Ultimate4Trading Review ; Scam Software Exposed !!


Many people want to know if we think Ultimate4Trading is a scam. We are pleased to help by giving an accurate review of this free binary options trading software and assessing whether it is a scam or if it is a system that can be relied on for successful trading.

In this review we set out the pros and cons of using the free software, the signing up process and the cost of funding a trading account. We also review how well the Ultimate4Trading App works and how useful it is for trading in binary options. We have examined the results that people are led to expect and reveal how those results compare with the actual experience of using the software for trading in binary options.

##########   UPDATE   ##########

Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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What is Ultimate4Trading?

The Ultimate4Trading software has been developed by four undergraduate students who wanted to create the most profitable trading system, based on an algorithm that can accurately forecast what the outcome will be for movements in value of various assets in the global markets.

A complex automated trading system has been designed by the four students for their Ultimate4Trading App. In fact the trading signals are now based on a number of different algorithms. The trading software has been continuously tested by the students, in an effort to ensure that it is getting the calculations right when analyzing the markets to find the best trades.

The four students have succeeded in designing trading software that is extremely simple to use. Everything works automatically so that anyone can start trading binary options, even someone with no previous experience of the markets or any knowledge of financial trading.

How Does Ultimate4Trading Work?

You need to follow the instructions you receive after submitting your email address and you will be required to deposit at least $200 with the broker chosen for you by Ultimate4Trading.

Once you have funded your trading account, you can instantly start to use the free Ultimate4Trading Software and receive trading signals. All you have to do is respond to a signal by setting the amount you want to put into your binary options trade and clicking on a button. Everything else is done for you by the software, to complete the process automatically and pay profits into your trading account.

A fast way to build up profits from your binary options trades is by choosing the 60 seconds options, which have a high hit rate. You should not spend more than one tenth of available funds on each trade. When you win more than you lose, you will be able to gradually increase the amount for each trade out of the profits from your earlier trades.

Before you go live with your trading, you are encouraged to try out a demo account, which will give you a success rate of between 75-100%. The Ultimate4Trading signals are meant to be 80% accurate in their predictions but when you start to use your own money for live trading you should expect a lower success rate.

##########   UPDATE   ##########

Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you are looking for a trusted trading robot system then check out Snapcash (click the banner below). Several traders on our staff have used Snapcash and have had great results with it so far, with 84% WIN RATES across the board over several months..

Many of our long-time readers know that we don't often recommend specific robots. However, we are very enthusiastic about Snapcash and we are very happy to give it our absolute HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION:

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Is Ultimate 4 Trading a Scam?

When we were doing our research for this Ultimate4Trading review, we did find plenty of positive comments from people who have had some success using the software for their binary options trades and have been able to make a decent profit.

We have also viewed a number of negative comments posted online, which suggest that Ultimate4Trading could be a scam. In presenting our unbiased review we have taken a look at the reasons behind both the negative and the positive comments made about Ultimate4Trading software.

Everyone who has praised the system, after using it for their binary options trades, has commented on how easy it is to use and how well it has been designed. We agree that a lot of thought has gone into developing this software so that anyone can make use of it. There is no need to have any specialist financial knowledge or advanced technical ability.

Most of the people who have given a negative Ultimate 4 Trading review are complaining about the fact that the system requires them to use EZTrader as their broker. This particular broker has been criticized for having very specific withdrawal terms and for the amount of time it takes to transfer money out of a trading account. Unfortunately this is the only broker that you are allowed to use when you sign up for the free trading software.

As we pointed out earlier in this review, when using the demo account to see exactly how the system works, it always shows a very high rate of success. There have been several complaints made about the fact that during live trading with Ultimate4Trading there is a much higher percentage of losing trades. This does not mean that Ultimate4Trading is a scam, but it does look as if it is guilty of misleading people into expecting at least 80% profitable trades.

