Million Dollar Months Scam Robot Review


The Million Dollar Months scam is one of the latest auto-trading robots out there that has many people intrigued, as who doesn’t want to be become a millionaire in a short period of time? The following is our Million Dollar Months review which says it like it is so that one stops believing in systems like this one that promise too much and end up providing nothing.

Grand Email Marketing Campaign

To start off, the reason why so many people know about this software is because the founder of it has a grand email marketing campaign taking place. The founder is purchasing thousands of emails from different websites that have obtained emails from their visitors. For this reason, it is extremely important that one becomes aware as to how one’s email is going to be utilized on the website that one wants to enter it on. Not only is the founder of this system doing this; there are many founders of other bogus binary options robots that are doing the same. If one’s email gets in the hands of this frauds, one will have to create a new email address because they will bombard one’s email with numerous of promotional emails on a daily basis. For some reason, a lot of this type of promotional email does not end up in the spam folder.

Who Is the Real Owner?

According to the website of the Million Dollar Months trading robot, the CEO of it is Brad Davis. There is even a photo of him. He looks more like a model than anything else . . . oh wait . . . he is a model! The photo that one sees on the page is not of the CEO, but a Shutterstock photo. For those individuals who are not aware, it was very common to notice magazines and newspapers utilizing photos from that particular website to accompany their content, but now, creators of bogus systems are utilizing them, too. Why? It appears that they think it helps bring credibility to their system, as the photos are of high quality, but the only people who might fall for this type of trap are newbies in the binary options industry.

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Brad Davis is nowhere to be found. There is no website that links to him, which is odd, as he supposedly is this huge expert in the binary options field, that can take anyone from one penny to one million dollars in 30 days. Indeed, it is very strange. It does not take a genius to know that the real name of the founder of the Million Dollar Months is not Brad Davis. What is his real name? That is a question that will go unanswered . . . maybe forever. Why? Well, the team behind this system is hiding under fake names and addresses.

Where Are the Real Testimonials?

There are other photos present on the website that come from Shutterstock. Allegedly, the photos are representing people who have already tried the Million Dollar Months software, but that is a lie. One can find every single photo on Shutterstock.

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Where Is the Proof?

There is some information on the page that states that this software was able to generate $38,000,000.00 USD in 3 years and that it was able to net a select group of beta testers over one million dollars every month. Where is the proof? There are a lot of claims, but there is no proof to backup any of them.

Time Is Running out? How Slick!

Just like you can expect to come across a countdown widget on other websites that are representing bogus systems, one can expect to find one on the Million Dollar Months’ page, too. Yes, there is even a message that states that there are only a couple of spots left and that therefore, one must hurry up before it is too “late.” If one opts to delete cookies and refresh the page, one will notice that the widget will begin the countdown from the number that it started when one first visited the page. Talk about being slick!

Not Free!

Contrary to what is stated on the homepage, the Million Dollar Months binary options robot is not free. One has to make an investment. Just it is with any binary options service, one is required to fund an account with a broker. One must invest the minimum in order to obtain access. One of the things that separate this system from credible ones is that it works with unregulated brokers that have been referred to as ‘scam artists.’ Therefore, it is very important to do one’s homework before investing.

Bad Talks

What surrounds the Million Dollar Months auto-trading robot is bad word of mouth. Yes, people who have actually tried it seem to not have anything positive to say about it on various forex forums. Obviously, they did not turn into millionaires in 30 days as the page says that anybody who is anybody can do. Another thing, the website says that there are tools available for those individuals who want to learn more about the binary options field so that they can grow in knowledge on everything that is linked to it, but where are these tools? One can look everywhere for them, but they are nowhere to be found.

What about the Support?

There is no support available, even though the page states that there is. That is a huge lie. One can go ahead and contact customer support; one will only receive a response if the question relates to ‘how much money one can make with the Million Dollar Months software.’ Is one asks another type of question, like ‘where is the proof that can back the claims that are on the homepage of this system,’ one will never receive a response. The team behind this binary options robot only cares about making easy money.

Their sales video plays like a bad joke!


Million Dollar Months Forex Robot Has the Word ‘SCAM’ Written All Over It

The Million Dollar Months software does not have any authenticity to it. Instead, it has the word ‘scam’ written all over it, which is no surprise at all. One just has to look at all the sketchy tactics that the team behind it utilizes, in order to come to this conclusion.

Don’t despair though. There are some good systems out there. Check out our review page as well as our scam list. Arm yourself with knowledge and you are ahead of the pack!


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