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With all the uncertainty in the world of day trading, reliable binary trading options software is becoming more and more attractive. The possibility that you can use a program that can accurately identify trends in underlying commodities price fluctuations that can lead to a binary options trade with a big potential payout seems too good to be true. And for the most part it is, since much of the software currently marketed to day trader for this purpose often fall short making such prediction reliable and consistently and is usually just a scam. This is because the algorithms used to power this technology are woefully inadequate for such a task. After reviewing the NEO2 Trading Robot and auto trading software for the past week – and scrutinizing the technology behind it their binary options robot – it appears such software may no longer be a fantasy. NEO2, based on all of our experiences in our review, is no scam.


The thinking behind NEO2’s trading software is the combination of technology originally meant to track weather condition, solar activity and other environmental factors with traditional binary option trading software. Instead of relying solely on traditional commodities trends and business news or technical analysis, NEO2 trading software incorporates climate forecasting algorithms that predict solar, weather and environmental trends and uses this additional data to predict how these factors will affect the binary options trading market and underlying commodities price fluctuations data and then identifies future trends that predict which binary options trades will have the biggest potential payout for traders weeks in advance.

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A binary options trade, for those unaware, is the type of trade that deals in price fluctuations in the market and identifies which trades which ones are high-low, or fixed, options – meaning you can make a trade with a fixed payout amount or nothing at all with very little loss. The NEO2 software itself operates with virtually no latency, allowing for the swift processing of data and lighting quick calculations that an automated system can act upon quickly and accurately. This allows you to identify which trades have the highest likelihood to not only have a fixed payout, but have the potential to exceed this fixed amount.

The main functions of NEO2 software are illustrated in it’s members control panel: an NEO2 Sync button that activate the solar data tracker, the Trade Algo button which activates the software’s auto-pilot mode and the “Start Now” button which enables the auto-pilot algorithm to put this auto-trading robot to work. This illustrates how climate change technology is melded with financial commodities data to identify actionable market trends.


Review Overview – Advantages

The benefits of such a system can be astounding. But is such Forex software really as beneficial as its proponents claim? Surprisingly, yes. The advantages of using NEO2 binary options robot are similar to other trading robots in that it’s a totally automated system that relies on almost no input from the day trader who uses it. The main distinction with NEO2 and other such software is the vast amount of additional data that gets entered into it’s algorithm which allows it to reach its main identifying signifies, signaling which trading options are the most lucrative and promising.

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Well designed and intuitive dashboard

But is this for real or is it a scam?

Many people will probably feel a bit of trepidation about trusting such software as it seems like too lofty a promise to be able to deliver on. And previous experience with other binary options software will surely support these suspicions. Many binary options sites often use paid actors to offer testimonials about the dependability of there forex software. Other times, they put an artificial limit on the amount of software users to drum up fake urgency in potential buyers of this software. Neither are there any nebulous function buttons that don’t really do anything, nor are there any associations with any brokers or financial institutions with shady reputations. In the midst of our review, NEO2 trading robot proved itself as an automated system capable of providing a steady ITM performance of 80-86% consistently without any drops. And this is all without any need to invest further if you have a bad trading day. This is further solidified with the ability to directly contact the company’s technical support staff and even email Micheal Freeman, a world-renowned online trading industry guru who worked with the company’s founder – Dr. Jack Piers – when creating this software and had a significant in NEO2’s software development.


For now, the company is raising fund on to allow it to be used by both beta-testers and full-fledged members. Beta-testers can use the service for free while full-fledged members will pay an annual fee of $7,900 dollars. This is a significant amount, and those interested should know that they won’t see any observable results immediately. But, an average buyout of $3,000 a week has actually been confirmed by Michael Freeman himself depending on how much you invest in your binary options trade. Please also be aware that no type of financial trade is 100% guaranteed and that you should only trade with a small percentage of your overall savings in the unlikely event that you do suffer a loss. As with any type of financial trading transaction, prudence is the best policy.


At the end of the day, the main thing to look for when shopping for binary options trading software is a stable ITM performance and an automated system that is easy to use. You don’t want to use a trading robot who virtues are extolled by less than reliable sources. Luckily, reputable organizations such as Forbes,, Tech Crunch, Silicon and the NOAA (the National Oceanic and Air Administration) have all either reported on or endorsed NEO2 trading software. This makes it among the more reputable and promising binary options trading software on the market currently. If you’re willing to make the considerable initial investment, or are fine with using the limited options of the beta-testing version, you would be hard pressed to find a more dependable trading robot with more experience and input from more respected innovators in the trading and predictive algorithm industries than NEO2.



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