Pricing and How to Join

The creators of the Ultimate4Trading software say that they are offering everything for free because they want to test the response from members of the public who are invited to try out their trading app.

It is a very simple process to register for free from the official website and to set up a trading account with the binary options broker. There is a minimum requirement for funding your account but once you have deposited at least $200, for use in your first binary options trades, the software is free to use as often as you want.


When reading our review you will have noticed that there are some concerns about whether or not Ultimate4Trading is a scam. There does appear to be an issue for some people about the way that the demo account yields much higher profits than when they rely on Ultimate4Trading signals for live trading. There is also the fact that the broker you are required to use for this system has been the subject of some complaints.

On the positive side, we have found genuine comments from people who have given Ultimate4Trading a good review. They all say that their success rate was lower than they had expected, but they found the trading software to be extremely easy for a complete beginner to use.

The conclusion of our Ultimate4Trading review has to be that some caution is necessary when deciding whether or not to register and make use of the trading software. There may or may not be an Ultimate4Trading scam but it is certainly true to say that not everyone is happy with the requirement to use EZTrader as their broker or with the results they have achieved when trading from Ultimate4Trading binary options signals.


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  1. jenny says

    you forgot to mention in your review about which broker they use – one – eztrader and the rife stories on the web about them fiddling quotes and stinging people with ridiculous withdrawal terms – even when no bonus taken – not to mention min 2 weeks withdrawal time…

    • Jacky says

      I used the demo and was taken in by the results. At that time there were no adverse comments that I could find on the internet so I went ahead and gave my card details for a deposit of £250. I will just mention that while I was using the demo I got a call from a charming American asking if I had any queries about the system that he could help me with. The site says that to be able to become a member and trade you have to pay your deposit and then fill in a questionnaire before you are accepted as suitable to trade.
      When I looked at the questionnaire they wanted me to send over the internet a copy of a utility account proving my address, a copy of my driving licence or passport and a copy of the front and back of the credit card I was using. So, all in all, every single details someone would need for identity theft and full use of my credit card I found it suspicious at that stage that they said I could blank out all but the last four figures on the front of the card (which I had used for the deposit anyway) – I thought this was said to give me a sense of security and wondered why they felt they needed to do that. I decided I wasn’t happy to give so many identity details and didn’t go ahead. Which would mean that they obviously wouldn’t be able to accept me as a member to trade.
      A little later I got a call welcoming me to EZTrader – another charming American. I told him I wasn’t going ahead with it. He tried to change my mind but I stuck with the decision. I sent an email to EZTrader in reply to their welcoming email to me explaining the siutation and asking them to ensure that the deposit wasn’t taken from my credit card. Didn’t get a reply. Next day checked with credit card company and the £250 had been registered but not actually taken at that stage. Three more phone calls welcoming me, from more charming American trying to get me to up my deposit to £1,000, and yet another one from a woman with a eastern accent (must have run out of charming Americans!) – never did really find out what she wanted as I was somewhat fed up by then but did end up telling her that the company had no right to take my deposit before they had accepted me as a member, which they couldn’t do until I had sent them the personal details. I have actually had yet another call from yet another charming American who was a lot less charming when I took the same line with him as I did with the eastern lady.
      I checked with the credit card and the company had actually taken the deposit. Just to be on the safe side I stopped the credit card and requested a replacement.
      I emailed EZTrader and Ultimate4Trading to emphasise that I expected a refund of the £250 asap. I also requested that they acknowledge receipt of the email. I had the acknowledgement and they have said I will get my refund in 10 days. So fingers crossed for a happy ending to this – although I might miss my conversations with charming Americans.

