NimrodFx Withdrawal Bonus – Get 30% of your deposit bonus up to 1000 USD.

Withdrawal Bonus

NimrodFx give you more than what you own. NimrodFx Provides extra cash back to your pocket from our hands to be our client. NimrodFx give you 30% of your deposit back to you. Just withdraw your profits and get 10% of the withdrawal amount extra on each withdrawal until you get back 30% of your deposit. If you are an individual trader then this is a generous advantage to get more than what you sow as your investment.

Bonus Period: – 2015 All Year

Bonus Availability: – To All New and Existing Clients

Joining Link: – NimrodFx Withdrawal Bonus – Get 30%

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Terms and conditions of NimrodFx Withdrawal Bonus

  1. In this promotion you can get 30% of your deposit as withdrawal bonus up to 1000 USD.
  2. This account cannot have IB commission.
  3. This account cannot utilize any other bonus or offers.
  4. You can get the 30% withdrawal bonus at 10% extra of your profit withdrawal every time until your 30% withdraw bonus becomes 0 USD.
  5. This is clearly explained as below.
  6. Your Initial Deposit is 1000USD.
  7. Your 30% withdrawal bonus is 300 USD not shown in your account but at back office we will have it accounted.
  8. Once you make a profit withdrawal of 30 USD then you will receive 30+ (30x (10/100)) =33 USD.
  9. Now your withdrawal bonus becomes 300-3=297 USD.
  10. You cannot use any arbitrage or unethical EA’s on the account and you cannot work with this account an unusual hedging or any other practices to dig the NimrodFx trade name in the business.
  11. If you lose your account margin, we cannot entertain to get this 30% bonus withdrawal to you back.
  12. The withdrawal bonus cannot be withdrawn instantly after deposit and for deposit withdrawals it’s entertained only for profit withdrawals.
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