FBS No Deposit Bonus $123 Program – Know Everything


FBS is one of the most popular international brokers and it is running from the year 2009. The new special program of FBS is the $123 bonus program which is attracting many traders. The support from various financial institutions has made FBS become a global scale broker and it is regularly bringing amazing offers for traders. Know about the FBS’s no deposit bonus program of $123 if you want to experience the individual approach that FBS provides to every client.

Details regarding the $123 Bonus of FBS

The special bonus by FBS is of $123 which is definitely a good amount for trading purpose.

One of the limitations of this bonus program is that the bonus trading period is 7 days only. So trader needs to utilize the $123 provided by FBS in a week.

Unlimited profit is the main purpose of launching this program as profit can be withdrawn anytime.

The main surprising thing for traders is that traders can get the bonus from FBS without verification and contact details confirmation. There are some brokers who ask to verify account for getting the bonus.

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How to get $123 Bonus from FBS?

Getting this $123 bonus from FBS is very easy. There are only three steps to be completed to get the bonus. Have a look at the steps you need to follow for getting the special amount of $123 from FBS.

  1. You’ll need to open the account ‘Bonus 123’.
  2. Bonus is automatically credited instantly and if you don’t get it, then you can definitely contact the support team of FBS.
  3. In 7 days you can utilize the bonus amount and earn good amount of profit. 7 days can be enough if you’re someone who loves to trade frequently.

Remember that after 7 days you can fund your account and start trading for long term with FBS.

Terms and Conditions related to $123 Bonus Program

  1. Bonus funds are provided for trading purpose only and it should be utilized within 7 days.
  2. Traders should know that at 00:00 on the 8th day, all open orders will get closed automatically. Bonus funds will get immediately deducted as the period of 7 days has expired.
  3. Once FBS will deactivate the ‘Bonus 123’ account, then it will turn into a ‘Micro’ account. There will be complete change in which the account works.
  4. Profit can only be withdrawn after the required number of lots has been traded by the client. Withdrawal of profit won’t be possible if this condition is not fulfilled.
  5. Traders are allowed to withdraw the profit every month in parts which should be in proportion to the number of lots traded in the previous month.
  6. For calculating the profit amount that can be withdrawn, the formula to be used is traded lots*3.
  7. For calculating the profit that can be withdrawn orders executed are considered

 – on the bonus account after the bonus deactivation takes place,

 – on other client’s account since the moment of bonus crediting.

  1. Once a ‘Bonus 123’ account is opened, you won’t be able to do any of the financial operations including depositing money, withdrawals, internal transfers etc.
  2. Only one “Bonus 123′ account is available per IP address.
  3. FBS has got the total right to not grant the bonus to any client without any prior notification.
  4. If any promotion rules are not followed by a FBS client, then FBS has got the total right to cancel the profit as well as the bonus amount.
  5. FBS has the right to terminate the bonus program whenever it wants to as per the requirement.

7,00,000 traders are already trading with FBS due to the quality service and the special bonus programs. Traders trading with FBS are earning huge profit without any problem faced and that’s why you may like to join FBS soon. Do let us know if you like the $123 bonus program of FBS and do you think that it is going to be useful for all the traders.


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  1. Che teh says

    Dont waste ur time. If u got profit ex. $90, and want to withdraw it, it will divided to 3 = $30 and thats all u get but the $30 will moved to your real account as credit. And u got nothing to withdraw.

  2. says

    i got 123$ i traded in 5 days and make 600$ in total my last day of trade was bad i lost about 402$ and left with 198$ the 123$ was remove after 7 days and i got 75$, i deposited 125$ i traded after 2 days i withdraw my money to neteller, i got it in my neteller after 2 Min then when i check my bonus requiremnt they said i will get 19$ on first of new month due to bonus trading requiremnt. FBS is the best

  3. Jesus Arrieta says

    Hi everybody.

    I have a question??

    Ok, they (FBS) pay you the third part of the profit from the bonus, with the consideration for the number of lots that you trade in previous month with the profit bonus. But what happens if, with the profit you make operations and wins for example 200$.

    Are this profits cut in three parts also??

    Excuse my grammar….

    Jesus Arrieta

  4. Ding says

    I’m new here and tried FBS bonus50 and I’m happy with the result, trying this out and we’ll see how far we can get.. I will consider it as my trading partner soon..

  5. Khutso says

    Guys I don’t understand this,I got 123$bonus and I made 430$ and after 7days FBS broker took all the money including mi profit,I don’t understand how this broker works anymore, can someone please explain to me what is going on

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