      • Martyn says

        I feel cheated.
        EZtrader take my money easy
        then require docs to trade
        can’t withdraw money
        online chat is nonexistant
        and Ultimate4Trading.com is bullshit
        it’s only purpose is to encourage random trading

  2. john currie says

    this is a scam. i open a demo acc and it works well them real time acc with real money and whot a load of crap they are not the same. you can not trade the same way and you lose 3 out of 4 this is the biggest con


    • peter says

      Yes folks. Its a scam all right. Was going to try to use it trading signals through my own broker but felt something was still a drift.
      The con being:

      The demo shows many winning trades when infact they are losing ones


    • Vlad says

      You 100% right, demo works good but real mostly 3 from 4 LOSE!!! So 10 min of your “success” trading and you LOSE all you deposit . Tanks to smart students!!!

  3. Samantha R says

    They entice you with the demo account that is fixed to get 80% or so success. But then when you start using the real account, you experience less than 20% success! The strategies don’t even match between the demo and real. A complete and utter scam. Please don’t fall for it!

    Thank you to ForexBonus100 for posting the only honest review and comments I could find on the entire net!!

    For anyone who wants good robots that trade with solid strategies, I’ve had great results with both Dow Jones Focus and Virtnext. Both also reviewed on this site:



    • Roy says

      Hi Samantha

      I have open a trading account with Dow -Jones . But I have not put any deposits yet. Because I have lost a lot of money with this kind software.

      Could you please advices me , how is work



    • says


      I was about to send money on this Ultimate4Trading but I wanted to hear the comments and as I am a south African the EZtrader denies the amount I am willing to deposit and minimum is 1500 then I wont risk that kind of money,I thought you can start with R50 to see if its accurate then I am lucky I cant risk more money Ive lost a lot of money too with these crazy money making scams

  4. Carol says

    This is a scam! The broker is WGM Services LTD (EZ Trader), and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has suspended them and they may not provide any investment services. A fraudulent exchange rate amount was attempted on my card. Luckily the bank turned it down.

  5. says

    Absolute scam, this is not a trading platform it is a betting platform. I have complained after loosing a lot of money. The demo account doesn’t reflect the actual live accounts and the 25x trade before it releases funds, no genuine broker would do this.
    The feed showing the rise and fall of commodities and forex do not reflect the actual fluctuations. It is my clear intent to take them to small claims court due to them advertising as a trading platform. I may well loose but then, since they like betting, let’s see what happens

    • Kim says

      You’re absolutely right it is indeed a scam and nothing short of a betting platform. I lost my entire deposit very quickly. Avoid this at all cost.

  6. Russell says

    Absolute scam. Again made a healthy profit from the Demo account but as soon as you use your own hard earned money the results are not even close to the 75% success rate as stated. Contacted the support address on the website and no reply, to me that proves it’s a scam. If there product was as good as they say, they would at least reply to your query. Also when you transfer money into your EZTrader account, they try to make you up your deposit to $1000 so that you get a $500 bonus. This is just a gambling site, stay away.

  7. vins says

    I confirm that this is a scam. Don’t know how they got an award but when I tried the demo the 75% chance to win was about right. When try with real money it feel to 40%.

  8. chris says

    I had a feeling this was a scam, so asked if the demo and live trading are the same, the reply is shown below.

    (No , the demo account is a simulation it is not based on the live market.

    Kind regards,

    The Ultimate4Trading support team.)

  9. Josh says


    I hereby confirm that this is a scam. This is actually a sub-company created by EZTrader to lure you in. DO NOT USE THIS

  10. pete gore says

    Thankfully I decided to check further, as my father used to say “if something seems to good to be true it usually is”
    All these comments have saved me from making a mistake and losing my hard earned cash, it looks very inviting but I realise now after getting a call from EZTraders and people referring to them as the only traders available when somewhere along the introduction I’m sure it says you choose the trader of your choice but no list of traders !!
    Thank you all once again and very sorry for you guys who have lost money.

