Miki Forex Introduces ‘Game is Worth the Candle’ Contest

Miki Forex has come up with a special contest called as ‘Game is worth the Candle’. This contest is allowing traders to win decent amount for trading purpose and that too for 1 month only. The total prize fund of $3000 USD is making many traders get impressed with this contest of Miki Forex. Know the prizes available for the contestants taking part in this 24 hours trading contest of Miki Forex. You shouldn’t miss to know about this contest as Miki Forex is giving the best opportunity to its clients.

Game is Worth the Candle Contest Details

This contest of Miki Forex is going to take place from March 15 to April 13. The last day to register for Game is Worth the Candle contest is March 15, 2016. The contest lasts for 24 hours only and one needs to make highest profit.

The first seven prizes of this contest of Miki Forex are $1,000, $700, $500, $300, $100, $80 and $60 respectively. The 8th and 9th prize is $50 each, while the 10th and 13th prize is $40 each.

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How to Take Part in Game is Worth the Candle Contest?

Here are the steps to take part in Game in Worth the Candle contest.

  1. Register a special account required to take part in this contest at Miki Forex.
  2. Complete the phone verification process.
  3. Try to get the highest profit to come at the top place in the contest.

A client should earn profits more than the virtual deposit done.

Terms and Conditions of Game is Worth the Candle

  1. A trader can only withdraw the profits and that too only when one trades 1 lot for every $10 USD bonus.
  2. The prize money is available for 1 month only and that’s why trader should try to trade as regularly as possible.
  3. Minimum trade size is 0.1 lot, while the maximum trade size is 3 lots.
  4. Initial deposit of 10,000 USD is given to all the contestants of this contest.
  5. Every trader taking part in this contest should give the correct information and choose a nickname for trading purpose.
  6. By becoming a part of this contest, a contestant agrees to all the terms and conditions of Miki Forex.
  7. Miki Forex considers the largest trading balance for determining the winners of Game is Worth the Candle contest.
  8. It closes all the open positions automatically once the trading day ends.
  9. Miki Forex considers highest profit factor when the result of some participants of this contest is similar.
  10. For claiming the prize money, the winners have to fill the feedback form in Trader’s office.
  11. Any claim for the prize of this Miki Forex contest is accepted when done within one week once the contest ends.
  12. Prize fund is always credited to the real accounts of the participants.
  13. If a participant has performed less than 10 operations, then his account will get disqualified from the contest.
  14. A trader violating any term or condition of this trading contest of Miki Forex won’t get eligible to take part in any future contest.
  15. If Miki Forex disqualifies a participant from this contest, then the next participant as per the ranking gets eligible for the prize.

Game is Worth the Candle is now a popular contest as it lasts for 24 hours only. Miki Forex regularly comes with contests and you can know all the current trading contests as well as the upcoming trading contests. As this contest is one of the most awaited contests by the traders in the March month, you should try to get the maximum benefit by giving proper time for it.

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