MMATC Software Scam Review


The MMATC Software scam is a negative review descriptor being used on various forex forums to describe this app, also known as Making Money Automatically. In our own review below, we in fact allege that it is a scam and a fraud. During our investigation, we discovered many suspicious elements that point to MMATC Software being less than an honest application. Our research has uncovered numerous holes in MMATC Software’s marketing that should ring alarm bells in any prudent trader’s mind. This article will outline all that we have found.

MMATC System Scam Clues

The truth is not always easy to find. Relentless digging may be necessary, but the careless attitude of the MMATC System has made this detective work easier. The MMATC Software has used the same woman who promoted Profit Hacker, Billions in and Profit Trading to promote this new operation. This woman’s name is supposedly Amanda Kelley but she is most likely a stock photo with a fake name. Amanda and her colleague Jason Knipe (also a likely alias) have made similar testimonials on all three aforementioned websites. The binary trading community is expressing hurt and anger at this complete lack of attention to detail by the MMATC System; it leads them to believe that the MMATC Software might be part of a network of fraudsters who are in business simply to manipulate traders and steal their money. It is slightly peculiar to see the same image on all of these trading options websites and it definitely points to the truth of the above statement. The MMATC System have even been called “Crooks” on popular trader forums.

MMATC Software Scam Review

Additional MMATC Software Scam Indicators

Are there more suspicious clues? In a word … Yes. It’s been stated in the MMATC System’s publicity video that $1,000,000 has been earned by members in the last eight months, but – the MMATC System only entered the market on October 2015. There is no indication that the software has existed before that date, which makes it impossible to have been used by the public for 8 months. These two facts definitely do not add up. This statement is very misleading and it could even be claimed that it is false advertising.

Review Details: MMATC Binary Options Robot.

The man who speaks on the promotional video makes many claims. His approach is to make trading on the MMATC Software sound easy: “A trader can make extra income for Life, there are no complex formulas to learn, it’s not rocket science, it’s so easy a 10 year old child could do it, it’s a proven system, a trader can make money during his/her lunch hour, anywhere in the world, it’s low stress and a trader will be his/her own boss …. “ These claims do make trading with Software sound easy, but is that a good thing? Most people would prefer to think that some brainpower and attention to detail are required for safe trading and that it’s not child’s play. If it were, everyone would be a millionaire from trading!

However the voiceover continues in its low key approach, now saying that all the risks will be taken by the robot– if a trader does not profit on this software then 100% of his/her capital will be returned. Apparently, the owner &/or developer of the MMATC Software just wants to share his discovery with the world and with the traders who will become members of the site.

By entering the MMATC Software’s website,, a trader is directed to uBinary, which is the brokerage service that works with the trading APP. This is a London based operation and contrary to the comments offered earlier by the promotional voiceover, there are many things to learn, including how to use and understand the uBinary trading tools, visits to the uBinary Trading Academy and the use of the array of Advanced Tools. So things are not as simple as they have might have seemed with the MMATC trading APP.

Beware of internet scams!

The MMATC System has been up to a few other tricks; they are using high-pressure techniques to encourage traders to open an account straight away. The information printed at the top of the screen reads “Only 10 places left in your area.” If this page is refreshed or closed and then re-opened, the number will not have changed; no matter for how long the page has been closed, there will still be ten places left.  This is a shady marketing practice.

The developer and owner of the MMATC System is one Sonia Lewis, though her voice is not heard on the promotional video. Her name has also been associated with the Profit Hacker System, so it is quite likely that she is also involved with the other two dubious systems mentioned on this page – Billions in and the Profit Trading The MMATC Software is known to be nothing but a third generation version of the Profit Hacker System.

But wait, there is more! The MMATC System has been called a fraud and a scam already even though they have not been in existence for long. It has been discovered that the red Verified Binary badges that are visible on their website are all fakes – if you click on them, they lead nowhere. The Verified Binary site itself was supposedly registered in 2004, before options trading even existed. The website was actually registered in 2015 and the site name is not there on the Verified Binary site’s list.

For all of the above reasons, we can safely say that the MMATC Software is a likely scam and no other proofs are needed. The package has failed the authenticity test big-time!

In Conclusion.

It is a confusing time for the binary trading community, as many new options trading sites are springing up all the time. They all seem to have a similar look about them and many of them are scams. Fortunately our site, ForexBonus100, and the general trading community are looking out for serious traders. We collectively call out BS when we see it.

The MMATC Software seems to be a rehash of three previous platforms with shady marketing practices and little else apparently going for it. Let’s hope that stronger laws regarding fraudulence will be able to put a stop to this type of trickery soon. By refusing to trade with potential scam binary options robots like the MMATC trading APP, traders are putting hucksters on notice that they will not be grabbing money from naive players so easily any more.

If you want to explore binary options robots that actually work, see our reviews for Virtnext and Dow Jones Focus Group. Many of our users have reported great results with these.

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