  11. Kay says

    U4T is definitely a scam. Please steer clear!
    1. It is an EZ Trader stooge. It is not a trading bot, it is more like a gambling scam bot. There is no truth in the 75% profit chances claim, it’s more like 75% chances of loss. I have tried it and still feeling the burns.
    2. No one tell you that you cannot withdrawn less than £100 (or 100 units of your currency) until you read the FAQs on EZ Trader. You can’t deposit less than 100 too! Seems I can’t withdraw the £83 left of the £200 I put in. Who knows what other reason they will come up with if I try to deposit £100 so I can withdraw all my money?
    3. You get a live chat pop up and a phone call from Cyprus when you are trying to register and make a deposit on EZ Trader but this feature disappears once you are in! They won’t even pick your calls!!
    4. If it is too good to be true, then it is usually a lie. I tried with a small amount just to satisfy my curiosity and they are definitely a fraud.
    Their claims are just too optimistic for the kind of results you get. Someone should be arresting that guy and lady claiming they graduated from university of Birmingham and came up with the all-knowing algorithm.

  12. Ben Paddison says

    Everyone here that has written a negative review is a simple minded dumb unintelligent half wit. Ultimate4trading is not a scam your all just to stupid to know how to use this brillant platform so there for you all deserve to be poor.

    • jonny says

      jUS TTHE FACT THAT YOU DISRESPECT OTHER PEOPLE TELL ME A LOT ABOUT YOU – the fact that people have been scammed and lost their money relying on a trading algorithm platform that does not do what they claim – i hope that karma gets you all Scum

    • Nick Leeson says

      The words of a true scammer , you are blatantly stealing peoples money , all here should report Ultimatescam4trading and their faithfull employee Ben Paddison to http://www.fca.org.uk/ to make sure at least the UK is free of them/

    • Jeff Ronson says

      Ultimate4Trading is a definite scam, wasted my money.

      Tried Dow Jones Focus Group by Equinox software and so far that one is working out quite well.

    • ANDREW CLARKE says

      Nice one Ben I used the Demo and made a fortune then used my own money and that was gone in 10 minutes. You are full of shit Ben or working for them,
      Stay clear everyone this is a SCAM

    • says

      Hi Ben, I have tried calling, emailing (which bounces back) etc and have never heard from them?
      I’m worried about my money which disappeared fast even before I knew they wanted all those ID’s?
      Any idea how to contact them?

  13. Zork77 says

    Definitely a scam! Lost money and blew out my trading account in 2 days.

    Switched to Dow Jones focus group and have had good luck with that one.

    Thanks to this site for at least posting honest user feedback. All other sites have “reviews” that are just fake shit advertisements. They should be ashamed.

  14. Mark says

    Hello to everyone (Except Ben Paddison who is probably involved in this scam some how) for giving me and everyone else who reads these reviews heads up about this scam. I have been trolling the internet looking for some genuine reviews of this product and site and apart from the many fabricated reviews and sites shouting it praises about how great it’s meant to be this is the only site I’ve found that seems to offer the real truth and facts about this product.

    I have signed up and taking part in the demo account and completed 20 trades all of which made me money which will come as no surprise to 99% of you, but thanks to the reviews you guys have given I will not be taking this any further. Just sorry for you guys who had to lose money and find out the hard way so that people like myself don’t do the same thing. Thank you all very much. I also echo the view that those 2 jokers from Birmingham should get what’s coming to them. What goes around comes around.

    • SteveD says

      Thanks guys for saving me the time (and the money). It is interesting that Ben’s non-softly softly reproach is the only entry that descends into a tirade of abuse!!! Happy New Year to all!

  15. alan says

    Thanks to all above with the exception of knobhead Ben for preventing me from even trialling this lot. Sorry you learned the hard way but it has taken me some time to find any site willing to state the truth

  16. Roy S. says

    I will join the chorus and say to stay away from Ultimate4Trading! Lost a lot.

    Wish I had found this review first. Only found it after I lost but at least it led me to Dow Focus Group.

    Dow focus Group is one that actually works.

    So if you lost with U4T, don’t give up. There are other good bots out there that can help you regain profits.

