Is Millionaires Maker a Scam? Our Review Reveals a Giant Trap!


If you have been searching for a legit auto-trading robot for quite some time now, then you are very much aware that there are a lot of dishonest systems out there, like Millionaires Maker, which we judge a scam. How about this: relax and leave the search task to us. We want to guide you in this process, as it can cause frustration from time to time. We are here to let you know which forex robots are backed by facts and which ones are scams. We say it like it is without holding back one bit. We are a team that opts to review any system that is causing a buzz in the binary options community, which is why people keep coming to us to find out if the forex robot that has grasped their attention is a good pick, or not.

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Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Millionaires Maker Review

One week ago, we received an email from one of our visitors, asking us if we could review the Millionaires Maker software. Just by reading the name of this system, we already knew that it was more than likely a giant trap. Who in their right mind names a system Millionaires Maker when it is going to be geared toward average Joes? By having a name like that, the group behind it is trying to push you into thinking that you can become a millionaire overnight. It is a very unrealistic tactic that a lot of phony individuals utilize in order to push people into letting their money loose toward them. Unfortunately, these phonies seem to have a luck charm, as numerous of people fall for this type of cheap tactics.

Where Is the Proof?

The official page of the Millionaires Maker scam,, has an introductory video that is replete of testimonials that look and sound faker than that Santa Claus that is hired every December at the nearest mall in order to lie to children that he will go soon to their homes to leave them some presents. One of the testimonials is of a man who states that he was able to make more than a million dollars with the Millionaires Maker in a very short period of time. Another man said that he was able to make $6,181 USD in one day. Also, there is a testimonial that shows a person mentioning that he was able to make $5,127 USD by just conducting two and half hours of trading. We are very “happy” for them, but all we are hearing is blah, blah, and blah. Where is the proof? The reason why the group that is behind Millionaires Maker does not show proof is because there isn’t any to show! Simple as that. All of the people that you will notice in that introductory video are actors. I mean, it does not take a genius to realize that from the beginning. It is common sense. Go ahead . . . watch the video, and let us know if you have seen them as extras somewhere. We are labeling them as extras because they are very far from being stars. They do not do a good job at lying in front of the camera.

Just another actor reading off a teleprompter

best forex robot


Scam Sign: The Founder of Millionaires Maker Does Not Exist

According to the official page of the Millionaires Maker, Todd Salerno is supposedly the creator of this system, but after googling him, we were not able to find any information that links to him. It is like he does not exist. It appears that Todd Salerno is a made up name, which is not a surprise, as we are used to seeing that people who represent systems similar to this one provide fake names because if they didn’t, they know they would get in serious trouble once the word goes out that their binary options robot is a fraud. With a fake name, they can come back to deceive with another fake name, without feeling that they are going to get caught right away.

The Same Ol’ Pressure Tactic

The site has a pressure tactic that is commonly used in fraudulent systems. According to the so called Todd Salerno, the first beta group which consisted of 45 members was able to make incredible profits; therefore, they are now in search for a second batch of beta testers. This website states that there are only 76 available spots. Once these spots are filled up, that is it. Nobody will ever have a chance to sign up ever again. The fake Mr. Salerno goes on to say that it will be a matter of days, if not hours. Well, if you opt to refresh the page or opt to keep on visiting the site every day, you will notice that there will still be the same number of spots left. This is a basic scam marketing tactic.

Their video is pure tripe. Please don’t fall for it!


Time and Dedication Is a Must

This fake founder promises you financial independence, if you just decide to use the Millionaires Maker system. There are photos of expensive vacations, vehicles, houses, and hotels. In other words, the so called founder of this system is telling you that with his auto-trading robot all you have to do is be a bum while their forex robot works wonders for you. Of course some autotraders out there actually do work – it’s just that The Millionaire Maker is not one of them!

Nobody Stands a Chance

As previously mentioned, the site of the Millionaires Maker is replete of blah, blah, and blah, but no proof. Nowhere does it clarify the ITM percentage, which is a huge red flag. If this is never stated, you can rest assured that it is very low. Many of the negative reviews that talk about this forex robot on different online platforms have stated that indeed, it is accompanied by a low percentage; therefore, nobody stands a chance with it.

Tip: Keep Getting Informed

Our Millionaires Maker review concludes that this trading robot is not to be trusted. You are invited to share this review with all of your Facebook and Twitter pals. The more people know about it, the better it will be for the community, as the team behind this system will give up on their quest of stealing people’s money, for good. You are also invited to check all the other reviews that we have conducted on auto-trading robots. Read both the positive and the negative ones, as you can learn a lot about the field by reading both. There are definitely legit systems that can bring you beneficial outcomes. While you are still here, keep browsing our website, and check them out!

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