Millionaire Shield Software Scam? Review


“Millionaire Shield Software Scam” might be an apropos handle for this system. Steve Hulsman, claims that his Software will help to protect you against financial turbulence in the future, but this reviewer thinks it is just another scam. There are many reasons to think this. This Millionaire Shield review will unveil all the evidence to back up this claim.

Scam? The Millionaire Shield System

This reviewer has to admit that the claims by the Millionaire Shield trading APP sound more logical than the claims of many similar systems. But are they really, or is Millionaire Shield a scam too? First, let us look at their original premise. They do not claim that other binary options robot systems do not work. They claim that these trading robot systems used to work, but changes in the market have made their algorithms obsolete. For the most part, this is true, as changes in the market can make an algorithm obsolete.

The problem with the Millionaire Shield software marketing is that it claims to have the ability to predict crises and protect you from them. The nature of a crisis is that it is unpredictable. That is why it is a crisis. No one saw it coming. The claims that the crisis in Greece, and other recent events in the global economy shook the financial markets are founded, but this is where the credibility of the claims by Millionaire Shield end. The Millionaire Shield website,, states with absolute certainty that the effects of the Chinese currency devaluation will create a negative effect on the US, Japanese, African, and other economies. Millionaire Shield then claims that a financial apocalypse will occur, but of course, they have the solution that can save you from disaster. The Millionaire Shield likely scam is beginning to sound a little like the script to a disaster movie where they are the hero.

In the course of our review, we saw the Millionaire Shield trading APP video proclaim that it will not introduce their team, because it is not about them, “it is about you.” This statement immediately made this reviewer want to see if they could dredge up anything about the people behind the video. There are many people named Steve Hulsman, but you guessed it, none of them match the profile presented on the video. We could not find a CEO from Germany with that name anywhere. Not only that, the photo of their “CEO” is simply a stock photo from Shutterstock!

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Millionaire Shield Autotrading Robot Review

The Millionaire Shield Autotrading System asserts that it uses information from before the devaluation of the yuan and compares it to current information. The Millionaire Shield forex robot then purports that it uses this information to adapt to the current market. The marketing says that the Millionaire Shield trading APP is smart enough to predict market changes and sends a trading signal based on this information. This appeal sounds legit, except for a few key factors.

The first is that the financial markets are based on human activity, which in itself, is unpredictable. The devaluation of the Chinese currency did have a significant effect on the global financial markets, but they are not the only factor. Governments and public institutions have complex systems built in them to protect their own currency from devaluation or at least significant devaluation should a shock occur.

Their suspicious video features paid actors, not traders!


Will currency devaluation have an effect on the currencies of other countries? Yes, it will. Will this shock be large enough to cause “financial apocalypse”, as the Millionaire Shield says? The answer to this is that it is highly unlikely. Therefore, we smell a scam. Yes, certain countries have experienced extreme financial crises from time to time and they did have an effect on the global economy, but the failsafe mechanisms proved themselves to be effective in preventing a global disaster. Financial experts disagree as to whether a global financial disaster could or will happen in the future. There are too many factors to say for certain that financial doomsday is imminent, but this is what Millionaire Shield wants you to think.

The Millionaire Shield Software is supposed to have signals that are 95% successful in any financial situation, even an unpredictable crisis. They also state that you can earn over $6,000 per day in any market. If these claims seem a little unrealistic, they are. Millionaire Shield uses the devaluation of the Yuan to predict upcoming currency movements. The Yuan is only one market and one currency. There are approximately 180 recognized currencies in the world. China is a large export market, but they are not the only one. Any software that relies too much on one factor, such as the Millionaire Shield, cannot make accurate predictions. This world of binary options trading is more complex than that. Their marketing comes across as a scam or at least highly suspect.

Final Analysis

This Millionaire Shield review gives their system one credit in that it at least has the ability to speak intelligently about the global currency markets. The only problem is that this system is based on only one factor. Financial theories that are based on one factor are inherently flawed from the beginning. One to one direct correlations are rare in the financial markets. There are simply too many factors that can affect the delicate balance.

The Millionaire Shield claims that it is easy to set up their software and that they offer support, but listen closely. This support is only for the setup of the software. They do not give you financial advice, a community of other traders, or anything but the software. The software’s autotrade mode is scary at best. The system will allow you to spend as little as $10 to try the system, but you need to invest $100 within a week. Read the Millionaire Shield Terms of Service carefully. It outlines that this is an above average risk investment opportunity. They also warn that you can lose more than your initial investment and stake. That’s right, you can lose more than what you put into it.

The Millionaire Shield system is a likely scam. It is based on the idea that the financial markets are panicking. The markets are always in flux, much like flowing waters. You should consider the risks and potential benefits of any investment that you plan to make. Making a hasty decision in a panic is never a good idea. This reviewer thinks that creating panic is not a sound principal upon which to base a binary options trading software program.

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