  17. Sindy UK says

    Thank God I found this site. After clicking on a link which I thought was a news reporting site, I came across U4T. Got excited because I did want to learn to trade in binary options. Signed up and started the demo account. I made over £2500 in 2 hours. I was really excited and thought if I could make even sixth of what I made in a whole day I would be happy. So I started to look for reviews before I went ahead to open a real account. All the other sites are giving only positive reviews. Thank god I found this site and thank you all people for the honest reviews. I will not be signing up for this. The trouble is that there is so much on the net to scam you and very difficult to find real honest reviews. I wish there was a proper official website to save you from all these scams.

  18. Angie says

    Thanks to all who shared their experience and warned about this scam.

    I registered for a free account after watching an advertisment (made look like a genuine business news story) on biznews247.com and was taken aback when on ‘click to activate’ I was sent to EZTrader.com and asked to deposit £200 using my credit card – that was my cue to leave the site promptly. I then went back to Ultimate4Trading and realised that there wasn’t anything like ‘my account’ menu, where I could edit my personal details. Off to biznews247.com, where the ‘four British students’ success story was advertised and spotted that their website had 13 likes (yes, thirteen) on Facebook and just 4 followers on Twitter. A few searches on domain names and it turned out biznews247.com is a very new and little-known domain, with about 30% confidence rating and lack of transparency as to where it is registered. This clearly is the case of ‘if something looks to good to be true, then it most likely isn’t.’

    I feel really stupid for nearly getting duped, but luckily I am always very reluctant to hand over my credit card details to anyone, so managed to back out in time.

    Anyone can put together a very profesional-looking website. It does not matter how many logos of various awards or accreditations are displayed there – they may all be fake. Please do your research before signing up for anything. Search for phrases such as ‘is XYZ domain safe/genuine’. It will take you 10-15 minutes to get to the bottom of things and save you a lot of trouble.

  19. William Vaughn says

    Just adding my hat into the ring; similar experience to everyone else. Demo worked well, real trading account went kaput in no time! Frack ultimate4 and their junk.

    Switched to Dow focus group and that one has given good profits.

  20. Ian thankfullyistoppedmyselfintime! says

    Looking at the ‘slick’ and clever way this allegedly amazing Ultimate4Trading algorithm has been marketed and sold to us (in fact – not sold to us – it is offered to us free remember) Just shows and looks like that they have achieved their objective and made stack loads of money off many unfortunate, eager traders (and gullible by the looks of it, and that is not meant to insult anyone cos I too was sooo close to opening a real account until i decided to investigate further and found this site.) Just by the sheer number of people commenting above who say they have lost money on the ‘real’ account shows they have clearly profited via the only broker that seems to be available (even though they clearly state that you can choose your own broker). That ‘Radiohead’ bullshit about their reason for giving the trading algorithm away is quite convincing , but when you realise that the algorithm is the ‘hook’ into the scam – yep i’ve finally said it! Scam. No wonder they are offering the Ultimate4Trading algorithm for free. It seems so clear to me now!! Cheeky (but in a small way I am quite envious!) b*stards!

    I am thankful for the above comments (and sympathise with the unfortunate people who went that step further) as I too made stacks using the demo. Alarm bells did start ringing when I just had to click on the trade button without even looking at the charts and I won trade after trade.

    Oh well, my search for that ‘holy grail’ trading signal, bot, strategy etc continues……..

  21. Jayne says

    It was the poor acting on the news report where two of the students appeared which made me suspicious. The link was on the MSN homepage & they should remove it.

  22. says

    The demo account is rigged. EZTrader started the same rip-off in the french speaking internet using preditrend.com. Almost identical than ultimate4trading except the 4 students are french and the tv show is called startupF5.net
    For people talking french, see the blog preditrend.over-blog.com

  23. Mike says

    Got an email from somebody I knew but it was slightly different from their real email – took me a while to notice.
    Initially I got quite enthusiastic but having researched and then found this site I’m glad I didn’t fall for it!
    Thanks everyone!

