Military Millionaire Is a System That Will Send You to ‘Broke Camp’


Have you heard of the Military Millionaire forex robot? As soon as we heard of this program, which proved to us to be a scam, we decided to undertake the task of conducting a review on it to provide you with our two cents on it. First things first, who in the world would name a system Military Millionaire? Only a scammer would come up with such a name. There’s no other thing that could explain this absurd name that preys on the goodwill and valor of our veterans.

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Military Millionaire Review

The official website of the Military Millionaire trading robot,, is replete with so many red flags that it is ridiculous. According to the creator of this program, anybody can make $100,000 USD every week. Oh really? That is a very old tactic that was utilized by scammers when the Internet started. And this is why, thankfully, that not a lot of individuals have fallen for the Military Millionaire auto-trading robot. Unless you are already a millionaire and thus have a big pile of extra cash that you are willing to invest on a legit software, it is highly unlikely that you can make such an amount every week, especially when starting with a micro investment of a few hundred bucks.

binary options robot

Major Red Flag

Another red flag that we noticed right away is that one is informed on how many spots are left. Really? If this binary options robot is so legit and there’s no limits to how many investments can be conducted, why is there even a statement stating that only a couple of people can join? That just doesn’t make sense at all. Wouldn’t you agree? This is another old tactic that was first seen when the Internet began. For some reason, scammers keep utilizing these tactics. They just don’t work anymore, at least not for those individuals who are experts in the field. More than likely, they just want to attract the new crowd who doesn’t know a thing or two about the market.

Scam Clues Abound

If you opt to delete your browsing history and then visit the page again the next day, you will instantly notice that the number of spots is still the same. Go ahead and refresh the page, and you will still see the same number. The Military Millionaire is as fraudulent as any software can get.

As many scams that fall into the same category as this one, you will be introduced to a lame video that is being narrated by an actor. This actor was probably hired on or similar service for a couple of bucks. He more than likely doesn’t care about the type of script he is reading. He doesn’t care if it is full of lies or not. The actor just cares to eat lunch with those couple of bucks that he is going to get in return for his very “hard work.” The video seems to be mainly targeting veterans who are struggling to make a stable income. We definitely hadn’t heard a binary options site that targets veterans before.

Pushed by lame actors who can barely read a teleprompter


Military Millionaire Is Surrounded By Fake Reviews

It’s important to note that the Military Millionaire is being promoted in a positive light on a variety of different online sites, but you should be aware that the owners of these online sites have been paid under the table to state positive reviews on this program. In exchange for their website space, they usually receive a significant sum. Yes, they are fake reviews. Don’t fall for them, because unfortunately, a couple of people have already fallen for it and are now bombarding different online sites with their messages that express the negative experience that they underwent for giving the Military Millionaire app a shot.

Don’t Share Your Email

Once you enter your email on the Military Millionaire scam website, you will soon need to create a different email, as you will be attacked with emails left and right from the scammers that are behind this “one-of-a-kind” software. They want to take your money away from you, and they will bother you via email as much as they can until you soften up to them and fall for their scheme! It definitely is a program that is not even worth your attention, as it has scam written all over it.

There’s No Customer Support to the Rescue

The Military Millionaire’s page states they will provide customer support at any time somebody requires it, but that is not true. We sent them an email, and they never got back to us. We can already sense that we never will . . . at least not for that email. You see, we sent them another one that stated that I was a veteran and that I really was fed up in dealing with scams and asked if they stood behind every statement found on the official page. Guess what? For that email, we received a response within forty-five minutes. They stated that they definitely stand behind every statement and that there is no other program like the Military Millionaire on the market. The team even stated that there were only a couple of spots left, so that I should hurry. We replied back asking why they had not responded to the other email that asked why day after day there are the same spots left if there is no limit for investments. Guess what? They never responded. What shocker . . . not.

Military Millionaire Will Send You to Broke Camp

As you can conclude, the Military Millionaire scam is one of the shameless con bots available on the market right now. We highly suggest that you avoid it and that you spread the word about this review to your friends and loved ones so that they don’t become victims of it as so many people have already. It is time to put scammers in their places, but we need you to help us. We cannot do it without you. Help us inform others. Thankfully, the Military Millionaire is not the only program available. There are a lot of legit programs out there that really provide positive outcomes; you just have to be wise when choosing. If you keep browsing our website, you’ll find a couple of reviews on auto-trading robots that are worth it.

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