MFX Challenge – A Best Monthly Trading Contest


MFX challenge is a special challenge by MFX Broker which gives chance to traders to try out prop-trading program. It is a selection round which provides the opportunity to be a part of prop-trading program. If you’re someone who was waiting to participate in prop-trading program, then definitely it is going to be a wonderful opportunity for you. Know everything about the MFX Challenge if you’re interested in becoming a part of the prop-trading program.

MFX Challenge Details

MFX Challenge is definitely useful for traders as every trader may want to try out the prop-trading program. If you want to access the top trading league, then you may definitely want to win in this challenge.

The duration of the MFX challenge is 1 month and the initial deposit is $2000. A good thing is that there is no participation fee for becoming a part of MFX Challenge. There is no prize fund, but you get the benefit which is the access to top trading league.

 How You Can Take Part in MFX Challenge?

For participating in this challenge, you’ll need to register for it. The contest starts immediately after one registers for it. The minimal conditions need to be completed as then only one will be able to win in this contest. Take part in this challenge as otherwise you’ll lose this opportunity provided by MFX Broker.

Terms and Conditions related to MFX Challenge

  1. All trading accounts have initial balance which is $2000.
  2. Leverage is 1:50, while the stop-out is 100%. These things are fixed so that traders trade with the same type of conditions.
  3. Traders taking part in MFX Challenge can trade only between Monday 9:00 to Friday 22:00.
  4. Traders part of MFX Challenge won’t be able to make use of expert advice or subscribe to any trading signals provider.
  5. The duration of MFX Challenge is 1 month which is appropriate for most of the traders.
  6. Minimal profit interest rate is 15% and minimal number of lots is 5.
  7. Maximum drawdown (equity/balance) allowed is 40%.
  8. Maximum deposit loss allowed is 50% ($1000).
  9. The selection rounds get completed successfully only when a client closes minimum of 10 trading days.
  10. One of the important rules is that every participant of elimination round needs to have a blog on MFX Broker website listing down the trading strategies in use.
  11. Once all the conditions of the selection round get completed by a trader, the client’s account is then sent to the risk management department as verification is an important step for MFX Broker.
  12. Only those traders who have an appropriate trading style will be able to experience the prop-trading program.

If you’re trading for the first time with MFX Broker, then you should know that Special is a series of MFX Broker contests. These contests will give you the opportunity to try out the unique services of MFX Broker. Do check out the other contests too if you’ve found MFX challenge contest to be a good one.

MFX Challenge is one of the trading challenges that you should take up immediately. Every trader may not get such type of opportunity and that too from special trading brokers like MFX Broker. Do let us know your opinion about this special MFX challenge contest by MFX Broker.

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