  24. Dave says

    Unfortunately I didn’t find this blog before trying U4T out…. Anyway my experience: demo account from £500 to £ 54’000 in a couple of days. Real account from £400 to £12 in one day. Some detail from the real account results: fron 32 trade just 12 were successful, so we have a success rate of 37,5%, quite far away fom the claimed 73%. Actually, from the beginning it seemed too good to br true, but the temptation to try it out was too sweet… My advise: Do not trust this one…

    PS: if someone actually tried something that work, please reply to this blog with some details, thanks

  25. Paul says

    Interesting! Glad I found this page too! Did not try the demo or anything though.

    I would just add that I saw the “story” on Yahoo too but realised that in amongst all the “real” news there are loads of stories that are sponsored – in other words, paid for advertorials, this one linking to Cooper Washington’s StartUp365 site.

    Sites like his or yahoo and msn et al will never turn down cash to run these scam stories, and will have disclaimers saying nowt to do with us, caveat emptor and all that!


  26. Philip says

    Thanks for everyone sharing their experiences. I have not opened an account due to your comments. As the old addage goes ” if it looks too good to be true it probably is”

  27. Billy B. says

    Too many scams out there. Got blasted by ultimate4 but then took recommendations from the board.

    So I tried several bots. The only ones so far with good gains are:


    Dow Jones:

    So just use one (or both) of the above and forget about ultimate4 and all the other junk out there.

    Honorable mention also goes to FapTurbo, but not anymore. It stopped working since so many people started using it. But back in the day I made a killing with that one!

  28. lotuscat says

    Lucky I found this Website, have been playing around with the Demo Account but since I have read all your comments I will try Dow Jones and Virtnext. Suspicions first aroused when I
    discovered only EZTrader could be used, this site scores low rankings. Thanks and sorry
    all of you who have been Scammed!

  29. CJB says

    Yes. Definitely a SCAM.

    Unfortunately didn’t find this site when checking around as to their credibility.

    Demos in two different currencies worked well, (too well in hindsight). The live version, had a win rate of just over 50%, most of the winners I think I picked myself from trends. So gradually whittled away all, mostly on €5 – €10 trades until got to below €25 then told minimum trade was €25.
    Couple of phone calls after from EZTrader and daily emails since.

    Luckily I only went with €200,

    • Sammi W says

      Yes, lost a lot of money msyelf with EZtrader and UT4

      Switched to Virtnext a few months ago and so far that one has been great!

  30. says

    Definitely A SCAM EzTrader (EZFAKER) even don’t have live chat available 24/7 for this moment just disappeared. I requested refund of my 298 pounds and I hope it work but it still 14 days…..
    I’d like to quote one of stuff member “if u do not see approved in 14 days come on chat between 7am and 2pm when finance are here” …yes if live chat will be on the place :)I will

  31. MELBB says

    WOW…Thanks guys for this review. I was just about to deposit £300 to trade with them. Seriously not even a chance will I do that. Sorry for all those who have lost the money from these Scammers…

  32. Virgil Khan says

    Whelp…I’ve been scammed by them too (and a number of other bots through the years).

    If anyone is interested, I’ve traded with over a dozen bots last year and into the current month. The following, imho, are the only ones worth their salt. Made some good gains with these that erased all my losses with the other bots:


    Good luck and keep on trading! Don’t let brokers like EZtrader get you down.

