account,wow thanks my friend,there is so much bad in the world,but just know you did something very good,

  34. Misneh says

    I join Newforex around 8 months as they offer hedging. The staff are very gentle and kind that always give answer promptly.NewForex consultants always in touch and help to solve my problems during trading. Two thumb up and recommend to everyone.

  35. Sara says

    I trade at newforex for 1 year plus. I withdraw my earned money without any problems and delay. I recommend newforex to my sister and friend. As to dated, I didn’t have any problems with order execution or withdrawals. Try Newforex and you be happy with their performance.

  36. Gabriel says

    I trade with Newforex for 6 months already. My account number is 7117740. I decided to take part in the promotion and got the bonus 50$ on a real trading account. I fulfilled the conditions of bonus. The withdrawal of money to my qiwi wallet took 1 day. I think that Newforex is reliable company. Now I want to open the dollar account and trade on my own funds.

  37. bebehh says

    Number 1 broker in the world , Proud to be the trader of NEW FOREX , reasons are below 1.Excellent customer support , Online 24/7 (you can see their fast response here on this site, reviews by people Below and NEW FOREX response too)

  38. Antony says

    My broker is a Newforex. I trade with this company for a 5 months. I like trading process: everything takes place without problems, the orders are executed correctly, trading terminal works without delay. Last month I earned 1400 dollars, with the withdrawal of funds was no problem, I used skrill, got the money on the wallet in two days. Newforex is reliable company with a good service.

  39. Maryanna says

    I want to talk about NewForex. I trade here for two years. I want to note pluses of the broker. The main in my opinion plus it’s high quality service and attentive support. Also have small spreads, fast response speed of orders, no slippage rates. You can select any type of account. I chose NewStream account 7555548. It is convenient to test trading strategies. Also on this account is protected from losing large sums of money. I started with a minimum Deposit. I earn a bit of money. I trade mostly on news. But I have plus about $ 300 to my family budget.

  40. Darina Darina says

    I trade with a Newforex for a two years. During this time I had not serious problems with company, if there was difficulties, support helped to understand the situation. I trade actively, my account 7054284, to make sure that I’m a real trader. For trading I use a dollar account, on average per month I earn 2000-2600 dollars. Newforex is a good company, very comfortable trading conditions.

  41. torvic says

    I love to trade with NEW FOREX, as they have the best trading platform cTrader, where i am able to trade smoothly with all my trading orders executed instantly without any frustrating quotes happening, so even if i try trading in news like NFP it is successful and also my long term problem of needing to remember the session where i am trading is solved, as it is now written below on the platform which makes it great for me. So i would give them 9/10 marks!

  42. Angelllla says

    I work with a Newforex for two years. I have a good opinion about this company. The company has very good conditions of trading – the correct execution of orders, big variety of leverage, trading terminal works well. This broker allows you to trade without investing big sums in the beginning I just opened a cent account and transferred small sum of money. I also used a no deposit bonus 50 dollars. After some time I opened a dollar account (7073786) and I use it at the moment. Per month I earn 800-900 dollars. To withdraw funds I use the Skrill. Withdrawal is always in time. The company has excellent conditions for customers, it’s important.

  43. Silsilia Indah says

    I am happy to join with Newforex broker for a year, I feel this broker serving the client well with fast execution. In addition there is a $ 50 bonus that we can get in a real account, useful to train our ability, the better

  44. Katrina_Hamelton says

    I trade with NewForex on the account New grade (7112537) for 8 months. the comany provides with awide selection of trading tools (I prefer EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY), minimum spread, high quality and actual analytics, an opportunity to trade using advisors, minimum deposit from $10. There were no problems with this company. Funds withdrawal takes 1-2 days.

  45. Sairah Seniman says

    I trade NewForex for 7 months already. The platform MT4 is very nice and smooth where there is no requote and when you having problem with the MT4, the customer service are always answer me and help me. I also get the 30% bonus from NewForex. Try it and you be glad to join NewForex.

  46. Aji Indaryanto says

    This broker offers a $ 50 bonus in real accounts that we can use to feel the performance of this broker.
    Broker Newforex have fair trading conditions, and execution is very fast, so the broker is favored by the scalper.

    • choirunnisa says

      You are right Aji Indaryanto, this broker very fair and not cheating its clients. Trading using EA on this broker very very exciting because order work really fast and no delay even to close.

  47. Kira Tyining says

    For the start I opened a bonus $50 account with Newforex to learn the trading conditions of the company without depositing my own money. My account number is 7064823. I lost this bonus as I tested a new trading strategy. I have no problems with NewForex. Orders execution, platform, bonuses and withdrawal are in a good level. I opened a dollar account, deposited it via skrill, and got my money in a few minutes. Withdrawal took 1 -2 days.

  48. AdelinaAd says

    I have been trading with NewForex since 2014. This company deserved my confidence during this time. I have never had any problems with it. The main thing for me is that I have an opportunity to earn with it. Withdrawal takes 1 -2 days. I usually withdraw $300 – $400 per month. I trade on a dollar account New Grade. The terminal works fine, the quotations are real, the responsibilities to customers are fulfilled. Good support service, they always answer quickly if I have any questions.

  49. Muhidin Noor says

    Broker Newforex, providing New bonus for review and I have received in real account . The review are easy and satisfy with the service.I was impressed with the speed of the transaction with execution then we rarely see reqoute that the best of it system.

  50. Maracella says

    NewForex is a good company which can be trusted. I trade with it for 1 year already. At the start I deposited $150 to test the order execution. Also I activated the bonus +30% on the deposit. I trade on the dollar account New Grade. My account number 7084231. There were no problems with the platform. Also I want to mention a good support service. They always answer quickly to all requests.

  51. Regina Miller says

    I started to trade with a NewForex several months ago. At the beginning I used a no deposit bonus that offers company, it’s a real 50 dollars that can be used for trading. This company has a very convenient conditions for traders, spread is fixed, orders are executed in time and without slippage, there are two types of accounts, dollar and cent. With withdrawal are no problems. Last time I withdraw 300 dollars without any commissions. Good brokerage company.

  52. Peter11111 says

    I don’t know very much about trading the forex markets. I just led economic news blog. Last month I was contacted by the manager of partnership department of NewForex and he offered me to become their partner. I was given a choice between the IB and the CPA. As I don’t know much about all these pips, I chose the second option. The conditions in this affiliate model is crystal clear to even the novice – award goes for the first deposit of the trading account of your referral. You can get it after the referral will make 10 trades (total transactions). With reinforcements for less than $ 50, I get a reward – 50%. For example, a week ago, my referral joins 20 bucks and I get 10. Everything in the partnership cabinet is also very clear. And I have no problems with withdrawals.

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