Is The Millionaire Bot a Scam? Our Review Puts It On Blast!


The Millionaire Bot Software at, is in the news and for all the wrong reasons. They should have ideally named their program The Millionaire Bot Scam instead of software. It is a scam which this review will prove. The Millionaire Bot by one James Robinson is a system which supposedly helps you make money though binary options, hedge funds and the forex markets.

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The funniest part of this supposedly miracle forex trading robot is that its creator James Robinson never appears to talk about his invention. In turn what we get is a couple who, by now most have figured out are actors one can be hired from, excited about how rich they have become after using this software. The Millionaire Bot talks about helping you earn $13,425, through binary options. That number is as fake as these actors:

binary options robot


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True binary trading has resulted in some great profits but then, you surely cannot always attain $13,000+ every day, especially starting with a micro investment. It’s unrealistic and while there are legit binary trading software out there that can help you build up to this level, the Millionaire Bot  definitely isn’t one of them. So, what goes wrong with this one and how do we know that you can’t trust it? Let us get ahead with the review now.

Review: The Millionaire Bot Scam – The First Look 

Now, coming to the visuals. The Millionaire Bot Software video annoyingly has this pop up which keeps appearing throughout the video. It asks you or rather persistently nags you to invest with them. And if you fall for it, which some have, you end up paying $250 of which you will likely get no return. You look for a disclaimer, which you will find after much searching for it, is in an unreadable font, blending perfectly with the background!

The greatest red flag this site actually raises is the total lack of any real testimonials. They use stock photos to advertise. Then use paid up fiverr actors to behave as get-rich customers and then steal pictures of unrelated individuals for their testimonials. The website failed at the very first thing of giving you a legitimate look. Remember, not all binary trading scams are as easy to spot as this one.

The Millionaire Bot has been around since February 2015. It has been advertising for open slots since then and had it been so successful, the slots would have not be empty any more. Of course this is just scam marketing, which we have seen before a million times – the old trick of fake scarcity.

Get Rich, Quick

So how does one become rich through The Millionaire Bot Software? Well as Mr. Robinson simply puts it, “by doing nothing.” The voice over tell us that the software is on Autopilot, and that our money will multiply into the figure, which keeps popping up, $13,425. No calculation is provided whatsoever. No explanation of the trading logic behind the software is given (probably because there isn’t any!).

There is a recording by an actor, who claims to be one of the lucky one. He records the application on his screen, which reflects his deposit growing. What we fail to understand is that if the software is named The Millionaire Bot, why it would show up as One Option. This forex robot has scam written all over it. Simply, because such over the top videos can never really match the subtle ads of the real ones. Genuine companies will generally never nag, produce garish visuals, have scripted testimonials.

The voice over does not match the narration, which again incidentally is replete with incorrect English. You move your cursor away from the video and it faints out and asks you to apply for a direct access. These are red flagged tactics of scamsters. The most surprising part is someone actually letting the entire world watch his own bank account.

The Millionaire Bot Software

The Millionaire Bot is a scam and we recommend you to stay away from it. Please do not fall for the lavish villas, expensive cars and skimpy women on vacation. These are stock videos; one will come across on many scamming sites.

Many of our readers have emailed us about losing a lot of money with this supposed binary options robot. The net is filled with numerous such untrustworthy sites but today our focus is The Millionaire Bot Software which has not clearly explained how they were multiplying the money or the science behind it.

One of our concerned readers puts this bot on blast

The logic behind the countdown is befuddling. You can still join even after the timer has touched zero. And the giveaway is about the 23 members’ limitation. The number stands even after a year since The Millionaire Bot Software appeared. It is quite a common thing with these auto trading robot scams.

Additionally, you will probably not find even one single negative comment on the scam if you search online. Most auto trading scams use this spamming method to trick potential customers into believing that the product is a really good one. However, here is the thing. No matter how good a product is, it will always have someone saying negative things about it. If you see a crystal clear record, you need to suspect that something is fishy.

The final Verdict:

Beware of The Millionaire Bot scam. While there are dozens of legit binary trading softwares out there, this is not one of them. This forex robot scam will just take your money and bleed you dry.

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