  33. says

    the problem with reql trading is that the algorithm gives a call or put based on the actual market graph which ts presented as a ongoing event
    the computer put or call is only a 55 v 45 guess based on actual contiuos market trend aqnd lags in real terms 60 seconds behind a call which can only be verified after the call and will probaly be a loss
    try to anticpate from the rise and fall from the graph and note the alogorihm suggestion as that is what it is the goess 50 to 50 right or wrong
    you can win and lose but with research into the trade such as gold etc it can profit you in terms os luck and judgement
    good luck and common sense be your guide

  34. Peter Bishop says

    HI People,

    Listen, if you are new to binary options you’re going to lose, like most careers you must do the time in the chosen career, study , study ,study,!!!. Any form of trading is a gamble based on company p/e ratios, business sentiment, business cycles, and of coarse trading technical s, and fundamentals,
    There is so much to learn,to name a few eg. Support and resistance in price, the open price and the close price of the prior days trading, the overall trend of the asset class. Elliotwave, Gann, fib retracement, channel resistance and support. And Sentiment and news . Now once all that has filtered through your training all the above has to be divided into various time frames 60 seconds right through to 1 month so you then can make an educated intelligent Guess as to a Call or Put. 60 seconds is straight out stupid gambling and you will experience alot of negative human emotions DONT DO IT. No your craft you cannot get rich unless you have a long life plan of common sense not greed . The markets reward those who know to buy at bottoms and sell at tops . If your after a quick reliable $$$$ mow somebodys lawn .!!! do so real work. Options are not for the faint hearted even the best get it wrong. So be very carefull.

    Cheers Peter

  35. Arnold Henrico says

    I mostly agree. However, there are some short cuts out there if you luck out on the right trading robots. In such a case, you don’t need to learn much, as an expert trader’s knowledge is already programmed into the bot.

    The first few bots I tried, I lost. But in the last 18 months I’ve had great wins with the following bots (some of which have good reviews on this very site):

    Dow Jones Focus Group

    The above bots give me better results than any manual trading I’ve ever done. Of course, your mileage may vary, and never invest your life savings into these things.

  36. Warwick says

    I invested working funds to trade using the Ultimate4trading bot but subsequently after trading I realised I had been scammed. I established that the system will block a realy good trade request by either resetting the page and converting a put to a call or call to a put when the page reloads. or it presents a message “Transaction Failed, Try Again” And you try again and again.

    I eventually complained to EZTrader on 18 March 2016 and requested the return of the balance of my funds in my account. Now after almost a month I am still waiting. EZTrader has closed my account with them, preventing me logging in to monitor my funds balance and transfer which I suspect will never happen.

    My advice is to keep away from this company.

  37. Tio Oso says

    I have today been in telephone contact with Ultimate4trading and he said that Demo account is not connected to reality. I traded the demo for 15 (a USD 50) trades yesterday and the amount went from USD500 to USD 553. Later in the evening I traded the demo again, with a new email address, 10 trades. And the amount went from the USD500 in start, to USD880. That was 100% winning trades.
    Of course this is not connected to real forex.

  38. says

    Also been scammed via EZTrader and Ultimate4trading. Placed minimum funds into the account and used the software. Initially the performance was the same as the demo but then the losses racked up and also took the bonus offered. My first thoughts were ‘why did I not follow my instincts?’ The obvious signs as follows:-
    1. Shabby interface. Go to a real spot platform and see for yourself.
    2.Minimum trade amount is not default. On 60 second platform minimum trade amount should always be shown. Usually this would be £5 (or £1 with Banc de Binary). Here it is £50 and if you set the minimum to £25 and leave the page it reverts back to £50.
    3. My success rate with the minimum funds of £200 and £100 enforced bonus delivered a 30% success rate. Anybody can beat this by a law of averages that is why they say 70% success rate in the video so that you do the maths and work out that over time your investment will increase. Now do the maths with 30% and you will realise that chance is not involved here.

  39. Simon Russe says

    I traded with eztrader a few times and never had any issues. EZTrader are regulated and have a simple and reliable platform, and I’ve made some nice profits with them. I’m trading binary options for long time and I found out eztrader is NOT Scam. They reliable. When I needed help, their support helped me a lot any time.

  40. chris says

    hi guys, yesterday I tried the demo and it worked perfectly, today I wanted to start trading with it but my gut told me to do a bit of research about it, thank you for the comments now I will no longer register with this bullshit…………

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